Sunday, January 27, 2013


So what do you do?  I mean really, eating chips and dip or salsa is such a HUGE part of Americana here in the southwest that it is unthinkable to consider life without them.  Friends that know me understand my obsession with chips and all the accoutrement's.  A big part of my life in the past was centered around just these two items, dips and salsa.  Yup, I was the SalsaKing.  And I made dips as well.  check em out at (Salsaking)  or at my last incarnation (Gods)  Where I resurrected similar dip mixes and added to the number of varieties to make 16 kinds.  So, as you can see, I am the guy that eats chips and dips or salsa, a lot.  I mean A LOT.  When recovering from surgery to replace my hip a couple years ago, I lived on chips and salsa.  Yeah, potato chips make up most of my obsession because I do have this horrific fear of Genetically Modified corn.  See MOST of my other entries here on this blog as I go into the problem a lot here.  Potato chips cooked in anything other than canola oil have been my chip of choice for a long time.  Yeah, on occasion I will eat commercial corn chips, but it is rare.     

 But then, I found these guys.  Yup, hard to believe, but Tostitos makes an ORGANIC corn chip.  And not fried in canola, it doesn't get any better than that.  I also found these Rice Chips from Lundberg, and I love them. 
 So, I thought I would put these two products out there into the universe since not many people know about them.  And with Super Bowl coming up next weekend, anyone that is like me and only planning on serving potato chips because there are no good non-toxic corn chips available, think again, there are now some nice alternatives available. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Food vs Death

Food should nourish the body, please the palate, and satisfy the soul.  When I was a kid, growing up in Phoenix, food did just that.  We ate some crappy stuff, beef at every meal, white bread, white rice, canned vegetables, fruit on occasion, and lots of cakes and pies.  And of course bacon and eggs for breakfast most every day.  No wonder I grew up looking more like a pear than a human.  But back in those days, the food we ate, didn't cause cancer, ALS symptoms, degenerative disorders and death.  Well, maybe, high cholesterol and heart disease, but certainly not the troubles that food today does. 

The top two crops in America today are corn and soy.  From those two we get High Fructose Corn Syrup and hydrogenated soy oil.  A large percentage of those crops go into those two specific items.  Both are in MOST processed foods, and are heavily used in the fast food industry.  McDonalds fries are bathed in HFCS so that they taste sweeter and brown better.  Most infant formulas contain the equivalent amount of HFCS as is in a can of Coke.  Both of these crops are liberally doused with glyphosate, Roundup.  Monsanto, the company that developed glyphosate has steadfastly continued to market this stuff as biodegradable and as safe as water for the environment.  At least until just recently, they can no longer legally claim that.  And research is linking overuse of glyphosate to HUGE problems in the environment, including crop die-off, loss of soil fertility, and development of superweeds.  There are regulated safe levels of residual glyphosate, pesticides and other toxins for the foods we eat.  That in itself should scare you.  Do they test all the food grown, or just hope the farmers are adhering to the guidelines and not trying to save their crops by spraying ever more poisons on them to stave off weeds and bugs?

According to a study by the EWG, blood samples from newborns contained an average of 287 toxins, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides, and chemicals from non stick products. Of the 287 chemicals EWG detected in umbilical cord blood, it’s known that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals; 217 are toxic to your brain and nervous system; and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests. Clearly, when babies are born loaded with toxins in their blood, it’s a sign that toxic exposure is too high.

Since the mid-90's, the number of Americans suffering from at least three chronic diseases has nearly doubled.  Our life expectancy has dropped, and sadly, infant mortality has increase.  Diseases that once were rare are now commonplace and are approaching epidemic levels.
1.  Autism now affects one in 88 children, compared to one in 25,000 in 1970,  CDC figures
2.  Type 2 diabetes in the Us increased by 176% between 1980 and 2010
3   Alzheimer's is rising at alarming rates.  It's estimated that 5.4 million older Americans now has it.  AD raes have DOUBLED since 1980
4.  Infectious diseases caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria now may cause as many as 105,000 deaths each year.  With most of those infections having been contracted in hospitals.  CDC estimate 

I write about this stuff here on my blog all the time. Some things are changing.  The Germans banned GM plants from their country until further environmental and health studies are done.  India has banned anymore GM crops.  France is trying to get a TOTAL ban on glyphosate use in their country.  Peru has banned ALL GM plants.  Five states now have bills in the works to requite labeling of all GM foods sold in in their states.  Maybe someday in the future, food will be better, maybe.  I sure hope so, for your children's health, and their children's, and theirs as well.

You can help, buy organic.  When at the local Safeway or wherever you shop, ask the produce manager if the zuchini are Genetically Modified or not.  Refuse to buy them if they don't know.  And do it loudly.  Get noticed, raise a stink, demand healthy food.  It's your life, and death. 

The SINGLE most important event in history!

Wow, yeah, a big one today huh?  Okay Chef Roy, what do you consider to be the single most important event in human history?  Not the invention of Facebook, not the computer chip, not even the electric light bulb, and certainly not the taming of electricity.  Nope, all those have some importance, but in reality, the single biggest, most important, incredibly unique event that forever altered the development of humans was when some 2.6 million years ago some Astropithicus hominid banged two rocks together and looked at them, saw that one of them became sharper, and then kept doing it over and over again. 


Yeah, not what you expected from me is it?  Think about it, the development of tools are what allowed early man to go from scavenger, to hunter gatherer, to agricultural agrarian, to Joe Schmuckatelly down the street watching TV all day with a can of Bud in his hand.  Doesn't sound possible, but it is true.  When early man was able to use sharpened rocks to scrape meat from bone and then crush the bones to extract the marrow, as has been identified by anthropological finds of bone and bone fragments, then those early men were able to extract as much of the protein from scavenged carcasses as possible.  And then they began the process of using the sharpened stones to hunt for themselves.  Man no longer had to rely on nuts and berries and an occassional bit of meat, but went to a higher protein diet which allowed for the development of larger brains and reduction of digestive gut size and increased the capability to utilize a greater variety of proteins and other food sources.  It also allowed for the bad part of all this, the fat storage module to store readily as readily available source of energy, fat, for lean times when food was in abundance.  Modern man usually has that abundance all the time now, so that ancient storage mechanism is more hindrance than advancement. 

                             Wait, Chef, are you saying MAN developed eating MEAT?

                                                 Aren't you a vegetarian?

Yes, modern man developed into the wondrous machine that it is by having large amounts of meat available.  And yes, I am lacto-ovo-piscerian vegetarian.  And the reality is I don't have anything against meat, what I object to is MODERN MEAT.  Super market meat is NOT what humans evolved eating.  I've gone over my  objections here before (MEAT)  they are still valid, and pretty disgusting too.  Let's use a pretty cool analogy here.  Let's say that your body is just like the high tech and extremely cool Ferrari.  It is designed to do some mighty cool stuff, go fast, take corners unlike any other car, and stop on a dime.  But it needs high quality fuel to do that.  If you put gas and water and methanol mix into the tank, it runs like crap, doesn't perform well and will burn up the motor pretty quick.  Just like a human, feed it crappy meat, toxic foods, and it runs sluggishly, dies out early. 

Anyway, just was working on my website, and was adding some info on  dietary types to it and added the Paleo diet.  That's where some weirdos think that to live the good life you have to eat like a caveman.  Well, all the mastadons are gone, but to each his own.  People I work with think I am weird to make my own Kimchee.  Maybe because it smells bad.  But then good blue cheese stinks too. And I love that as well. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cancer info

 I am not certain, but it sure seems as though after all these years, that big Pharma companies and the Medical establishment should have made some advances in the treatment of cancer.  They haven't, more people die from cancer every year.  Death rates have gone way up for most types of cancer, a few exception, breast, prostate are the most notable.  The rest, the sad news is nope, the incidence is higher, the survival, is lower.  Despite billions and billions of dollars going into research, and treatments.


The Cancer Industry: The Classic Expose on the Cancer Establishment by Ralph W. Moss - An ex-cancer insider at the Sloan Kettering institute details all of the alternative therapies which have been railroaded by the cancer establishment. An interesting read for anyone who has the nagging feeling that the cancer war is being lost because pharmaceutical companies are avoiding possible natural, non patentable cures.  And the FDA is in cahoots and protects the monopoly that big Pharma companies have over research by persecuting any individual doing research on his own in his own private facilities.  Even when he shows HUGE results.

The man is Dr. Burzinski, and you can view a short movie about his triumphs, and persecution (movie)

"People think the FDA is protecting them - it isn't. What the FDA is doing and what people think it's doing are as different as night and day." - Herbert L. Ley, Jr., M. D., former Commissioner of the FDA 

I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances.” - Dr. Richard J. Crout, former Director of the FDA

Budget for the National Cancer Institute is 5.4 Billion Dollars annually.
Big Pharma companies in the Fortune 500, have profit percentages that are TRIPLE that of ANY other Fortune 500 company.  The top five drug companies make MORE in PROFIT than the entire rest of the Fortune 500 companies COMBINED.

There is no monetary incentive to find a cure for cancer. 

If you think about it, their actions undermine the fundamental principal of medical practice and is part of the Hippocratic oath that each and every doctor takes, "First, do no harm."  

Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to be perfect

It isn't fleeting, it isn't ethereal, it isn't unattainable, it is a belief, one in which someone believes beyond any and all reasonable certainty that their opinion is more important than any other.  Most people out there know of someone like that, they post the most outrageous things on Facebook and Twitter and Google+.  They have an opinion, and it is unassailable.  When you, or anyone, comments differing opinions they are told in so many words that you are idiotic for having an opinion that doesn't match theirs, or your comment is deleted, or they will unfriend you so you can no longer rein on their personal parade.  In the world of being perfect, it is not a good thing to have detractors stating obvious and reasonably SANE statements that contradict.

I think most people know someone or more than one person that is like that.  Shoot, I was married to someone like that.  I was a second class person in her mind because I had thoughts and beliefs that differed from hers.  And I have family that is the same way, firmly entrenched in their concepts of morality, decency and of course, diet.  Most of my family and people that I know, eat white bread.  Not my thing, but I'm not in their face about it nor do I unfriend them or unfamily them because they think differently.  I accept everyone for who they are.  I point out differences in philosophy, and if they want to change their views of the world, I am happy.  If not, I still accept them as they are. 

This was recently posted on Facebook by someone who is of the belief that they are perfect.  Who comes up with this stuff?  Does anyone really believe that Obama thinks of himself as God?  Can you imagine someone attempting to confirm this belief, here they all are, huge press conference on the lawn of the White House, Obama makes his speech, reporters all jockeying for position to be noticed, to be called on by the President himself.  All with hands wildly waving in the air calling to him.  the President calls on one lucky reporter and that person asks the question, "Mr. President, do you believe that you are God?" 

I have opinions.  I truly believe that Monsanto WANTS to be "GOD-LIKE".  That is pretty much the reasoning behind their drive to get House Bill H.R. 5973 passed.  That bill gives Monsanto immunity from any and all liability for damages from any product they make.  GM plants, roundup, pesticides, everything.  Yeah, GOD-LIKE is an apt description.  That's my opinion.  If someone can offer evidence to the contrary, I will alter my opinion.  I do have an open mind, I believe what I see and what is provably real, and form opinions based on that.  And yeah, at times my opinions seem like unwarranted rhetoric, but the scary part is that they are not. 

This is another Facebook post from the same person.  I commented on this post, and my comments were deleted.  Rhetoric.  And yes, that person is a gun toting hardcore fundamentalist Christian.  Pretty silly huh?  Does anybody REALLY blame the guns for violent acts?  Of course not.  But that is what this is about. How people, anyone, can feel that they are, well, perfect. 

Is anyone really perfect?  Certainly my ex wife is, just ask her.  But other than her, who else?  Having opinions and having a firm belief that those opinions are unassailable is not perfection, it is nothing more than human.  Being closed minded is not any where close to achieving perfection, it is just what it is. 

This post is nothing more than an exercise in the human right to think, to live your own life as you believe.  I hope that all people out in the real world see that, and believe that every other person out there has that same right, and accepts every other person's right to think, however different those thoughts might be from their own.

cogito, ergo sum.   Have a happy day.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making America Addicted

The term addict brings about visions of surly runny nosed threadbare dressed guys and gals in alley ways trading sex or money from petty larceny for drugs.  And then there is the other side of it all as well, well dressed sports figures and starlets snorting a lifetimes earnings up their nasal passages and wondering why the rest of the world doesn't see life as being care free the way they do.  At least until they do their first vacation in Hollywood rehab facilities.  Then of course it is all so sorry, never again.  But the rich and famous rarely make it just once, bad boys and girls do get press coverage for bad things and addiction.

Addiction is pretty common in America today though, you may not realize it, but you, and most of the people you know, are addicts.  WHAT?  How dare I accuse you of being an addict, right?  Well, sorry, but you are.  Think about it, what two things do you eat every single day, and if you don't get them you feel bad, crave them, need them, and feel as though you can't live without them.  Two things, one you eat in virtually every processed food and everything from fast food restaurants and most every condiment everywhere; and you can't go to the store and buy it.  And you do not in anyway, need it.  The other, although available everywhere, is necessary for life, is so ingrained into our society that most people are addicted to the taste and therefore eat as much as 20 times what your body needs every single day.  I'm talking abut High Fructose Corn Syrup and salt.

The most common sweetener used in America today is HFCS.  It is in just about everything.  Everywhere.  From mustard (REALLY, mustard!!!)  to the fish filet and chicken nuggets and taco sauce at the local fast food barn on every corner in every city.  (HFCS)  is a list of what has it at all the fast food places.  Manufacturers and fast food places put it into EVERYTHING because it is so addictive.  Buy more, you've had a little taste, come buy more is the mentality thought process.  And people do.  Yet it is an insidious poison, not a kill you dead today, but the facts are in, it is bad for you.  With the new research on the stuff, the mercury in it, the Hydroxymethylfurfural toxicity that is in ALL HFCS, well, and the stuff about how it masks the body's signal to stop eating, and for me, just the fact that all of the stuff comes from Genetically Modified corn is all a huge sign that we should avoid it like the plague.  Is it enough for the FDA to ban the stuff?  Well, not when the dollar value of HFCS is over a hundred billion dollars every year.  An awfully huge amount of money being made on the stuff.  HUGE amount of money.  So if a few hundred thousand kids become developmentally disabled from the huge amount of mercury present, if a few hundred thousand men and women develop cancer from HMF, and if tens of millions of  people become obese and suffer from diabetes and other weight related diseases from all the HFCS in their diets; well, that is not important enough to force businesses to find a safer sweetener.

                                 Money talks in the food industry.

                                a hundred billion dollars screams

Salt.  we need it, we just don't need a lot of it.  EVERY processed food out there has a LOT of it.  Restaurants add LOTS of it to what they serve.  It is not good for you.  Watch yourself.

My advice, wean yourself away from both of these things, and away from processed food.

Eat well, live long and prosper!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fermented Food

There seems to be some confusion here in America about fermenting.  Certainly not about fermenting malted barley and adding hops to it, that seems to be familiar with most people.  Especially the youth in America.  But I am referring to one of the things that a huge portion of the population of the planet takes for granted as a daily part of their diet, fermented food.  It's no secret anymore that one of the largest organs in the human body aside from our skin, is the digestive system.  And that it certainly is NOT a sterile environment.  Living within our abdomens there lies a teaming miasma of microbial life.  Hundreds of millions of bacteria, all there to aid in the digestion of everything that we consume.  And for the most part, all very beneficial.  All having a purpose, and all of them absolutely necessary for life.  When things go wrong in your gut, then things go wrong with your overall health.  Scientists are just now beginning to unlock the secrets to just how important the intestinal flora truly is.  But then ancient oriental medicine has known about it for generations, western doctors are just learning.  At least they are learning.

One of the things that so many people do in America today is take antibiotics.  Sometimes necessary, sometimes not; whatever the reasoning behind it, the effect is the same.  The Gut flora becomes damaged.  Unless that part is restored to optimum, you will suffer from a weakened immune system.  The best way to assist your body to achieve that optimum is to consume fermented foods.  There are a whole host of such foods out there, and pretty much every culture has had differing favorites.  All work, all are good for you, and pretty much, all are easy to make yourself.  Whatever you decide to do, it is always a good idea to supplement your diet with fermented food every week, and every day is better.

Good things to try,
Raw organic yogurt
Raw saurkraut,
Kombucha tea
Kim chee

Kim chee I think someone told me is the national dish of Korea.  I have had it in a lot of restaurants, some is pretty good, a lot I have tried was just awful.  So I make my own.  I make it how I like it, and I eat it just about every day.  
To start, I take a head of cabbage and cut in half, then into quarters.  Cut out the hard core, and then dice into inch or inch and a half pieces.  Separate and toss into a big stainless steel pot.  Then I take about a half cup of some Cajun spice mix that was given to me as a gift and I don't use it because it contains salt.  (I make my own spice mix and don't add salt SPICE MIXES)  This is a perfect use for it, the salt brings out the moisture from the cabbage and helps in the fermenting.  And the flavor is nice as well.  Then I take a wine bottle and pound the cabbage a bit to break it up and to get the moisture flowing.  I let that sit awhile, and dice an onion, about ten jalapenos, and a head of celery.  Mix it all in.  Then smash a couple HEADS of garlic and grate a big finger of ginger.  Mix it all in.  Let sit two hours and there should be quite a bit of liquid in the pot.  Take a bit of the whey from a container of yogurt that you scooped part of the yogurt out of.  You only need a tablespoon or so.  Mix well, then pack it into jars.  Smash it down and pack it tightly into the jars.  Now, take the liquid in the pot and pour over the cabbage mix making sure all is covered.  If you don't have enough liquid, mix a tablespoon sea salt with a cup and a half water and pour onto the cabbage.  Loosely place the lids on top and set aside in cool place for at least 3 days, up to a couple weeks.  The longer it sits and ferments, the stronger and more tart it becomes.  Me, with the Cajun spices already in there, it is pretty spicy and I don't like it all that tart.  So 4 days in the garage and I start to eat it.  Cap tightly and put in the fridge.  Scoop it out, and drain the liquid back into the jar and use that to make the next batch.  It is all pretty good, but when you take it to work and eat it in public, people tend to look at you weird because it does smell weird.  But it tastes great.  And it is good for you too!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The single most important news on the planet.

The Seralini Report  (Report)   This is the NUMBER ONE news story right now.  Basically it states that rats, when fed Genetically Modified corn and soy over their entire lifetime of about two years, have measurable deteriotation of livers and kidneys along with high incidences of tumors.  In virtually all specimens.

                      But Chef Roy, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

It means that Monsanto, and other gene tech companies, LIED to the American public about the safety of gene splicing technology and that the plants that they created, are not what they claim they are.  The government of the United States has allowed these companies to bring to market plants that Monsanto NEVER tested for any problems that might happen during long term consumption.

           GM plants previously have NEVER been tested in long term studies.


 The true nature of this is that there is not enough money in the world to cover the cost of treating every human on the planet that has eaten these foods and begins to show signs of internal organ failure and cancers.  There is not enough money in the world to cover the cost of destroying the existing seed banks and removing the Genetically Modified genes from the face of the planet.  And there is not enough money in the world to compensate any person that loses a loved one to the long slow horrific death that will happen when the consumption of GM foods catches up with them.

                   And we now have scientific proof that my worst fears are real.

The body of evidence is growing.  And it ain't pretty.  Monsanto is desparate, they want H.R. 5973 to pass.  The Monsanto Rider on this House bill gives complete and total freedom from liability for any damage caused by any GM foods or chemicals they manufacture.  Scary indeed. (Monsanto)

Just for fun, look here, (Roundup) and see how Monsanto is changing for a new world.  Their star product, Roundup, is no longer advertised as being biodegradable and harmless. It never was.  Monsanto just advertised that it was as harmless to the environment as water.  They also said the same thing about PCB's and Agent Orange, and the Feds gave them a break when it came to cleaning up those disasters.  Monsanto wants the same, well actually they want total exemption from liability for their new disasters.

boys and their toys

Back in my youth there was a general fear pervading the world and all of its inhabitants.  Everyone, everywhere was living their lives with the threat of quick catastrophic death at any minute.  Hard to believe now, no one talks about it, but the threat is worse now than ever before.  Big boys and their toys. Bay of Pigs was not a paragraph in old history books, it was a tense, fearful time that led into the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the first time the term Mutual Assured Destruction ( MAD ) came into usage.  Makes sense doesn't it, MAD.  Back then, every kid in school had to go through "Duck and Cover" drills, on the floor under your desk with your arms over your head to protect it from flying glass when the H-bomb goes off down the street from your school.  I've been around a long time, but I never could figure out why Phoenix was a strategic target.  That old Alcoa plant on 35th and Van Buren was supposed to be vitally important, as was Luke.  (as a side bar, the Alcoa plant was the largest brick building ever built)((little known factoid))  But really, Luke was a teaching base, not really strategic.  

So why did we all have to go through life, one ear listening for the sirens, the other tuning into new rock and roll on those amazing new tiny transistor radios and then watching those crazy antics of Beaver and Wally on TV?  Why was there a threat of nuclear annihilation?  Well, boys and their toys is the real answer.  Silly huh?  Nikita, Kennedy, all bluster and bluff.  Back in the Cuban missile crisis, there were barely enough nuclear weapons to wipe out life on the planet.  At least in the first strike sense.  The true catastrophe would have been the fallout from the first generation horrific dirty bombs that were in use.  Those wonderful and creative scientists that study crap like that eventually came up with bombs that weren't packed full of isotopes that would poison everything for thousands of years.  Nuclear war was something that was a very real possibility.  With over 25,000 bombs out there in the world, all ready to go and hazard total destruction on the enemy; or supposed enemy, we are pretty lucky indeed that nothing ever happened.  And if you think about it, we EXTREMELY lucky that there was never any accident that caused one missile to be lauched, or one bomb to be detonated while in a silo, or any other stupid accident of any kind to have happened.  I mean really, REALLY, no major accidents, that just doesn't seem possible does it?  

So, anyway, the cold war is over, no more spying on each other, the Rosenbergs are footnotes in history books that no one reads about.  And the threat of nuclear annihilation is over and done with.  If only that were true.  There are still about 10,000 nuclear devices out there.  And that is just the one in the hands of responsible countries, like the US.  And black market Russian profiteers, and Pakistani extremists, and fundamentalist Hindu Indians, and hell bent on world domination Koreans, and slave driving Chinese, and, well, who knows who else has a few hydrogen implosion devices lying around.  But we shouldn't have to worry about any of that, the safety surrounding all of the weapons of mass destruction are impeccable, and the minds of those guardians of MAD are reasonable, and sane.  

Just a little thought to keep you warm by the fire tonight.      

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Drug company fines

What happens when you have more money than you know what to do with?  Really, I'm being very serious about this.  It is a simple question, and one that references something that is happening today, and everyday.  When a company makes or develops a product, they are able to receive a patent on that product.  Then that company has the rght to sell that product exclusively, for whatever price it can get.  That is the American way.  And it is a pretty good system, and works well enough.  If you make something that people will want, they will pay a lot for it, up to a point, there are the laws of diminishing returns, where if priced to high, no one, or very few will want it.  This is the way is works with drug companies.  And for the most part it works. Make a drug, get it approved with as little testing as possible, put it on the market, and hope that not too many people die from horrific side effects, and then CREATE DEMAND for the drug.  And rake in the profits.

The problems start when those drugs that are designed for a specific problem begin to be used for other things.  Things that the company never tested the drugs for.  Or checked to see if there might be complications or interactions with drugs already being taken for the new ailment.  That, is something that is a bit fishy.  And then when you go to doctors all over the country and promise kickbacks for prescribing your new drugs for ailments not intended for, well that is criminal.  And it isn't just me saying this, it is the government.  And it is illegal.

Top ten fines and settlements paid for deceptive marketing, fraud, price setting, bribery, kickbacks and all around just general illegal actions by drug companies. 

1.  2012  GlaxoSmithKline,    3 billion dollars
2.  2009  Pfizer                      2.3 billion dollars
3.  pending, but Johnson & Johnson   between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars
4.  2012   Abbott                  1.5 billion dollars
5.  2009   Eli Lily                   1.4 billion dollars
6.  2011   Merck                   950 million dollars
7.  pending,  Amgen,     estimated at 750 million dollars
8.  2007  Perdue                   624 million dollars
9.  2010  Astra Zeneca         520 million dollars
10  2007  Bristol Meyers      515 million dollars

That's a lot of money.  Oddly, it isn't enough to keep these companies from continuing to follow the same business model, and make more money the exact same way.  When the money your company makes is far and above the amounts you pay in fines for your marketing practices, then you go ahead and make more money.  The only real deterrent to stop this would be actual jail time for the heads of these companies.  I think that would stop it all.  And then who knows, the companies might just start to charge a reasonable amount for the new drugs if they didn't have to pay so much in fines and the CEO's and Chairmen of the Boards are in jail so that new management started using reasonable business practices to run the companies. It is important to note, that most of these fines paid are for CRIMINAL penalties.  Since when does being able to pay huge amounts of money allow you to get away without jail time when you lead your company into criminal practices to make money?

What is worthy to note though is the fact that so many of these new drugs on the market now are high risk high side effect monsters that treat conditions that could easily be treated with changes in lifestyle and diet.  Cholesterol drugs work, but then again with all the side effects and possibility of dying from the drugs, diet and exercise are in fact more effective.  Plavix is only marginally more effective than baby aspirin for 600 times less cost, and not many people die from aspirin as they do from Plavix.  Acid reflux meds now bring in billions, and all to stop the bodies' natural mechanism for digestion.  Stress therapy and changes in diet are actually more effective, and no one died from that. 

It is all a bit scary, and just one more thing to wonder about the government that allows these things to continue.  The FDA is not right in the head when it allows untested foods to be available, and allow criminals to make money hand over fist.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bt Toxin showing harmful effects on humans

It is something that keeps getting bigger and bigger.  The proliferation of GM crops that is.  Genetically Modified plants, the new technological "WONDER" plants  created by the incredibly scary process of gene insertion.  Monsanto is of course the main player in this farce of science, and they want the world to think that they have the science down to, well, to a science.  They don't, it is all hit or miss with them.  When scientists play God, it takes a lot of practice to get it even close.  So far, not doing so well.  This is all about BT toxin, the natural insecticide that is made by bacteria, it is pretty effective at killing insects that consume the bacteria.  Monsanto God specialists decided that this amazing little bacteria could in fact be utilized in ways unthought of by God him or herself.  Monsanto decided to one up God, and make the world a place where money will flow into their coffers like the proverbial fountain with milk and honey.

I have gone over the way Genetically Modified plants are created, it is indeed hit or miss.  (Method)  And since Monsanto has never really done much in the way of actually trying to determine if the creation of these new plants grow into anything weird or in anyway perverse; there has never been any studies done on what happens when humans, and other mammals consume the end product.  Monsanto never has, they don't want to know.  They want the milk and honey to roll in.  Negative side effects are the problems of the Congress of the USA.  After all, Congress gave them permission to make as much money as they want by foisting Genetically Modified plants on the world Carte Blanche back in 1996.  And Monsanto has done exactly that.  And they are covered in milk and honey.

So, now the fun part.  I am lacking in energy lately, and until today failed to find this article about BT toxin and the effects on humans.  ( BT TOXIN)  And it is scary.  I have talked about it here in the past, and now there is scientific evidence to back up my worst fears.  In a nutshell, here it is.  BT toxin breaks down into several components, the most toxic are Cry1aB and Cry1aC. These are the agents that kill the insects.  This report is about the test of these toxins on human liver cells.  It isn't pretty.  My worst fears are found to be true.  Those that want to play God, need more practice.  Or at least some backup plan and safety procedures.

Oops, I may have misspoken, Monsanto it seems does have a backup plan.  It is called H.R. 5973.  (HR5973) and it is THE backup plan and get out of jail card free of all time.

                                           OF ALL TIME!!!

Basically what Monsanto did, was GET some House Representatives to add a "RIDER" to a rather innocuous farm bill.  This rider in fact throughout Washington is known as "The Monsanto RIDER" and it is the dream of EVERY lobbyist, bigwig, politico, CEO and communist everywhere.  It gives MONSANTO freedom from ANY LIABILITY for ANY PRODUCT that they manufacture and have sold to the world for all that milk and honey.

                                  FREEDOM FROM LIABILITY!!!!!

BT toxin residues are a part of the crop that is eaten.  Research now shows that the gene that was implanted into the GM crop migrates into the bacteria living in the intestines of humans that eat them.  Humans that now have these naturally modified bacteria living in their own guts, produce BT toxin continuously, on their own.  And we know that as the BT toxin builds in your system, livers will be damaged.  More research is coming, will more problems be found?

Contact your representative and tell them to strip the Monsanto Rider to H.R. 5973.  When millions of people suffer liver failure, they need to sue Monsanto to get a bit of that milk and honey.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

selling your soul

Alright, it isn't about me, it is once again another monologue about my favorite American company, Monsanto.  Well, actually about the whole gene tech industry in total.  Most of it anyway, there have been some pretty exciting and innovative advances in the world because of gene technology, most notable is the manufacture of human insulin.  My first wife was diabetic and when that stuff came on the market, it was indeed a miracle.  But that was real science, Genetically Modified crops are not, despite what the big guys say.  I can remember back in the late nineties reading about the new wave of GM plants that would change the face of the world.  It was in some magazine, I can't remember and can't find any reference to it now, but it did stick in my mind at the time.  The reference was to the new BT toxin plants coming out and the quote was that Monsanto had taken God's pesticide and made it part of the corn plant so insects will never again ravage the crops of humanity.  Wow.  (How gene splicing is done)

I remember BT, I used to garden, and you could go to the nursery and buy concentrated bacteria cultures of
Bacillus Thuringiensis.  Mix with water and spray it on your plants, the bugs eat it and die. Easy, safe, what is left on the outside of the plant is washed off when you wash the plants.  Monsanto decided that was a good enough concept, so they spliced a gene into corn and other crops that makes the BT toxin and it is IN the plant, not on it.  It is always there.  To date, studies done on the toxicity of the ACTUAL BT TOXIN on humans, ZERO.  We are eating BT toxin each and every time we eat GM corn or other GM plants.  We do know that it is absorbed into the bloodstream, and even passed through the placenta to unborn babies, but we don't know what it does to humans long term.

Sales last year of GM crop seeds by Monsanto --- $1.2 billion.

Money spent to determine if crops are toxic in long term feeding -----  $0

I don't want to eat that stuff.  I don't.  I shouldn't have to.  YOU shouldn't have to either.  Monsanto stated before the Senate in 1996 that GM crops are substantially equivalent to regular crops in EVERY way.  And so the Senate gave them pretty much blanket approval through the FDA.  When GM crops are planted in real world situations, meaning out on farms to grow crops for human and animal consumption, then the risk of cross fertilization is very real.  Well, actually, it is a dead certainty.  Corn pretty much in the whole world is contaminated with GM genes.  It is pretty hard to get non-GM corn anymore.  (GM CORN) For that matter, it will soon be difficult to get nonGM anything as there are over 800 GM plants in line waiting to be approved.  Thankfully the FDA hasn't figured out that the Senate gave them the power to approve anything put before them by Monsanto, instead they are taking the bureaucratic route and taking their own sweet time about doing it. Hooray for them.  Government inefficiency is the only thing saving us.

BT Toxin plants in production today -----  9

Monetary value of crops grown that have BT Toxin imbedded in them  --- $140 Billion

Number of Environmental Impact studies done by Monsanto regarding the likelihood of uncontrolled spread of GM genes into the world food supply  ---ZERO

The other thing I don't want to consume is glyphosate.  Roundup.  This stuff is toxic.  It is advertised as being totally biodegradable by Monsanto.  It is an out and out lie.  France required Monsanto and other manufacturers to remove that lie from advertising and as I understand it, are taking steps to eliminate it from the marketplace.  It destroys soil microbial life, persists for years, and just now there is research being done as to linking glyphosate to huge numbers of farming problems and long term environmental disasters.  The thing is that the whole point of GM crops is that farmers can spray Roundup on their crops and kill the weeds, and make farming easier.  But lack of forsight has once again destroyed that vision, weeds are now evolving into Roundup resistant plants as well.  Roundup   So, more than ever, Roundup is being sprayed in ever increasing amounts.  (Glyphosate info)  And the stuff just keeps getting better.  Now in an effort to compensate for the lack of effectiveness of the GM plants Dow and other Gene Tech companies are introducing plants that are resistant to not just glyphosate, but also Agent Orange, 2,4-T.  Anyone that has ever lived near cotton fields understands the problem, they spray Agent Orange on the cotton so it will drop the leaves, then in late Autumn they harvest the cotton with vacuum cleaners and the entire area gets a huge dose of the stuff causing widespread lung, sinus and general health problems for anyone within a few miles. 
Glyphosate is bad, Agent Orange is worse, yet for some reason, GM Tech companies believe that putting ever more toxic chemicals into the environment is good for humanity.

Amount of Glyphosate sold to farmers in 2009 --140 MILLION pounds

Number of times US EPA has caught labs deliberately falsifying reports on environmental Glyphosate use for Monsanto -- 2 times

Back to the top, pesticides.  BT toxin being in the plants themselves, and therefore in anything we eat that is GM food, well, that is the worst part of all of this.  The absolute failure of the whole concept of GM plants.  Instead of killing insects as they eat the BT toxin plants, the insects are doing what life everywhere does when presented with new environmental factors, it evolves.  Now, there are so many BT toxin resistant insects out there that the GM concept is a complete failure.  I just love this line, I used it once before and will say it again here, I don't believe that courses in basic biology where they learn basic evolution are required for people to become Gene Tech scientists.  So, overall, GM plants, FAILURE.

Amounts of pesticides sprayed on crops just in the US for 2007   $13.884 BILLION

Amounts estimated by EPA for 2015 --   $38.5 BILLION

Recently there have been some startling new studies being done by independent labs and universities regarding long term feeding of GM foods.  These are frightening.  One showed that hamsters, rats and rabbits fed GM soy were sterile by the third generation.  Another showed that rats fed just 10% of their diet to be GM soy and corn had huge numbers of degenerative problems and tumors riddling their bodies.  And the biggest study was that when humans were fed GM soy, the bacteria in their intestinal tracts took on the GM genes and their own bodies were producing BT toxin inside their own guts.  In 1996, Monsanto told the Senate that the genes would NEVER migrate between organisms.  They lied.  Well, I will give them the benefit of the doubt, they may not have known.  But then this is what happens when in the race to make billions of dollars companies falsify research, don't do adequate testing, or in some cases, bypass completely required testing, and push products into the world for use simply because you have the perfect method of making money delivered to you by scientists.  Genetically Modify genes for better food.  This is the perfect business model for making BIG money

The concept of GM plants is born with the reduction of eurycic acid in Canola to LESSEN the toxicity of that product. It is still toxic.
Through dedicated trial and error and years of it too, BT toxin and glyphosate resistance are added to corn, soy, cotton, canola.
Monsanto buys most of the seed manufacturing companies in the US and other parts of the world.
Monsanto owned seed companies only offer GM seed to farmers and only under strict contract that farmers must use Monsanto chemicals on fields planted with Monsanto GM plants.
When farmers who plant their own seed from seed that they saved that has never been purchased from a Monsanto seed company, then Monsanto steps in, tests the plants growing in that farmer's fields and shows them to be contaminated with Monsanto patented GM genes because it is impossible to contain airborne and insect pollinated plants, then Monsanto takes the farmers to court and sues them for patent infringement.  AND THEY WIN!!!!!!  Many farmers have lost their farms in the midwest and Canada due to Monsanto patent infringement lawsuits.  This should never have happened, and if Monsanto had EVER done an environmental impact statement as required by US law, then this would be quite clear.
The end result is staggering, farmers are unable to buy non-GM seed to plant, they can't buy seed from ANYONE else because of the contamination, so they keep paying Monsanto out of fear.

It all goes back to the Monsanto revolving door. (just one site about it all)  where government heads of departments, and well anyone in the EPA, USDA, FDA and other groups that have the power to make decisions, make policy changes that are favorable to Gene Tech companies and then end up on their padded payrolls.  It ain't just me sayin' this stuff, it is all over the internet with names, facts, and in some cases salaries given to these guys.  Bribery gets things done in America today.  Look at the latest from Monsanto and their attempt to save themselves.  I think they know that the poop is about to hit the fan and in a last ditch effort to keep from being destroyed by lawsuits, they paid off a few House members to add what is known as the "Monsanto Rider" onto House Bill 5973.  This bill gives Monsanto IMMUNITY from liability for any harm that might be shown to be caused by any of their GM technology plants, their huge output of chemicals, and from stupidity and lying as well.

                                                       Final Tally

Monsanto ---- Billions

Citizens of the world ----  LOSERS, slow death, cancer, degenerative diseases, sterility, and no recourse.

Selling your soul for money, it happens everywhere, everyday.  On a huge billion dollar corporate level, and everyday small time operation as well.  Take my ex for example, Lorena, Borquin, Ford, Marshall, Martinez or whatever name she uses now to avoid prosecution.  She buys pasta from a manufacturer in Ohio, ships it to Austin, bags it and labels it with her company name.  She then sells it at events and claims it is organic (she does that to compete with my old company) and that she manufacturers it herself.  She does not disclose that the stuff she buys is made with eggs, (not listed on the ingredients) and also states it is made with organic Durum wheat, which it is not, it is made with Hard Red Winter Wheat, a whole different animal.  She does this all to get a leg up on the competition, my old company.  Lies, falsehoods, libelous acts, and illegal actions, all for money.  Not billions, but for hundreds.  She is selling her soul, for a few bucks.  The temptation is there, we see it everyday, everywhere.








Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013. The first day of forever

What is going to happen tomorrow, and the day after, and next week, and the week after, next year, and the years on toward the end of life as we know it?  Do we really know?  Did the Mayans have it right afterall, and that the life that is now the dominant life form on the planet living in a vacuous void of humanity induced death creating Armageddon of our own (well of Monsanto's) creation? 


I believe so anyway.  I think Monsanto does as well.  Two years ago they purchased Beelogics, one of the largest bee research facilities in the world.  Beelogics is attempting to find a causality, and ultimately a solution to the the problem of Bee Colony Collapse Syndrome that is now a world wide problem.  Bees in fact are absolutely necessary for modern agriculture, with over 150 different plants, fruits and vegetables DEPENDENT on pollination by bees to produce food and to reproduce.  However the population of bees in the world has been reduced by over an estimated 25% by a mysterious problem of bees just dying off and/or disappearing completely.  So far, the progress reported has nothing to do with reality and Monsanto inducing bee die off problems with all the huge increases in sales of Monsanto herbicides, Monsanto Pesticides, Monsanto Petro-chemical based fertilizers, Monsanto Genetically Modified crops, or Monsanto lies and bribery and payoffs.  Hard to think it ever will, but the truth is there, and they can hide it only so long behind their so called research stating bees are dying because of problems with viral infections.  Bees don't get viral infections unless they are weakened because their diet of GM pollen loaded with herbicides and pesticides is destroying their natural immunity. 

Beelogics introduced and is testing an antiviral drug on bee colonies in June.  The spokesman for Beelogics admitted that this was only part of the problem, and that the decline in bees could, repeat, COULD be in part, overuse of pesticide and herbicides.  I have not been able to verify whether or not that guy is still employed there or not after having made such a damaging statement about the company that owns the company he works for. 

Craig Childs is a reporter and recently worked on a piece for NPR,  where he setup a camera in a field of Genetically Modified corn and in time lapse photography documented all the creatures that came to visit the plants there.  Nothing came.  Nothing.  A stray spider came, then left.  And the breeze blew the stalks about in a seemingly dead environment.  This is the perfect world that Monsanto wants to grow our food in.  I'm not sure what actually went on during that filming because it is a known FACT that insects now eat GM crops with impunity as they have developed immunity to the BT toxin.  But perhaps in this field the farmer sprayed way way more insecticides than recommended and that is why there is a dead zone.  But then again, that may indeed be the vision of the future that Monsanto has for us, and what may in fact be the end of the world as prophecied by the Mayans.  What is the old saying, we go out not with a bang, but a long slow quiet whimper.