Thursday, September 22, 2016

First you have to take a leek. Bless us Oh Great One, Julia Child

I first heard that joke when Julia Child had one incarnation of her television cookery show or another. I believe it was back in the seventies, it was so clever, she was so deadpan. I often think she had no idea what the connotation was to which the public attributed her comment. she didn't need to know, it boosted her to ever greater fame. Julia Child, Superstar. how can we honor her memory. 

By taking a leek.

I often make little mini muffin sized either cheesecakes that are savory, or like these, crustless quiches. I'm not eating a
lot of flour products of late, just having trouble getting real organic wheat berries. I have been reading a lot about how much glyphosate (Roundup weed killer) is used on wheat grown in the US. Sad, but most conventional wheat growers spray glyphosate on their crops in order to facilitate faster more consistent harvest. Glyphosate is now estimated to be sprayed on over 93% of wheat. And the worst part is that it's sprayed just a few days before harvest. Glyphosate has a nineteen day half life in moist soil. Once sprayed on wheat kernels, it stays there right through the manufacturing process and is a main source of contamination of wheat products. I'm not the first to draw this conclusion, that people aren't allergic to wheat or gluten, they're allergic to the crap sprayed on the wheat. (NCBI Library on the subject, my favorite Fed thing, a repository of knowledge)

Some things won't change, I will still eat bread that I grind the wheat myself after having bought the wheat kernels as certified organic. It's just expensive, and hard to find. Austin had a great food selection, Phoenix, not so much. But I try.

Anyway, I took a leek, cut the green part off, sliced in half and washed the sand out. Cut into slices with half a red onion and sauteed in a bit of organic butter and some olive oil. Added some nice white wine and let that evaporate off. Then beat four eggs with a half cup sour cream. Now, I grated some Asiago cheese (GOTTA LOVE HARD
CHEESES) I just read about a Norwegian study that showed the benefits of eating hard cheeses in raising good LDL cholesterol which helps to prevent heart disease. Rubbed a bit of butter around the cupcake tin and filled with the leek mix and some cheese. Then poured in the egg mix and topped with a little more cheese. Baked at 350 for about 25 minutes and they
were brown, puffy and smelled fabulous. I let them sit on the counter for a bit, maybe twenty minutes or so. Then just use a knife to loosen the edges and pop them out. 

I then made a Waldorf. So good. Organic apples are in season at the farmers markets now. So this is all organic, sliced celery, black grapes (sorry, from Winco)((they carry a lot more organic of late)) a red onion, and a diced apple. And a few pecans from Picacho and mix
all together and coat with yogurt with just a touch of honey.  

The picture at the top of the page shows an eighth of a cantaloupe. Sadly this is the last of the REAL summer melons. Local Cantaloupes are done for the season. You can buy melons at the grocery stores. But they are sad Sad SAD. If you have never had a real picked when ripe cantaloupe then you have no idea what you're missing. Grocery store melons are picked when hard, shipped for who knows how long, and have little flavor. And little resemblance to real melons. I eat a lot of melon in the summer. It's worth a drive to the farmers market just to pick them up. And the variety of other melons, amazing. Orange flesh Honeydew are my favorite.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why I don't go to dentists. Or how I learned to save the world and love the bomb

Few will recognize the Dr. Stangelove reference. So be it. Few have the same odd sense of humor I have. Few are reading this because they want to know why....

I gave up drinking sugary sodas back in the late seventies. By that time, I had had 4 cavities and one eventually rotted and caused the tooth to die precipitating a root canal and crown. I chose a gold crown, cuz it was cooler looking. Then, I went every two years after marriage, but I stopped as there were no problems and I adopted the dental regime of my paternal grandfather. The man was a horrific human, bigoted, opinionated (he gave new definition to that term) and just an all around obnoxious person. But he did have nice teeth in his nineties. He brushed with peroxide and baking soda. I started that as well and found no need for dentists. 

But, one time, some thirty-one years after the affixing of a gold crown onto my tooth, the crown came off. I went to the dentist and requested that they apply their special glue and for me the world would be a better place. Nothing ever works out the way one wants it to.

I get into the chair, the technician, a very attractive blond with a winning smile and incredibly over whitened teeth. She takes a probe and begins to insert it between the tooth and gum on the front row of my bottom teeth. I grab her arm and tell her to stop. I don't want that. She tells me the purpose is to determine how much room there is between tooth and gum and what might become of my teeth should there be excessive gaps. I asked her not to do that, and to proceed with the X-rays as I had thought that was the reason why she had come in. That's what the receptionist told me would occur first. She sighed, then took the pictures. I waited, and eventually the dentist came in. 

Slipping the X-rays into the viewer, he starts off by telling me there are gaps in the area between the gums and teeth and this will necessitate a cleaning and planing of the area below the gum line. Four visits to complete all the work, financing available. I ask him where the gaps are. He then takes a closer look at the pictures and points to the two front teeth where the technician had poked the probe in. I pointed this out, I said there only seem to be two teeth where this has occurred, and the gap was caused by the probing and luckily there are no other gaps as I stopped her at two. 

My dentist was silent, but only for a moment. Well now let's look at what's going on here then, he began. We need to grind down those sharp edges and build up some areas so we can get a good impression for a nice porcelain crown there. And we need to work on that little caries there and we can always grind out those other three old cavities and get new porcelain crowns to replace them. And I think we need to remove your wisdom teeth, once that's done you'll have a lot more room in there and we won't have any more problems like this in the  future.

I was actually a little dumbfounded. I had no idea that my mouth was in such poor shape as I have never had any problems in the past thirty-one years. So I stopped the dentist and said, all I want is to have the gold crown glued back on. That's it. OH NO!!!!!  You can't get that done, the base of the tooth has actually rotted a bit and the areas where the crown was attached are gone. There needs to be a tremendous amount of work done to prep your mouth in order to get this to work and not cause any troubles in the future. 

Why do I need the wisdom teeth pulled? To give you more room. The teeth help me chew food, they are not giving me trouble, never had. Why would I put myself through anything to achieve a result that is without any realistic benefit. More room is pretty abstract. Again, silence. But only for a moment. I need to get the other cavities taken care of, crowns are much better than fillings, the root planing is a necessary procedure, the small caries (which is a depression in the upper left front molar and has been there for decades) needs to be drilled out and a crown made. And the wisdom teeth is a normal procedure with lifelong benefits.  And he jumped up and as he left he told me the technician will help with scheduling all the needed work. 

I got up and left. They mailed me a bill for over six hundred dollars. I never paid it. That was fourteen years ago. To this day I have a gap between the molars on the lower right side where a gold crown used to be, but of which I now carry said crown around in my wallet. A souvenir of sorts. I don't drink soda. That right there causes more dental problems than anything else in modern life. I gave up most sugary things long long ago. And of recent years, I gave up all sugars and all processed foods. And that has helped the bone degeneration caused by the intervention of modern medical practitioners that used drugs to treat symptoms and never actually ever attempted to learn the real reason why I was sick. They didn't really care, it wasn't their life they were practicing on. 

So, I drink a pot of coffee a day. I smoke cigars. And my teeth are pretty white. Not like the fancy TV models, but white. I don't have dental problems, I don't have tartar buildup. I don't eat the foods that cause them. And I never use fluoride toothpaste, it says right on the label, don't swallow. If you do, call the poison control center. The tooth gap only bothers me when I eat nuts. And for the most part, my life is a lot better off with out having had to go back and spend a fortune on work that did not need to be done. Oh Dr. Strangelove, what have you taught us over the decades?


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Spur of the moment cooking - - Why NOT? you can do it also, it's Fantastic!!

Criminy, it's been weeks since I posted anything about food. It's the heat. That's a lie. It's actually my relationship problems. Seems to be a theme in my life, me and women blowing me off from a date made at their invitation. Oh well, no more beer filled evenings, I have got to get my life on track and priorities straight. Sort of stopped working on the business plan and realistically, stopped just about everything. All done, this is something I cooked this morning and it was fantastic.

Super easy, and wondrously spectacular. Stuff in the fridge and from the cupboard. Easy peasy. Just sliced a Yukon Gold potato into pretty thin slices. (You just have got to have a very sharp knife to do this. Or mandolin) ((perhaps I should do an article about how to sharpen knives -Yes-No))
So I took three potatoes and sliced them, a large leek and sliced it as well. Then a green pepper and cut the sides off and cut the sides into thin slivers. Sliced 4 scallions and chopped some cilantro. Then broke three eggs into a bowl and beat them well with a quarter cup Marsala and a half cup of sour cream. Melted a couple tablespoons real
organic butter in a saute pan and added a tablespoon olive oil. Then made a ring of potato slices. Next comes the leek. (Do you know how to make any dish that contains a leek? Well according to Julia Child, First you have to take a leek) Then pile on the pepper, sliced scallions and cilantro. Pour the egg mixture over it all, top with some grated cheese and then another
layer of potato. Drizzle some olive oil over the potatoes and add lots of black pepper. Continue to cook on the stove for about ten minutes, then put in the oven and bake at 400 for about 15 minutes. I like a bit of browning, so I then put it under the broiler for a few, just until browned. 

 A nice lunch meal. And no meat.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

If this isn't a bit of heaven, then I don't want to go there

I used to be married to an Hispanic women, she was wife number three. Actually I've been married three times to two different women so depending on how you count, she was either number two or three. Not much good came out of the time I spent with her, except I learned what Chiliquiles were. And I fell in love. 

They're that good.

The problem was, I had never made them. I know they are pretty simple. Just old chips, sauce, cheese and fried eggs. So I don't ever eat them any more and have never tried to make them since I wouldn't want to eat them. But recently, I had a hankerin' for 'em. I wanted them, bad. But it's the GMO corn thing, the fried in Canola Oil thing, the I would never eat a grocery store egg thing, I won't eat them. Well, I won't go to a restaurant to eat them.

So, I'm the Great Food Guy. I can make things better, healthier, tastier. Not really, not when it comes to chiliquiles. I had hoped. But I was mistaken. First, I thought why use corn chips when I can use something else. So I tried frying sweet potato chips in coconut oil. Yuck. I fried zuchinni slices in the same. Double yuck. I made some whole wheat tortillas from real whole wheat and fried them. Then I tried baking them. Okay, -ish. But not great. 

So, I realized that Big Food is responding to the needs of the consumers, that we, well some of us, are not the drones spending food dollars willy-nilly like in the old days of black and white TV and the sheeple spent money on what ever commercials where shown. Truthfully, that was the age of convenience foods and consumers bought everything new and easy. Now, Big Food is actually trying. Some of them are anyway. So I found Tostitos Organic chips and Safeway Organic "O's" brand organic chips as well. I make the greatest green salsa ever, my Chef Roy The Great Food Guy Cactus Salsa. So, I already only buy my eggs at the farmers market that way I don't ever have to eat eggs from any commercial egg manufacturing facility (notice I don't call them chicken farms?) So all I had to do was assemble, bake, fry, top, and then enjoy.

Turns out, it was easier than I ever thought it would be, and they tasted way better than any of the ones I ever ate at the places that wife number three hauled me around to. Sheesh. So, follow along, crush a few chips up, place in oven proof container. Pour in some salsa, almost up to the top of the chips. Bake for about 15 minutes, remove, cover with
 cheese, bake again until the cheese melts. Fry some eggs, top with whatever. I used to eat meat in the old days. Not any more. Then go ahead and be creative. Here I used an avocado and some of my dip mix stirred into some Organic sour cream.


 And that's my scary happy face.



Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Insight.... into me.

And as she screamed at me about how insensitive and unloving I was being, in my own head all I could do was agree with her.  Everything I did, all of my interactions with her, my family, my coworkers, were just tired worn out copies of emotional responses that I used over and over again.  What worked once, I tried to use as a one size fits all response to conflict, solutions to any and all dilemmas as they arise.  And let's face it, I had no silver spoon, there were no magic beans for me growing up.  There was no conceptual concrete basis for existence within a community network of humans that was developed during my childhood.  For all intents and purposes, my developmental growth took place in a framework of dysfunction pure and simple.  My homelife was the very definition of dysfunctional and indeed I was the poster boy.

Strength of will, determination and an individual conceptual realization have led to an understanding that I am a living breathing product of a billion years of evolution, of thousands of years of societal growth and progression, of selective breeding and of corporate husbandry in the rearing of my person in preparation to become a consuming commodity within American society. And other than television reruns of Leave it to Beaver, no emotional instruction what so ever had been done to prepare me to exist in this world.

I wouldn't say my time in church helped any, Biblical tales of slavery, war, execution, and then there's Ezekial 23:20, that got me a little excited. As probably all young males did. The travesty of religion is that mentality of do this, be generous, don't lie, cheat, steal,.. kill, were stories in the bible and just tales of lives past. We are not to live our lives according to what those people did, except the part about how the Holy Bible is the true word of that God and is irrefutable evidence of how we are to live. That living a good life and emulating the main character in the book will lead us to the ultimate reward, heaven. I never figured that part out and so none of it was any help with my dealings with my wife, my family, my friends, and the world around me.

When I was twenty I was befriended by a Native American shaman who spent the greater part of three years teaching me to see the beauty and majesty of our Mother Earth. And to recognize her signs as guides to live our lives. And the hardest thing, to stop my internal dialogue. And although to this day I can see the auras of people, feel their emotions and generally tell when someone lies to me, it never actually helped me in the day to day living with my wife. That set of beliefs, the realization that I am but an individual part of the Universal Consciousness, that I am here in this plane of existence to learn, to help, to grow spiritually and to consciously expand the parameters of my beliefs in not just my existence, but the place each of us holds within the Universe. I still needed help just understanding why my wife and I could not agree to simple constructs of emotional stability within our chosen existence together.

As I aged, I did come to realize that no matter what I personally wanted to be true, what actually occurred around me, was not always within my belief that all should be as I desire. That perhaps was my greatest revelation and geared me toward a greater understanding of my participation of life within this Plane of Existence. I still can't keep the interest of the women I meet, and for unknown reasons find me attractive. Perhaps it's the age thing that bothers me much more than them and unconsciously I allow that to pervade my actions and conversations with them. I do not however, any longer use those same tired copies of blanket responses to conflict and instead attempt to derive new expressions to fit specific circumstances. Perhaps it's that part that I'm just not that good at.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Every single person in the world is odd, to every one else

I'm odd. I realize that. It took me years to figure that out but once I did, I became more forgiving of those with which I interact daily. As we are raised within a small group of family and friends, with occasional excursions into the real world, we primarily focus on the behaviors of those we deal with daily and they become the measure for normalcy for each individual. If you're raised in a household where everyone eats copious amounts of meat and puts ketchup on everything, then to you, that will be normal. It takes life changing events, continuous and constant exposure to differing culinary experiences to alter that concept of what was previously, normal. But it happens. All the time. I myself am not anything like the people with which I was raised. I don't eat meat, nor any ketchup. I have a tremendous appreciation of the fine arts, my family and most of my friends even now have probably never heard of Vermeer, and could never tell the difference between Pissaro and Picasso, nor Monet and Manet. It's not HOW you are raised, it's how you apply yourself to life after each individual human goes through that process that we all go through, recognition of our own individuality. For fun, you can check out the Edinburgh Lectures for an indepth discussion on how humans morph into individual consciousnesses. (Weird stuff man) And then into part of the Universal Consciousness. Not for everyone, I thought it fascinating.

So at some point, everyone goes from a child living as part of the family unit, into a cognizant thinking individual. For some, that might be at age two. For others, in their teens, or thirties. For some in backwoods areas of little eddie cashun, it might go on for their entire lives where whole families think, act and believe with absolute certainty that how grandpa and pa lived is perfectly fine with them and they continue to think, act and produce even more offspring with the same capacities and beliefs. Not unlike a lot of Republicans and Southern Baptists. Sorry, a bit of a snide comment. But then being snarky in reality is a part of my upbringing, so nurture does play a part in our psychological makeup. It does take an effort to change that as well. I so far haven't been completely successful at eliminating that unwanted trait. But, then, back to our individuality, how is it that some humans living in a specific family situation, with siblings, and extended family, grow up to be completely and totally off the wall wacko? By that I mean, serial killers or those with the propensity toward horrific violence. Did they eat the lead paint chips off the walls, drink too much Kool-Aid with all the horrific artificial dyes, or perhaps mom and dad taught them to pull the wings off flies and watch fascinated as they spin helplessly. And then that behavior grew exponentially over time.

It is something that is difficult to quantify. I can only tell you what I believe. There are a lot of opinions out there, doctors and researchers that talk to the wackos and then write papers about how the crazy came to be. There is getting to be a lot more research into just that very subject. This is a link to my favorite repository of data, the NCBI Library. (Diet and Violence) I don't think you have to be credentialed to read that one. But it draws very obvious conclusions about how chemical laden foods have increased as has violence and there are specific corollaries found between them. On the other hand, the psychologists out there all want to take credit for their conclusions on why there is an increase in violence and death. It's the old nurture thing. The way a child is raised, their experiences along with persons they come into contact with, are what work to develop the minds of the more odd and wacko amongst us. 

I like to think that both are right. Indeed the diets of most Americans are far far less than ideal. Toxic chemical laden foods, sugar sugar sugar and greater exposure to an ever greater population that has more diversity in both good, and bad ways. More people, more concepts foreign to the previously determined norms in which the family unit is accustomed. Then reactions to those concepts, when rejected by the traditions of the family, can be both intriguing and disgusting. That's an easy one to understand. Snails. When I first heard from neighbors that they ate snails, my family was disgusted. I tried them, and was pleasantly surprised. Fish head soup is another. Hey, every culture has its own quirks and every other culture believes them to be odd. However, those individuals that branch out, aren't disgusted by what was previously considered the norm; are in the path of becoming different from everyone else. Not necessarily bad, but when we combine that with the diet of most Americans, laden with neurotoxins and excitotoxins, we have a recipe for disaster. Don't believe me, look at the news. It isn't just Muslim extremists killing people, it's a variety of people, usually younger people, with often perfectly normal upbringings and siblings that don't exhibit any of the same characteristics of violent behaviors. How do we explain it?

There will always be controversy when attempting to define the parameters with which humans go from within accepted norms, to without. Everybody I'm sure knows a few that they believe to be outside the accepted parameters for normalcy. I've known a few. Well, quite a few. And who knows, my interactions with those that don't fit into the established parameters of normalcy as established by not just society, but the familial upbringing that shaped my formative existence. Case in point, one of the first wackos I remember meeting. I was fourteen, I worked at a tropical fish store cleaning up and selling fish for the owner who he and his family would eventually become very good friends. A woman, a very odd in appearance woman came into the shop and asked if we sold leeches. She had a sore on her leg and wanted to use them along with maggots to eat the bad part of the sore. Yeah, self directed medical procedures with fish store leeches. We didn't have any, in fact we tried our best to kill any we ever found. But my introduction to wackos was just beginning. 

Throughout my life, I have met, (even married one) had relationships with or tried desperately to avoid contact with people that I, and probably most, would classify as, wacko. How do you quantify the totality of crazy. Is it a little bit crazy to be like my old roommate Terry Fredericks that was dating the girl next door and every Monday after he was with her for the whole weekend, she would break into the house and steal his stuff. And he was okay with it, she slept with him. Which one was wacko. Or the woman that was a friend of Fat Gary's that during sex wanted me to hit her. I never did, and only had relations that ONE time, so I'm pretty sure I'm not the wacko. Perhaps not, she was unbelievably attractive. It's not like she wanted to hit me. That would have made me the wacko. Or the guy I know that believes that he is the New Messiah and travels around attempting to convert young ladies to his belief system. Is he wacko? I thought he was, but he gets a lot more women than I ever have and he ain't all that great looking. But to me, there are a lot of people out there that exhibit behaviors that I consider wacko. I know a lot of men and women, that like to go to strip clubs. I don't. I know men that patronize prostitutes, I don't. I know people that eat crappy fast food and have unbelievably poor nutritional standards. I don't. I think all those are wacko. However, none of them have gone on a shooting spree. Nor has my interactions with any of them caused any sort of thing within my psyche.

I guess it's all a matter of degree. Of wacko I mean.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Going Raw

Man is the only animal on Earth that alters the food we eat by using heat. It isn't uncommon for animals to alter their foods, spiders and snakes inject poisons, alligators drown their prey then tuck the bodies away to begin to breakdown and become easier to ingest. Humans cook their food. As far back as half a million years. Well, depending on who you read, maybe as far back as 1.6 million years. (1) It really matters little the time frame, what is in general consensus, is that cooking foods is what allowed proto hominids to develop from their ape-like ancestors into the more modern humans. (2) The fact is that cooked foods, of both meat and vegetable origins, are more easily digested with greater nutrient absorption than raw foods. And the big one, they are much much easier to eat. This fact itself led to huge changes in the structure of human teeth. (3) Allowing for fewer, smaller and less molar like front teeth. Granted this is all conjecture, but the knife and fork were thousands of years away and so sharper front teeth made it easier to bite off hunks of meat, as well as cooked tubers and whatever else caveboys threw onto the fire that they all just learned to control. 

Now then, contrary to what so many people want the world to believe, those caveboys and girls did not exist primarily on meat. It didn't happen. Consuming too much meat is not a good thing. (4) Archaelogical evidence points to a diet rich in tubers, nuts, seeds (including grains) and fruits. And in all probability, whatever green plants were growing around. That one is pretty hard to find remains of, but indigenous tribes everywhere on earth pretty much eat whatever greens are growing locally. All of them. Everywhere. And for those Paleo people thinking that the Inuit only eat meat, the fact is that they eat the digestive organs of the animals they kill and that includes reindeer stomachs filled with lichens and moss. Now contrary to what many profiteers (internet Paleo sales gurus) want the world to believe, modern humans did not evolve larger brains, smaller digestive systems and sharper teeth because of the varied diet of cooked foods, primarily of meat. It all began when early hominids moved off the savanahs in Africa and went toward the seashore and began to eat seafood. (5) Omega 3 rich foods sourced from the shallows of coastal waters set the stage for increases in brain size. It was the combination of a variety of nutritious plant based diet providing carbohydrates for energy, meats (both scavenged and hunted) for greater protein needs for muscular development, and Omega 3 rich seafoods for brain development that led to the evolutionary growth of humans. And all, or mostly all, cooked for greater release of nutrients.

So, with all the basics out of the way, let's talk about going raw. The Raw Diet Plan. There are two versions, one is Vegan, the other includes stuff like raw meat and dairy. (not my thing at all) Both however, specifically promote the inclusion in your diet of raw, uncooked foods. And also to include stuff like fermented vegetables, soaked or sprouted seeds, nuts and even grains. And lots and lots and lots of green plants, seaweed and supplements. Yeah, that last one is necessary if you go with an all plant based raw diet. Sorry, but the human body can't exist on JUST raw plants. It doesn't work that way. The entire premise behind the Raw Food Movement is that cooking destroys the enzymes within the plants (and meat and dairy as well) that the human body needs to actually digest completely in order to remove the necessary nutrients. You know, it's sort of correct. For a lot of foods, that's the way it is. But a lot, not so much. Carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and a bunch of others, need to be cooked in order to free up the nutrients. Yeah, the thing is, none of those things were around when humans were doing that evolution thing and eating the indigenous flora where they lived. They're all from other locales. So we need to be mindful of what we can digest, and what we can't. And here it's extremely important to understand that humans have never, ever, been able to digest and survive on meat from the grocery store, processed foods (pretty much anything white) and sugar. Modern meat has been discussed here on my blog and throughout the internet (yes, even the Paleo People say it is not good for you) and it is more detrimental than you can imagine. (6)(7) 

Eating raw plant based diet causes a large number of changes within the body. Many are good. Some, not so good. The good changes mean that your digestive system begins to heal from whatever foods you consumed in the past. Any processed foods, foods containing processed sugars, foods containing large amounts of toxic additives and agricultural toxins such as the big one, glyphosate. It is now a suspected carcinogen as declared by the World Health Organization and it is pervasive, invasive and pretty much EVERYWHERE in small amounts. It destroys the Schumate Pathway in plants and bacteria. And as we all know, bacteria live in our digestive systems and we absolutely depend on their beneficial actions for our existence and our good health. The newest research that has pretty much unanimous agreement in the scientific world, is that our gut bacteria are an integral part of our Immune Systems. (8) Destroy the gut bacteria, humans get sick, are stricken with multiple long term chronic conditions and may in fact be part of the reason for increases in childhood problems such as autism, ADHD and might be part of the causality whereby environmental triggers such as modern preservative and neurotoxin laden vaccines are causing increases in SIDS and other specific childhood problems. Eating unprocessed and uncooked foods will heal the intestinal tract of damages, bring in good bacteria and in general help to promote the natural immune response within our bodies. 

Conversely, a lack of specific Omega 3 fatty acids in our diet can cause a series of adverse reactions. Our bodies require Omega 3 (specifically docosahexaenoic acid DHA) which is the one essential fatty acid needed for brain development and for normal functioning of the Central Nervous System. (9) If you don't have enough DHA, and if you are older, like me, your body loses the ability to synthesize DHA from other Omega 3 fatty acids that are readily available from pure plant sources. (10, 11, 12) And then things go downhill rapidly. Vision, heart regulation (meaning arrythmia can occur) lupus, arthritis, brain functions (cognition and the brain's ability to communicate with every other organ and system) Whew, that's a lot for one small fat molecule. The scary thing is, we can get by without meat protein just by eating various plant based amino acid groups. We can get by without carbohydrates by the body catabolizing fat stores and then muscle tissue. (although there is a limit to that)((however remember pictures of American POWs held by the Japanese and Jews in concentration camps)) But forgo that one essential fatty acid, DHA, and things go bad pretty fast. Certainly a lot depends on individual physical responses to everything (individuals act and react differently and with statistical certainty we can predict patterns for entire populations based on that) That's why so many in those camps died pretty quickly and others hung on for a long time with their bodies wasting away as they catabolize their own muscle, brain material and bones in order to keep living. Sad, but that's how it all works. We need these things, and when we don't get them, we have problems.

Back earlier this year I started to go strictly Raw. Well, I was having a lot of health and happiness issues, women, the cancer scare, the FEDS just ignoring me, my van, criminy, so many problems. So I ate raw, drank beer and smoked a few cigars. My ability to concentrate meandered off into the bushes somewhere and I couldn't think straight enough to go find it. My vision was blurry and I felt like crap after just one month. One month. Sheesh. And I dropped about twenty pounds.

That might have been part of the problem. But one of the benefits of eating a Raw Diet is that big big weight loss thing. If all you eat is raw stuff, the digestive system can't retrieve enough nutrients to maintain your body the way it is. Therefore there is that catabolizing function the body does that strips away the essential fats from the stored fats and burns what's needed to fuel the brain. Okay, the Paleo people reading this, it puts one into Ketosis. You burn your stored fats along with whatever carbs you eat as the body processes stores to release DHA. Not always the preferred method of obtaining nutrients if done too rapidly.   
This then leads me into my diet. I call it the Modified Raw Diet. I eat a lot of raw foods. I eat a lot of fermented foods. I eat raw crackers. (13) And I eat wild caught salmon, pasture raised eggs and some sardines from time to time. For the DHA my body needs. I also eat brown rice. I believe it to contain more nutrients than just about any other food source. And it keeps your skin soft. 

Now I'm not going to say that it isn't possible to live a long healthy life by only eating raw foods. If you're young, the body has those enzymes needed to convert ALA and EPA fatty acids into DHA. If you eat lots of nuts, avocados, beet tops and lots and lots of flax seed stuff, it can be done. It's just not for me. It's up to the individual as to how much we want to go through to exist. For many, that means stuff out of a box. For some, it means a total commitment to eating totally Raw. For me, it's somewhere to one side, the healthy side. 


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10, Linus Pauling Institute
11. Harvard Med 
12. Pub Med 
13. Raw crackers