Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Chick Pea Avocado Heaven

Some days, I just feel like something crunchy. Chips, naw. Corn is pretty much all GMO and again, I don't know if genetically modified things are inherently toxic. What I do know is that they are all drenched in Roundup and various insecticides. And that's what scares me and keeps me from eating any of the stuff that those manufacturers guarantee to be safe, wholesome, and of course, very very profitable. 

So, for me, I eat Triscuit brown rice crackers. The black pepper ones, they're the only variety that doesn't have added sugar. Sheesh, big food. Anyway, something to go on them. How about a nice humus. Hmmmmmm. I bought avos, why not mix it up a bit. 

Soaked the chickpeas overnight, you know, to help
breakdown the lectins and phytates. I boiled them for 15
minutes and tested to make sure they are soft. Then I assembled the rest of the ingredients. A lemon, some nice roasted garlic. And two small avocados. I spooned out the chickpeas into a blender container and only put in enough of the liquid left from cooking them to cover. I then squeezed in the lemon, no seeds please. Then the garlic and I removed the avocado from the seed and peels. I did
add some salt, my son will be eating, no, inhaling the stuff and he eats more salt than I do. And a quarter cup or so of olive oil. Whizzed it in the blender and shook it down a few times to make sure it was all homogenous. And then, I dumped it into a glass container to keep. 

The stuff is the BOMB! Yummy and good for you. And the crackers, well, it was all pretty darn nice.

And hey, it isn't just me that thinks the foods that I eat are HEALTHY in every way and delicious as well, check out my fav blog on food and health with this article on Avocados


Friday, May 20, 2016


Well with that title, you would think this is about common core. It isn't. It's about Omega fats. A while ago I wrote about Omega 3 and 6 oils and why we need each. And why too much Omega 6 is very very bad for you as a human. Very BAD. (Omega Fats) The truth about large agri-corporations that manufacture and process food-like products is that they don't want the public to know stuff like that. And granted, most of the public doesn't give a rat's patootey about what kind of crap they ingest, there is however, a growing insurgence of thinking cognizant citizens out there that don't get all their information about life straight from the corporate controlled media. They think for themselves, they question the concept that what the corporate oligarchy tells us we need and WILL like as being what it really is; an attempt at mind control. 

It's seems to have worked in the past, but the numbers of those not believing, are growing. And so there is a new process out there to get those that think, those that question; to fall back into the rank and file of mindless drones that our rulers want. It's called confusion. And it is simple, give us new facts, the belief is that we will obey. And we will be happy because the new facts/lies will confuse our perception of reality.

A few years ago the truth began to be publicized about Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Both are considered EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) They in fact are the only two fats that are Essential. All other fats are either unnecessary and can be synthesized by the human body or are burned as fuel or stored as fat. Omega 3 has with research been found to be exceedingly crucial to human brain development while in the womb, and in early developmental stages of growth. As well as being important in maintaining cognitive functioning throughout our lives, especially as we age. Omega 6, not so much. It plays a very minor role in cell wall growth. And the big one, it has been found to be inflammatory in excess amounts. Meaning if you consume large amounts, it could cause heart disease, gout, digestive problems and a whole host of difficulties. At least that's what current research is appearing to suggest. It's pretty difficult to actually corral a bunch of humans and feed them explicit diets for a given time frame then sacrifice them for science. 

The products of our industrial agro chemical agro production and agro corporate world are products that upon inspection, are not good for living humans. But they are cheap, profitable and can be disguised as wondrous, tasty, healthy and colorful. (yeah, that last one refers to coal tar dyes)((very very popular with giant food production companies)) When the truth about Canola oil began to be leaked to the alternate media (NO CORPORATE MEDIA WOULD EVER PUBLICIZE THAT CANOLA IS NOT HEALTHY) and the fact that it contains Omega 6 fats in a ratio as high as 22 to 1 Omega 3 fatty acid; the big guys sort of freaked out. The truth hurts. The truth sets those with insight and vision, free. So, big agrogiant Dow Chemical came up with a very interesting solution. They decided to announce that they have genetically engineered a new Canola variety. Omega 9 Oil. It still has Omega 6 fats at a very high 22:1 ratio to Omega 3, the overwhelming content of the finished oil is Omega 9 oil. In fact over 75% of the content is Omega 9 oil. Omega 9 oil is safe, not in any way harmful to the human body. Omega 9 fatty acids are the newest weapon of confusion for the giant agri-corporations. Consumers should expect to see a huge influx of propaganda appearing in magazines, on Dr. Oz and other TV quacks, probably even health segments on the evening news. After all, if health news promotes the agrigiants, it's okay to show us. 

The problem is, Canola has always been about 70% Omega 9 fats. An increase of 5%. Slightly lower in the Omega 3s and 6s. However the 6 to 3 ratio hasn't changed one bit. And no data is printed on what the erucic acid content is.

Propaganda. Gotta love America. 


Friday, May 13, 2016

You're a weird cook Chef Roy, just weird.

I'm not sure that I deserve that specifically. I mean I have been known to try some rather, well, odd, combinations. However, many many many of them turn out, wondrous. Just as an example, the goat cheese with Reisling, Figs and roasted garlic. Wondrous indeed. Today, I thought I wanted some bread. So as anyone that has read my blog or Facebook postings, that means grind wheat, make REAL
bread. And so it came to pass. I use a very nice Hard White Spring Wheat because it makes light crumb in all the breads made with it. I used about two cups water and a half cup of coffee along with a tablespoon of local honey. Added some yeast, a half cup of Greek yogurt and let the yeast activate. Then mixed in some of the freshly ground flour. As it was making a paste, I then added about three quarters cup of coconut oil and a half
teaspoon of sea salt. Then mixed in enough flour to where the ball of dough pulled away from the sides of the bowl. Kneaded on low for nine minutes, then covered and let rise twice for about three hours.  Yeah, I didn't do the overnight thing, this was spur of the moment, so a long rise helps with the lectin breakdown.

Rolls with fillings are my favorite things to make. And I love these types of cool things to make for a quick meal. For the first one, I pitted about fifteen dates, rough chopped them and threw them into a pan with some coconut oil. Sauteed them for a couple minutes, then added
the spices. About a half teaspoon each, cloves, nutmeg, cardamon and cinammon. And a teaspoon of cayenne. Then the juice of a lemon and stirred it all in well. Then I had already taken a cup of walnuts and blanched them in boiling water for a minute. To remove the slight bitterness. I dried them and rough chopped them as well. Added to the pan, tossed around a lot and these made up one of the fillings. Cayenne, sweet spices and dates, please don't think that's weird, I mean that is typical Middle Eastern type of spice palate. It is spectacular together and once you try stuff like that, then you will want more. It really does tantalize your taste buds, just cool cool spices, and then that jazzy zing of the cayenne pepper. Yeah, not weird at all.

The other was simple, smoked salmon.
Broke into small pieces, added a half a diced onion, a half cup of capers, about two tablespoons of citrus flavored horseradish and the juice of a lemon as well. Tossed that about and then proceeded to make the rolls . 

Rolls are pretty easy to do. Take a chunk of the bread dough and roll it out into a circle on your counter or cutting board. I have black granite to work on so it's really nice to do stuff like this. Anyway, spoon in some filling, pull the edges of the circle up around the filling and pinch the edges all together to make a ball. Place them on a baking sheet seam side down and let rise an hour or so. Bake at 400 until dark golden brown. Remove from the oven and rack them until cool. Bag, freeze and you are ready for a quick breakfast on the go or a snack to stave off hunger pangs with something
healthy and delicious.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How do YOU eat your Kale? For that matter, do you eat Kale?

How do YOU eat your Kale? 
For that matter, do you eat Kale? 
Why not?

I understand if you don't. Really, I grew up in a household where we were the poster children and spokespeople for the burgeoning processed food industry. Fresh? Not in our house. We ate beef at every meal. Well, maybe not, but it was either beef or pork and sometimes chicken. Usually in a bucket. Vegetables at our place were peas, green beans or corn from a can. And potatoes from the freezer or one of the myriad of cheesy flavored boxed potato products. Plus lots and lots of high sugar desserts and just plain crap. On occasion my mother would buy fruit, apples or a banana or two. And in the summer strawberries from the older Japanese family that had the strawberry fields at 59th and Thomas. That was my diet. I looked like a pear. Still do somewhat. However, been working on that aspect of my life. And eating healthy stuff is a part of it all. Kale, which is unarguably the most nutrient dense food product out there has made it to my kitchen now as well. How could I NOT start eating Kale, it's one of those readily available superfoods and it isn't one of those stupid berries from the Himalayas that cost 30 bucks an ounce. But only because Doc Oz or some other TV huckster tells people to buy them and eat them for miracles to happen. Kale though really is something special, a true superfood. (Authority Nutrition on Kale

The problem though becomes quite serious once you have them in your house. They are kinda weird. I mean, really, what the hell do you do with the stuff. Tuscan Kale as it turns out is also referred to as "Dinosaur" kale. All of the varieties look a lot like, well, plants that for lack of a better description, weeds that dinosaurs ate. Big thick stems, stiff leafy areas that are more succulent feeling than like any sort of lettuce or anything like that. Weeds. Big ol' gross thick weeds. Superfoods indeed!

So, that never deterred me from trying anything new. First time out, I chopped the stems, cooked a few minutes in EVOO and then added the roughly chopped leaves, a half bottle of beer and a packet of my Mesquite Smoked Onion Dip Mix. I cooked that covered for ten minutes. The leaves and stems were tough as leather. I cooked them for another twenty minutes and they were sort of soft. Now, I understand that Southern cooking takes greens like these and cooks them for hours. Those are the kind I tasted once and spit back out right away. My smoky Kale with beer, was actually quite tasty. Still a bit firm, toothsome in fact. And nice. So that's how I usually make them. With a few variations. Yesterday I cooked some with red wine and Cajun seasoning. This morning, I took some of the leftovers and chopped into smaller pieces and threw them onto the cast iron after cooking a couple eggs. Let the Kale kind of sizzle for a bit then heated up some leftover fried brown rice I had made Monday. 

That was some pretty decent chow for breakfast. Now as anyone that knows me or has read stuff here on my blog knows, I don't eat much meat. Very little. Rarely would be an apt term. I do eat fish and eggs though. I am older, I know the dangers of someone my age that doesn't work out daily burning 4 thousand calories in the process would have, and that's the limiting enzyme that helps the human body to convert ALA fats into the DHA that the body can utilize. So for me, until I get my activity level up to that 3 or 4 thousand calorie a day mark, am in need of some natural sources of actual DHA Omega 3 fats. (I'm a long way off from 4K calories, but working on it) Eggs, especially these, being pastured organic ones, and wild caught salmon. Right now there are a couple slabs of salmon out on the smoker. I love love love smoked salmon. Tomorrow, Kale and salmon. Oops, sorry Cajun Kale. And actually I have a variety I've never had before but Guy on Sunday at the farmers market told me it was his favorite and was softer and better to eat raw. So tomorrow, Kale salad with Fennel, White Carrots, Seaweed and Smoked Salmon.

That's how I eat my kale. I find the more I eat the stuff, the more I like it and want more.  And the crazy thing is, maybe it's helping. I walked a mile and a half today in 41 minutes and it only took about 10 minutes for me to catch my breath afterwards. Sumpin's goin on in this rickety old fat body. And it is pretty cool, it ain't so fat any more.

check out more good stuff about kale at


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

such a sadness when it happens Fiction by Chef Roy

I haven't posted anything to my blog in a long time. My life has just been so weird lately. My desire to improve my existence with exercise diet and everything, my niece, the Valley Girl woman, do I really really want to move to Oregon to start over, well, everything. So I wrote this some time ago, sheesh, already five years now. This event, it changed my life. I took a lot of artistic license, I mean really, my bedroom window faced west for one, and a few other things. Today is the anniversary, five years now. I'm still here, my life is so much better than then. However, it makes a point and shows that I can write stuff other than the weird treatise on my beliefs in the Universe.

Getting dressed is such a loss to the world

There is such sadness when it happens.  Getting dressed is such a loss to the world.  I mean one moment she is there, asleep next to me.  Naked.  A smile upon her lips as she gently sleeps, the rise and fall of her beautiful breasts brings an ache in my heart.  Those perfect breasts, an incredible vision; humbling.  An expression of humanity so insanely perfect that the mere sight of them would make priests learn to play the violin and spend the remainder of their days among the endless steps of the Great Wall serenading the heavens with concertos and cantatas.  Even the tiny scar from a childhood injury cannot mar their perfection, instead it delineates them, creating the tiniest variance in appearance.  Her hair falls on her shoulders glowing as the morning sunshine streams in from the window.  As she sighs gently and turns away from me, I look upon her back and am reminded how intense her pleasure was from a simple back rub.  She moans and gives me encouragement as I knead her taught muscles around her neck and shoulders while she relates her day’s trials and tribulations.  Drinking red wine on into the night we laughed, and cried, and talked, and all with that wondrous feeling of gentle kisses. 

Kisses. The meeting of not just our lips, but of our minds. We care for each other, we love each other, we are one when we kiss. We are complete. No force of man or nature can alter how our souls have entwined to become one through this sharing of Kisses.

Falling asleep in my arms, her head resting against mine; the scent of her remains upon my memory peppering my consciousness with aromatic visions of her touch, the downy softness of her skin, the taste of her lips. The gentleness of her breath against my cheek as she sleeps deepens my love for her. 

Coming awake, her smile makes me glow.  Taking my fingers, I draw a line along her jaw from her ear to her chin, and she smiles.  A smile that forever is imprinted in my heart with mystical precision.  Drawing my head towards hers with her hand, she kisses me once more, perhaps for the last time. On the morrow she leaves, new job, new city, new adventure, a new life. Health issues prevent me from accompanying her. Unable to put aside my health to begin life anew, the risks are too great to create a new business, or extend what we have found. I'm old, she's young. It was a moment in time that we shared. I tell her my life is over, and she assures me it is not. How do you thank someone for loving you when you barely love yourself.

And then it happens.  As she stands she begins to put the clothing back that was removed with such care and diligence, I am in awe of her beauty. Black lace panties, that she favors, create stripes of gossamer blackness as they are slid up those long luscious legs.  Her black lacy bra goes on and with a deft move that no man could ever master, is hooked together behind her back and the perfection of her womaness are adjusted inside.  Pants are slid up and cover her from the floor up to her lovely waist, her navel winking at me as she looks around for her blouse.  After she pulls on the black blouse that seemingly escaped being unbuttoned the night before, it is complete.  She is dressed.  The vision of her glorious natural beauty is gone, covered with seemingly ordinary blouse and slacks.  An unknown loss to the world, such perfection was for a brief moment in time, mine, and mine alone.