Friday, January 16, 2015

things that make no sense at all, yet are touted as gospel truths

Well, that one could encompass volumes of iconic trivialities such as why on Earth the Kardashians are famous when they aren't even remotely interesting to standing an egg on end during the equinox. That's a lot of stuff. I think there is a lot of such stuff out there for everyone, I mean, some people actually watch Kim, and her family whine for an hour about, well, trivialities, but that's my interpretation, the show, and well, the whole family, are a waste of time, and air. However it takes all kinds to make a world, those attempting to make an homogenous populace, either by eliminating those that didn't think or believe as they did, or by, well, shoot, that's it. Killing off those you don't like is the only thing those silly self absorbed dictators have done. Genocide, ethnic cleansing, massacres, holocausts, general carnage, well, whatever you want to call it, it sounds horrific getting there, and the end result would be rather boring I think. So, there are those that like the Kardashians, and there are people that have a life. We need both kinds of people here so that we have a diversity of ideas and concepts. And we all should think about what it is that we are supposed to believe in and accept as the absolute truth, but in reality, we each personally find, well, not quite right.

 Here are a few of mine -
1. Eating wheat products makes you FAT
  •  Nothing could be further from the truth. Americans eating a crappy diet packed with CAFO meats, huge amounts of HFCS and just an all around nutrient poor diet seem to gain weight, but the wheat has little to do with it. Many other cultures, Japanese and northern Chinese for example, as a whole consume 8 times more wheat than Americans and have 3 to 5% obesity rates. With USA being 60 to 68% overweight and 30% obese, it ain't the wheat we eat.
 2. Gliadin causes your intestinal lining to have holes leading to leaky gut syndrome as undigested food, germs and whatever in your intestines leaks into your bloodstream and is what is slowly killing you.
  • Wow. actually this is based on a report published on PubMed, part of the NCBI library that claims to have shown that "in vitro" intestinal cells increased permeability when exposed to free gliadin. Permeability is a whole lot different than leaky gut. In fact there are no medical diseases, symptoms, or anything that could be construed as "Leaky Gut" in any medical texts or lists of diagnosis possible. It only exists in the books and websites of pseudo experts wanting to sell you THEIR crap. Actually, if your intestinal fluid gets into your bloodstream, you generally die, and pretty quickly.
3.  Eating grains, even "Whole Grains" causes inflammation 
  • I'm not sure where this one started, but three fourths of the world population exists on a basic whole grain diet. For most of the world, meat is a very small part of the standard diet and sugar, processed grains, HFCS and pretty much anything in the Western diet; is unheard of. Study after study has found that consuming REAL whole grains (not Cheerios) promotes normal leptin and insulin functions. The only time that it doesn't is when someone wants to sell you something, and generally that's books, supplements and website weekly diet/recipe plans. 
4.  Wheat is poisonous because it is Genetically Modified and now has 42 chromosomes instead of wild wheat which only has 14
  • This one is complex and a bit hard to understand, but here goes a try at it. Wheat is Hexaploid, meaning that there are six copies of the seven chromosomes. Humans are Diploid, we have two copies of 23 chromosomes. The current cultivated varieties have been interbreed and crossed with other, closely related species of grasses for several thousand years to increase yield, hardiness and disease resistance. Some of the things that occur during cross breeding of simpler species of life forms, like wheat, is that during the process, instead of taking just the gametes, or the separate male/female chromosomes to make a new hybrid, the simpler structure of the genome allows for the crossed embryo to have both sets of chromosomes from the parent plants. You do this enough times, you get a larger number of chromosomes. It DOES NOT make the offspring hybrid inherently bad. Nature has naturally done this to many many species of plants, some mushrooms have over a thousand chromosomes. Current research at Cold Springs Harbor Labs who have taken on the task of mapping the genome of wheat, shows us that the genome is about five times more complex than humans, but that of the 17 Gb of nucleotide base pairs most are duplicates and it is a positive thing as it has allowed viability of the hybridization since so many hybrid programs on many plants end up in infertile offspring. For those internet salesmen attempting to get us to believe that multiple sets of chromosomes are bad, I think they should read a book on basic biology, a good sixty percent of the plant world has them.
5.  Doctors have shown that up to 49% of people have "Gluten Sensitivity" and should avoid all gluten.
  • This is a very similar diagnosis to "Leaky Gut Syndrome" in that it doesn't exist, and is a made up symptom of people wanting to sell you books, supplements and diet plans. Gluten Sensitivity testing involves not eating any gluten products for several weeks, then going out and having some fast food crap and if your stomach hurts, then you should never eat wheat products ever again. Wow, no one has ever questioned this logic before and I can't understand why. First off, to verify sensitivity to a particular food item, you need to eat a pure version of the food. And that does not include store bought commercial bread products and ESPECIALLY not anything from a fast food place. All that crap is packed with toxic preservatives, binders, bleaching agents and enhancers along with MSG in one form or another. How would you know if you were sensitive to gluten or crap? Secondly, well, it's just stupid.
6. This article is not about a variety of things I don't believe in, it's about gluten and wheat.
  • You would be right if you thought that

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