Friday, November 25, 2016

Is the Shikimate Pathway proof that there is a Higher Power?

Makes one wonder what this is really about now doesn't it? It might seem obvious that the title was meant to conjure up beliefs in what's known as Intelligent Design. I was once referred to a scholarly article about how life could not have originated on Earth on its own as the possible combinations of molecules needing to come together in a specific way to create the proteins needed for life had been calculated to be so enormous that they could not possibly have occurred. Mathematically speaking. The religious zealots had used science to prove that Intelligent Design was the only possible explanation for life.

I haven't figured that one out yet. There are a lot of people out there with way more time on their hands to think about stupid shit than what I want to indulge in.

Realistically, this is the problem of an infinite number of monkeys typing away randomly at an infinite number of keyboards and given an infinite amount of time, one of them will produce Shakespeare. The problem with all that is when the first monkey writes the first sonnet, then you no longer have an infinite number, it has then become finite. And the predicted result has occurred. Just because you calculate the odds against a random set of complex proteins forming as being too great to ever happen only means that when it did, the experiment was over. 

Life formed. The monkey wrote 'To be or not to be.'

And here on Earth, one random broken down old man, a former chef, a scholar, a former researcher into the world of mycology; writes about how one company, has elevated itself from just a corporation that made money to that pinnacle of achievement, Deification. 

Monsanto Corporation, soon to be Bayer/Monsanto, has declared itself to be without fault. Without blame. Bearing no responsibility for any wrongdoing that lowly mortal men might ever consider as having been attributed to the machinations of modern corporate existence. That throughout their existence, the products they manufactured, the methods they used, and the irresponsible way in which they disposed of industrial waste, were just a part of doing business, and as such, we, the public, must bear the brunt of cleanup costs, suffer the ecological damage and rejoice in the benefits that Monsanto believes that they have brought to our lowly, mortal existences. That things from their past (DDT, PCBs, Dioxin, etc.) have nothing to do with their drive to create the most comprehensive seed monopoly possible along with the complete control over all agricultural chemical production. 

Whether or not those chemicals harm the environment or not. Monsanto is going to control them. And the outcries of mere mortals be damned.

I assume that everyone out in the real world knows about the Hague Tribunal against Monsanto that took place last month in the Netherlands. I'm probably wrong, in my short life I have discovered that most people don't want to know anything about things they believe they have no control over. Like ecological disasters. It doesn't affect them, so watch the Kardashians on TV and the world is just fine. American food manufacturing is riff with horrific toxic chemicals that are causing long term diseases and degradation of our environment. Oh well, watch Dancing with the Stars and football and all is good. 

Unfortunately, it is not all good. There have been several studies done that have begun to show us just how pervasive and omnipresent the pesticide Glyphosate is in our environment, in our food supply, and in our bodies. And this is where the problems begin. Glyphosate interferes with the Shikimate Pathway in plants, (that's why they die when sprayed with the stuff) and also in bacteria. When we consume foods containing Glyphosate, it interferes with the life processes of the bacteria that live in our intestinal tracts. Both good and bad ones. Research show us this is happening, the conclusions are a lot harder to prove, but we know, WE KNOW, it is happening.

Monsanto response: So!

Something to think about.   

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