Monday, August 17, 2015

Chef Roy The Great Food Guy

Hi. My name is Roy Marshall, Chef Roy. I have been in the food manufacturing business since 2001. My first business was called The SalsaKing Fine Southwestern Foods. I designed and created nearly a 100 unique products. Many of those products have gone on and competed in national competitions where my creations have won 8 Scovie awards(6 firsts), 3 Golden Chilis, 3 first place Americas Best Awards, and one of my salsas was named Official Salsa of the International Salsa Festival in 2005. A lot has changed, and now I'm sort of semi retired and living in Sun City Arizona. To keep from dying from boredom, I started a new company, Frantic Foods. Yeah, I know, stupid name. So I changed it to Chef Roy, the Great Food Guy. I have a lot of fun making great and wondrous things to eat, and to use in cooking for the creation of your own spectacular, Great Food.

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Dip Mixes - or use as spice blends to create wonders in the kitchen
all my dip mixes are vegan, with no added salt, no MSG and packed with flavor
listed below from mild to spicy

Mesquite Smoke Onion
Garlic and Herb
Southwestern Sun Dried Tomato 
Tuscan Sun (Italian themed)
Real Bacon and Horseradish
Green Chile Christmas
Spicy Chipotle
Garlicky Jalapeno
Buffalo Blue Cheese
Jalapeno Cilantro
Habanero and Garlic
Burnin' Both Ends
Now my Spicy Taco or Garlic Taco blends

Eat with chips, or cook extraordinary meals
 Garlic Heaven
Cactus (with nopalitos)
Pineapple Mango
Chipotle Black Bean and Corn
Pepitas y Camarones
Salsa de Vera Cruz
Passion of the Garlic
Chef Roy's Green Habanero
Kiss of Fire 

Hot Sauces

Howling Coyote Cayenne 
Tequila Chiptle
Kiss of Fire Habanero

Buy my products online at Square Marketplace

I also create some very cool Artisinal Cheeses
available only at the Farmers Markets
RoadRunner Market 51 and Cactus -Saturdays
Ahwatukee Market 48th St and Warner- Sundays
Sun City Market 99th St and Bell -Thursdays

Depending on my mood and how creative I am, I make different things all the time. Some past items
Real Smoked - Smoked Almonds
Red Chili dark chocolate pecans
Smoked Jalapeno or Green Chili Mozzarella
Habanero Brownies 

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