Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ever wonder why AmeriKan children are addicted to sugar?

Is sugar addictive?  Yeah, it is.  At least say many of the experts in the fields of addiction and neuroscience.  I think personally that they are right, I mean I don't drink soda, haven't for years, but sometimes, there is that craving.  And it is hard to beat down.  And I'm a 59 year old man that thinks about everything that I ingest, and it is hard at times, what must it be like for the youth in AmeriKa?  And for infants.

Yeah, infants.  If you have, or have had, or are planning on having a child, did you ever look at the label of a can of powdered infant formula? If you haven't, it is pretty enlightening.  There is so many news stories on the TV about the childhood obesity problem in AmeriKa today and all of the ones that I have taken the time to view, have just glossed over the problem.  The news teams, with their long eye lashes and long legs announce the problems, that children in AmeriKa are obese, but there is never any explanations as to why.  No definitive information about how when you feed your kids McDonalds crap everyday, along with soda, chips and candy bars; then they will be fat.  There are no warnings that all that processed food, all that sugar, is in fact addictive, and the MAIN cause of their obesity.  TV will never tell us the truth.  Agribusiness makes the rules, they pay the salaries of news networks with advertising dollars.

Food agrigiants love it.  It truly is, money in the bank.  The addictive nature of not just the sugar in ALL processed foods, but the additives and worst of all, the MSG compounds increase the addictive nature of all that crap that for little uneducated minds, is a death sentence.  And it starts with infant formula.  Babies should not be fed corn syrup.  Nearly pure fructose.  Their systems are unable to handle the influx of fructose that the human system has only one method of ridding the body of the stuff, and that is to turn it into fat.  Fat babies, turn into fat toddlers that turn into fat children that turn into fat teens that then turn into a drain on the medical system as fat adults have system after system and organ after organ fail.  They afterall, have become addicted to the food that they were raised on, sugar, MSG and processed foods.  And the agrigiants go to the bank with their toxic dollars.  It isn't their problem. 

Elle magazine has printed an article about how damaging GM foods are to people.  Weird, but true, a mainstream rag printing bad stuff about the agrigiants and their money making empire.  (Elle Article)  I thought it was groundbreaking.  But then General Mills and the Monsanto empire don't advertise in Elle.  But I am curious if any of the Elle readers read the story.  There were no beauty tips, no ways to make your wrinkles smoother or your breasts larger or your makeup trendier.  So who read it, I mean, other than me.

I mention this Elle article as a sidebar to the infant sugar problem.  We have to understand that all of the corn syrup and most of the white sugar that comes from sugar beets (70% of total sugar production) are from Genetically Modified crops.  So if the Elle article is accurate and that the ingestion of GM crops, especially corn and corn derivatives causes the eosinophilic reactions and autoimmune disorders in adults, it stands to reason that they must have a similar effect on infants.  The immune systems are in fact considerably more susceptible to environmental factors and toxins than in an adult.  Perhaps this is why infants don't handle immunization all that well and so many of their systems react to the toxins in their diet along with the heavy metal contamination of the vaccines and their bodies have no way to react other than what we have here in AmeriKa, high infant mortality, high rates of autism, high rates of ADHD and ADD.  And of course, rampant childhood obesity.  Is there truth to this speculation?  I don't think we will ever truly know, there won't be any research done, not specifically for that; who would pay for it.  And if any research scientist were to ever produce such findings, then the medical community along with those that manufacture vaccines, junk food and the government regulators that make all their "extra" income from business would tell us that the research is wrong, based on faulty conclusions and faulty research.

These are just a few of the prominent scientists that have published research about Genetically Modified food, and what the makers, distributors, regulators and government gimmee gimmee money guys have said about it all.

Seralini, rats fed GM food pretty much all got cancer - BAD RESEARCH
Princeton University study proves horizontal gene transfer - BAD RESEARCH
Dr, Carman findings of gastro intestinal damage to pigs fed GM food - BAD RESEARCH
Russian Nationals fed GM food to hamsters, all sterile by 3rd generation - BAD RESEARCH
Dr. Mezzomo proves that Bt toxin is in fact damaging to humans - BAD RESEARCH
NCBI study shows long term exposure to Roundup damages human systems - BAD RESEARCH
Dr. Puztai announces results of study on GM potatoes - BAD RESEARCH, and loses job and can't find anyone to publish his findings nor will fund any more research on GM foods

This is just a few of the big ones.  There are lots of research papers out that show the links between GM foods, the over use of toxic pesticides, herbicides and petrochemical fertilizers and the destruction of the environment as well as the degradation of human systems.  And they have all been ridiculed by the manufacturers of those very toxic chemicals and GM foods.  Who have their own research proving how safe these poisons are.

Poisons that the manufacturers have proven safe with their research.
PCB's  Monsanto -SAFE to the envionment.  So safe, the manufacturing waste could be dumped into streams, lakes and landfills.  At a cost of ten trillion dollars to clean up
Cyclamates - Cancer causing, but safe
DDT - Safe for the environment
Agent Orange - Safe for use on crops for human consumption
Aspartame - Non toxic and healthy

There's more, but it all makes me sick to think about.  And a little off track about how feeding your infant baby formula that contains corn syrup is a recipe for disaster.  The infant formula manufacturers have done a whole lot of research, and their conclusions are that babies need high fructose corn syrup in their diets, right from day one.  And from then on, every day, in every way, in every thing.  Just one more thing to think about.  In our weird and screwed up world, there are a whole lot of things to think about.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A doctor practices, and they do it on US!

These are some snippets of conversations that took place whilst I was under the practicing eyes of numerous physicians in a couple different hospitals.  These are related to you so that you may take notice of what occurs when you are under the care of modern medicine.  I think we all know the truth about it, modern medicine is the number one cause of death in America today.  (Modern Medicine)

Nurse: "I need to give you some insulin."
Me: "What, why.  I don't take insulin, I'm not diabetic."
Nurse: "Well the doctor ordered it.  You are on .... (Can't remember which drug)  and it causes your blood sugar to rise.  So, which arm?"
Me: "Wait a second, how much insulin, and what kind.  And what's my blood sugar at right now?"
Nurse: "Well that I don't know, the shot was sent up from the pharmacy."
Me: "Well I kinda would like to know what my blood sugar is before you shoot me with insulin."
Exasperated, the nurse leaves and comes back about twenty minutes later and does a finger stick.  My blood glucose is 101.  
Me: "Well, that looks like about 10 or 15 units of insulin, I don't think I need that now, do you?"
Nurse: "The doctor ordered it."
She left and I did not get an injection.

Nurse enters my room: "Mr. Marshall, how's your pain level right now?"
Me: "Pain.  I'm here with blood clots in my lungs.  I'm not in any pain."
Nurse: "You're sure?  We can get you something for pain if you are in any difficulty.  Just give me a number, one to ten, your pain level, and we can go from there."
Me: "Zero."
Nurse: "Well we don't have a zero.  I'll just mark it down as a one or two.  Buzz for me if it gets worse and we can get you something to take it all away."

Two days pass, and I have horrific pains in the left side of my abdomen and have had for three hours, with no response from aids to get the nurse that offered pain relief previously.
Finally, the nurse enters: "Mr. Marshall, I understand you're having some pain."
Me: "Yes, for some time now, my left side.  Can I get some Maalox or some antacid maybe?"
Nurse: "Well, I will see what I can do."
After another three hours, my friend drove to the hospital with pepto and tums.  Didn't help
Later, Nurse: "I've brought you some pain meds, oh, you have peptobismal.  Where did you get that?"
I point to the pretty young maiden sitting on my bed next to me.
Nurse: "Well I'm going to have to put that in your chart.  I don't think that's something you should be getting.  We'll have to wait on these for the time being."

Next morning, after miserable sleepless night, the doctor palpates my abdomen and decides my pancreas is three times its normal size.  When asked what causes pancreatitis the doc was evasive, said many causes.
New nurse: "So a whole bunch of new meds to take care of this pancreatitis problem.  Hmmmm, wow, that means you now are on, let's see, eighteen medications.  And wow, look here, these two when taken together can cause pancreatitis, that's probably why you got that now."
Me: "WHAT?"
Nurse: "Sure, you can look it up on the internet, it's a well known problem.  Okay, so, here we go, let me get you some water."
I didn't take the pills.  Three weeks of pain as my pancreas returned to normal. 

Later, the dietitian comes in.  This is my sixth day in their "care".
Girl in blue, all smiles: "Hi Mr. Marshall, the nurses had me come up to talk to you, seems you haven't been eating anything at all.  We need to talk about how you need to eat to get your health back."
Me: "I certainly agree with that.  The problem is that I have not as of yet gotten anything served to me here that I would in any way consider to be, well, in any way nutritious and would help me in my recovery.  I have every day since coming here told the nurses and my doctor that I am a vegetarian, and every meal that has been brought to me has had beef, chicken or some other things that were not recognizable, processed white everything, salads of iceberg lettuce, and dressings, yogurt, well everything, that contains high fructose corn syrup or MSG.  I would literally die if I ate that stuff.  So far, I have eaten the garnish, and drunk the coffee."
Girl in blue, all smiles: "Oh Mr. Marshall, you're just being silly."

The next day after another attempt to inject me with insulin without testing to see what my blood sugar level was, I left that hospital without doctor approval.  The nurses all told me that I could not leave, that the insurance would not pay for anything if I did.  They were wrong, as usual.  The insurance paid for it all.

A year after that, I was in for a hip replacement, side effects of the medication to open my lungs up so I could breathe after the black mold and blood clots in the lungs problems.  I was told three days in hospital, three weeks in rehab.  I was on that walker moving around the place for 45 minutes out of each hour from 6 am to 9 pm.  Except for the two hours each day at therapy.  They released me after 9 days.
Nurse: "Mr. Marshall, you need to rest, you'll never get better if you push yourself too hard."
Me: "I need to walk to heal it, right?  So I walk all day.  I need to get out so I can get some real food."
Nurse: "What's wrong with the food?"
Me: "I never eat white rice, white bread, white sugar.  So far the last four days I've eaten a baked potato for every meal. I can't live like this and my sweetie can't come bring me healthy food everyday.  On the plus side, the coffee in the nurses station is pretty good."
Nurse: "Well, I'll have to put that in your chart."

Nurse: "Mr. Marshall, where have you been, we've been looking all over for you."
Me: "Well, my girlfriend, my son and I have all been out in the parking lot drinking beer and smoking cigars."
Nurse: "Well, I'll have to put that in your chart."

Nurse: "Mr. Marshall, did you see the news?  It's just terrible what happened."
Me: "No, I don't watch that thing much, what happened?"
Nurse: "Well it seems that there was a huge recall for artificial hips, some problems with them and a so they recalled some."
Me: "WHAT?"
Nurse: "Yeah, you better call your doctor and find out what brand they used on you."

 So far they haven't recalled my brand of hip replacement.

Six months after this happened, I went to my otolaryngologist to schedule a roto rooter type sinus surgery.  Seems my sinuses have been plugged completely since living in the apartment with the black mold in it.  He cultures my sinus crud and a week later informs me that I now have MRSA in there.  So, new doc, infectious disease specialist.  I received a PIC line into my left arm with the tip of the line going right into my heart.  I have to connect a bulb of antibiotics to it 3 times a day for a month.  I did not have a solid bowel movement for the entire month.  To this day, I have MRSA in my sinuses and it blooms and destroys my health nearly every other month.  This past January I was admitted to the hospital because of the infection.

Doc: "Well Mr. Marshall, I understand that you want to get this infection taken care of.  Did the doctor that did the sinus surgery explain to you how difficult it is to completely kill off the MRSA bacteria.  Especially in the sinus area, just a lot of places for it to hide and remain dormant.  It's tough."
Me: "No, he claimed it would take care of it."
Doc: "Well, that was wishful thinking, there are no absolutes when dealing with this type of thing.  You hope, but, well, I never tell people we can cure this type of infection."
Or it seems, most anything anymore.  

All of this is just to point out that doctors only practice.  They don't have any REAL idea what is specifically wrong with you in your case MOST of the time.  My brother's girlfriend has had sores on her legs since Christmas.  She has gone into the doctors numerous times.  And they have prescribed numerous antibiotics.  She still is in pain with leaking sores.  I asked her if any of them have ever taken a culture to see what the problem is.  No.  At her insistence another new doctor recently did, and found MRSA. He is now treating with a specific antibiotic that the lab showed was effective against that bacteria.  The previous eight times the different doctors only guessed.  The point here is that you have to take charge and demand that they not guess on your care.  Demand specific information, look up your meds before you take them and the biggest one of all, if possible, make sure the hospital you're in serves NUTRITIOUS food.  If they don't, do as I did and make arrangements for family and friends to bring you meals.  Try to remember that for the ENTIRE medical profession, it is just practice. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Liar liar, pants on fire. Monsanto got caught, and they want us to beleive all their other lies. Yeah right!

When someone lies to you, about important stuff, it's pretty hard to take what they say in the future as gospel ever again.  I mean important stuff, not like when I told the ex, "No really, you carry that extra hundred and twenty pounds you've gained in the last 2 years very well!"  Yeah, it was a lie.  Maybe a little harmful, but not intended as such.  But when she told me that she wasn't skimming money from the business, and since I was the one doing all the inventory and knew it was a lie, how could I ever trust her again?  I couldn't.  When Monsanto told the world that it's prime money making product, Roundup, was totally biodegradable, safe and non-toxic; how do we as world citizens ever trust the agri-giant about anything ever again after the proof is let out about the true toxicity of Roundup?

You can't!  It isn't the first time the company has lied to us.

Back in 2007 the French took Monsanto to court and blasted the agri-giant for advertising that Roundup was non-toxic, biodegradable and left the soil clean.  With a 170 day half life, the stuff is building up in soils all over the world.  And with new research coming out all the time, we are learning that those Monsanto claims, were just another in a long list of things that put their pants on fire.

The glyphosate toxicity shows it is low in toxicity (National Pesticide Information Center)  However Roundup contains more than just glyphosate, and that is where the problems begin.  Scientific American published just one of a large number of reports out there showing the toxicity of not just glyphosate, but of the entire compound itself.  (Scientific American)  And it is interesting to note, the the toxicity specs for glyphosate are given to the NPIC by Monsanto, and are for glyphosate only, not for Roundup itself.

The question though is did anyone actually think that Monsanto would tell us the truth about their product that they invented in 1970 and went into production in 1973 and as the patent holder, made the company billions?  Some of that money went to insure that the company continued to rake in big money after the patent expired, which it did in 2000.  The insurance consisted of two things, genetically modified crops, and of course the big one, buying all of the seed companies so that the only available seed for farmers to purchase would be their patented seeds.  And the purchase of seed came with an unbreakable contract to buy their Roundup, at inflated prices. 

A money machine that would make Rockefeller, Getty and Carnegie jealous.

Liar liar, pants on fire.  Roundup and now GM crops are just the latest in a long list of money making products for Monsanto.  Aspartame, yep, believe it or not, it's a Monsanto product.  Approved, approval rescinded, a huge controversial decision to re approve the product that involved top directors of the FDA to get high paying jobs at Monsanto, and the big one, the majority of the research doctors at the FDA to state on record that they disapproved of Aspartame and questioned the safety of the chemical.  Aspartame is still used heavily in American food production, even with hundreds of research reports detailing how harmful it is and all contradicting the research done by Monsanto which is the basis of its approval.  It will soon be added to sixteen different milk products with absolutely no requirement for the manufacturers to add it to the label ingredients. 

Liar liar, Monsanto also is the company that made billions on PCB manufacturing.  Instead of destroying the waste products of the production as they should have done, they dumped them into landfills, streams, ponds outside the factories, and did anything they could to NOT pay the costs of safely disposing of industrial waste.  Monsanto is directly involved in 48 EPA superfund sites and connected with 34 more, that have been part of the ten trillion dollar cleanup process that has been ongoing for over 40 years.  From the information that I have been able to find, Monsanto contributions and fines for the environmental disasters that they have been charged with creating has been less than one billion dollars.  (EPA Superfund info

Liar liar, your pants are burning up.  Monsanto is the force behind some of the biggest environmental disasters of our history.  PCB's, DDT, Agent Orange, and now, GMO crops and Glyphosate.  Argentina is the newest environmental disaster area. Widespread spraying of Roundup has made the rural regions of Argentina into horrific birth defect superclusters.  This link is to Dr. Mercola's page about the Argentine disaster with a video about the takeover of land by corporations from the indigenous people. (Merc)

Liar liar, pants on fire.  How do you give back trust to those that lie to you.  When the lies are little ones, like no, you're not fat, it's easy.  When those lies are huge, like GM foods are safe, wholesome, substantially equivalent to non-GM foods, and the big one, that GM foods are better for the world; then there is no granting of trust ever again.  They are all lies. 

From a corporation that has lied about their activities for decades. 

Monday, July 22, 2013


MSG, that wonderful substance that has sparked debates about food, nutrition, additives, and perceived imaginary side effects.  Those that love the stuff, who are numerous and generally big businesses, can't believe that there is anything wrong with their processed flavor enhancers that do the unimaginable and unthinkable as well as Herculean task of making bland tasteless food into incredibly delicious, tantalizingly addictive substances that make tons of money for the processors.  Big business makes the claim that glutamates are naturally occurring and exist in natural form in many, if not most, of the foods we eat.  That being the case, their claim is that anyone claiming to experience any sort of side effects from the consumption of processed MSG is lying.  It isn't possible, MSG is in nature, therefore it is safe. 

Hmmm, sounds reasonable, sort of.  I think that a similar analogy would be arsenic.  Apples, especially the seeds of apples, contain arsenic.  If I eat apples, and the cores with the seeds, then I am eating arsenic.  Therefore, I should be able to eat a jar of free organic arsenic and it won't hurt me, it is a naturally occurring chemical. 

The following is an excerpt from a cool website all about MSG.  An explanation of what MSG is and why it is different from naturally occurring Glutamates.  (The MSG Story)
Glutamic acid is just one of many amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins. It occurs naturally in many foods such as tomatoes, milk, and mushrooms. It is also found in the cells of our bodies, including mothers milk, and involves a wide variety of brain functions since it acts as a neurotransmitter.  This natural glutamate in plants and animals is known as L-glutamic acid. Our normal digestive process slowly breaks down this natural or bound glutamic acid and it is eventually delivered to glutamate receptors in our body and brain. Broken down this natural way, it is harmless. However, for the person extremely reactive to excess glutamate, eating too many foods naturally high in glutamate is not recommended.  Even bound glutamate will eventually reach the blood stream. In a factory, however, the bound glutamic acid in certain foods (corn, molasses, wheat, yeast) is broken down or made free by various processes (hydrolyzed, autolyzed, modified or fermented with strong chemicals, bacteria, or enzymes).  The major process today involves a fermentation process in which bacteria excrete free glutamate from the corn substance they are mixed with.  Sodium is added to make a salt-like substance which is more soluble. This substance is known as monosodium glutamate or MSG.  It is 78.2% free glutamic acid, 12.2% sodium, and 9.6% water.  It is odorless and has no distinct flavor, although some describe a salty/sweet flavor. This factory created substance is comprised of L-glutamic acid, D-glutamic acid, pyroglutamic acid, carcinogens, and other contaminants.  This factory made version causes sensitive individuals more serious reactions than any other form of glutamic acid. Keep in mind, D-glutamic acid is rarely found in nature, and never in the natural foods we eat.
We are getting so much MSG from the growing number of processed food items that we have come to rely on.  When glutamate is in its pure concentrated form, it must be labeled as MSG on food products containing it.  Since free glutamate can be a component part of certain food additives, such as autolyzed yeast or hydrolyzed protein, the FDA allows it to go into food not labeled as MSG. A label may say yeast extract, calcium caseinate, or beef flavoring, but the product still contains varying amounts of free glutamic acid. This makes it very difficult for consumers who are trying to avoid it.  It is also very dangerous for those who suffer severe reactions to it. But food manufacturers only value MSGs ability to enhance product flavors and big profits.

 So this info only scratches the surface of what is wrong with MSG and the whole family of glutamate products that businesses use to make food that is devoid of flavor and nutrition into wondrous substances that humans eat, and then desire more and ever more of.  And yet, we know for a fact that MSG destroys nerve and brain cells as well as the retinas in our eyes.  (MSG info)  (MSG info part two)  I started to write about MSG today because at the store Saturday I was looking at the ingredients of a loaf of bread.  This was at Sprouts, a supposedly health food store.  There on the label were all the usual suspects, Datem, Azodicarbonomide, Ethoxylated mono- and diglycerides, calcium steryl lactalate, you know, just the typical healthy additives that are known carcinogens, but right there on the label was yeast extract.  MSG in a less recognizable terminology used to fool consumers.  It's bread, why on Earth is the baker putting a flavor enhancer into bread?

I think that is what is wrong with our society today.  A baker, and if I looked, it might be all bakers, are putting chemicals into bread that enhance the flavor of something that is supposed to be a staple in all American homes, bread.  It might be there to cover up the flavor of the chemicals that are added to make the stuff fluffier, and to last on the shelf longer, and to not grow mold, and to, well, who knows why they add toxic carcinogens to bread, but they do.  And the MSG is a known substance that promotes addiction.  Staples in our society are made so that you want more of them.  I thought that they were staples and you lived on them.  

Anyway, I have two sayings that bear repeating.  The money grubbing government that rules our lives has granted the businesses that pay them the ability to put toxic substances into our foods.  But so far they have not mandated that we have to eat them.  That part is still up to you.  And the really big one is that this is your world too, take a little responsibility for your little part of it.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

Some traditions are tasty, like the food of the whores.

Well that's the story anyway, not necessarily reality, but when the story surpasses the truth, then for all intents and purposes, it is the truth.  The story here is that after a long night of servicing their customers, the local ladies of the night throughout the great country of Italy, would go to their cupboards and take out the staples that every person in Italy kept on hand and made this dish to eat before retiring for the daytime hours to be refreshed and ready to take on their customers in their chosen profession for the next evening. 

It's called Pasta Puttanesca.  Or translated, quite literally, pasta of the whores.  It is one of my favorite dishes of all time, it is spectacularly flavorful and ranges throughout the whole gamut of flavors, from salty to sweet, to an indescribably oceanic flavor to heady richness of olives, to supple depth of rich red wine.  It is yummy.  There are hundreds of variations, this is just about my favorite, cuz it is easy and the results are impressive.

First, take a pound of good whole wheat pasta and cook according to package directions.  While that is going on, in a large skillet start the sauce.  Take about 4 tablespoons of olive oil and heat until shimmering, then add in four fillets of anchovies and cook until they melt.  Add about ten or more sliced cloves of garlic.  You can crush it in a press, just watch close so it doesn't burn.  Then add a half a red onion that you cut into half inch dice.  Yeah, large dice is good here.  Then add a half cup of sliced Pepperoncini peppers, with some of the liquid.  Add a cup of good red wine.  Now, add a half cup of chopped sun-dried tomatoes.  Allow to cook a minute or two for the tomatoes to pick up some of the wine.  Add a half cup of sliced Kalamata olives and if you have them, sliced pimento stuffed green olives.  Rough chop a whole bunch of basil leaves and add.  Drain the pasta and add it in, toss well and serve with grated hard cheese over it all.  An alternative is to add a big can of crushed tomatoes before adding the pasta, that gives it a similar texture to a regular marinara, for those that like the Americanized version of Italian food. 

Someday I would love to travel to Italy and find out if real Italians eat marinara.  It just seems to me that most great Italian food doesn't have red sauce on it.  From what I have read, it is a product of southern Italy and in limited areas at that.  Most of the foods there, except in tourist traps, cooks the traditional fresh way with quick sauces, fresh tomatoes and stuff like the recipe above.  That's how I learned to cook and although in the old days, I did make a pretty mean marinara, it isn't something that I really like to eat.  I make my lasagna with white sauces for the most part, they seem to allow for more complexity of flavor components that I enjoy.  Marinara is just, rich and unless you pump it up with peppers and a couple herbs, all the other flavors get lost behind the tomato.  Maybe it's just me, but try this dish without the canned tomatoes and see what you think.  Eat like a whore, it might be good for you.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Scorpion toxin cabbage, the next big GM crop. It's over the magic 50% mark deathrate.

Seems that a while back in the 90's some scientists in Britain were playing around and decided that scorpions have a nice way of killing the insects they eat, they sting them with their stingers full of a specific toxin.  So with money from who knows where, they isolated the gene that made the toxin.  They worked on it a bit and made it so they believe it to be non-toxic to humans and put it into some bacteria and pumped out a whole bunch of scorpion venom.  They sprayed it on a cabbage field and they reached the magical number that scientists try to achieve for any new insecticide, LD50.  This is the point that a toxin kills off half the insects that it comes into contact.  The concentration used must be low enough to be economical to use, but with that wonderful kill ratio for the targeted insects, and not for the humans that will ultimately eat the crop.  Not so much to worry about for animal feed, agribusiness doesn't care at what levels toxins are feed to them, they don't have to live long lives, bear and raise more consumers, I mean children. 

LD50.  How well does it kill.  And what is the cost for that measured kill ratio.  It is a complex formula that involves profit more than anything else.  If the insecticide can't perform profitably, then it matters little how effective it is, how toxic or non-toxic it is, or long term effects might be or anything else.  Profitability.  Here's the scary thing though, and in fact is one of the problems with ALL Genetically Modified Crops; that the kill ratio for Bt toxin crops has never been LD100.  What this means to any cognizant person is that when an insect eats a Bt modified GM crop, some will survive. 

Those that survive breed their resistance to the toxin to their offspring.  I learned about this process in grade school.  It is called "Natural Selection" and I thought that all the scientists that work for the big gene tech agribusinesses would have learned about it as well. 

Maybe that is just one aspect of their creations that they want to overlook. 

New research into the Bt toxin that has been inserted into most of the GM crops in the world right now has shown that scientists incorrectly assumed that the Bt toxin itself was harmless to humans.  They are being proven wrong about that aspect of their mad scientists game as well.  (Bt toxin and humans)  This is the study showing how Bt toxin does in fact harm humans. 

Now, scientists are wanting to take this very low LD50 scorpion toxin and to Genetically Modify cabbage plants to have this particular poison inside every cell of the plant.  With a kill ratio that is less than 100%.  With the same problem that any normal thinking person could foresee, that insects will eventually develop resistance to the toxin.  And eventually it will become ineffective.  And other, traditional insecticides will have to be sprayed on the crops.  Like neonicotinide toxins that are destroying the environment. 

And all this will be done with the weird research that showed that scorpion toxin was harmless when exposed to human MCF-7 breast cancer cells.  Cancer cells, not even normal human cells from the digestive system that will be exposed to the toxin, or to cells from the heart, lungs, pancreas, liver, kidneys, brain, eyes, or, well, any normal cells. 

I don't think that they have this particular measurement for any toxin, although I believe that it should become part of all this type of scientific research.  It is the LD-number for human deaths.  How much, at what concentration, length of exposure via ingestion, rate of death, method death expresses itself, ability of subjects to continue to be viable consumers of products containing toxin as instrument of death, and the big one, long term cost of liability should the connection between ingestion of toxin and death be revealed. 

Now wouldn't that be a fun part of every application for new GM plants to the FDA for approval?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Do you have to always be so NEGATIVE Chef Roy? Aren't there good things about the modern world?

Man, someone tore me a new one.  Yes, I do have to be so negative all the time.  There are many many terrible things in our world and most people have absolutely no idea that their health and livelihood is at risk.  Not just food additives, but from the horrific amounts of agricultural chemicals used and the runoff is causing environmental problems, the GMcrop fiasco, Bee Colony Collapse from neonicotinide insecticides, vaccine manufacturers not having any accountability for their deadly products, graft in politics, gun laws, legal decisions and the mob mentality, and of course, that big pothole on 91st. 

But there are good things in the world, and not just the internet and the ability for me, and anyone really, to discuss and converse with anyone else in the world.  But there are some really cool things that you can add to your diet that will have positive benefits to your life, may in fact help to prolong your life and extend the quality of that life at the same time.  Simple things, that have not only been shown to have health benefits, but will make your food taste better.  And after all, isn't that part of it, increasing the enjoyment of the life we live is a big part of it all. 

  1. Cinnamon:  Some pretty new research came out a couple months ago that showed that eating cinnamon daily will help to detoxify your body of aluminum.  If you're like me, you cooked a lot on anodized or just plain aluminum cookware back in the day before we knew about the link between aluminum and Alzheimer's Disease.  Before my mind disappears completely, I now take a gram a day, and eat it more on a lot of the stuff I cook.  
  2. Ginger and Turmeric:  Wow, these are some of the coolest roots in the culinary world.  The list of benefits is huge.  Antibacterial, antiviral, antispasmodic, antiinflamatory, aids digestion, relief from nausea, and a whole host of other good things.  And they taste great.    
  3. Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Cilantro and Thyme:  All spectacular herbs for adding flavor, and a huge hit of antibacterial and viral work to your blood stream.  All four have tremendous antioxidant properties, are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and again, all taste great.  Even the dried herbs are helpful, but a few pots of them growing on a window or porch will make the world a better place for you.  
  4. Cardamon:  This ancient Aryuvedic spice has properties that researchers are still finding out about.  Just the great digestive aid and how if you take some daily it might (as has been shown in clinical trials) eliminate the need to take antacids and any of those horrific medications to prevent your stomach from performing its function.  Like Prevacid, which when you read about all the scary side effects, a little cardamon is a great thing.  
  5. Peppermint:  Okay, I love peppermint.  I drink a half a gallon of peppermint and stevia tea everyday.  It is so good for you, it makes you smile, (and the weird sex thing as well, email me) and helps to detox your system from all the crap you ingest in the rest of you existence.  If you do nothing else to help yourself, drinking peppermint tea or adding chopped fresh leaves to salads or whatever will improve your life in ways you might not imagine.  
  6. Saffron:  I have read a lot about this herb lately, and it truly is a miracle aid to cure a huge number of ailments from Alzheimer's to macular degeneration to weight loss.  I don't eat a lot of it, well, cuz I'm broke.  The stuff is not cheap.  I have a few grams of the stuff and am going to start to try some here in the near future.  
  7. Sweet Potatoes:  Such a huge amount of nutrition is one little root.  These guys should never be served up with tons of sugar and little HFCS marshmallows, that is so gross to destroy their identity.  I love them, I eat them often, and they are a miracle food. 
  8. Organic Papaya Seeds:  Yeah, most of us dump them in the bin, but try washing them and going from there.  When dried, and ground, they are a bit peppery and herbaceous.  Chewing them increases saliva production and enhances digestion.  They are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals.  Bet you didn't see all that did you.  Remember, only organic papaya are good for you, most Hawaiian papaya are Genetically Modified. 
I have listed on another entry some of the really important things to add and to remove from your diet, and in case you missed it, click here.  (Ten things to add and Ten to remove)   Anyway, to those that only read my blog it might indeed seem as though I am pretty negative about everything.  I'm not.  I really am a bright cheery guy that loves the good things in life, good food, great conversations with intelligent cognitive people, a fine wine, a great crafted beer, a well constructed and aged cigar, and cooking.  I am seeing what most people tried to hide from, the destruction of their world.  I think the Romans tried hard to look the other way as their leaders destroyed the lifestyle they thought they had, but sadly realized all too late that their freedoms were transient, and only given as long as they denied the methods that allowed them to have that life.  Sort of like the US today, we just don't want to admit it.  But our leaders go to the bank almost daily with the profits of their betrayal to you that elected them and grant the denizens of our destruction that very ability. 

It's your world too, take a little responsibility for your little part of it. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Parents, your word means nothing against drug companies. Adverse events and vaccine DEATHS!

I've written about infant vaccinations here before, and how the requirements to vaccinate newborn infants with the Hepatitis B vaccine is just nothing more than ANOTHER payoff to doctors, and drug companies at the expense of the lives of babies.  (It's a tough world for babies)  The chances of any infant contracting Heb B would be in the BILLIONS to one range.  Way way way easier to win the lottery.

Some new research has been published about the HPV vaccine Gardisil made by drug giant Merck.  First off, we need to remember that the US government has granted immunity to all drug companies that manufacture vaccines from any sort of legal liability for any harm that they cause.  Okay, this is the basis for their actions wherein they, Merck and others, force approval of certain vaccines even when their own research shows them to be harmful.  The application for approval for Gardisil showed that according to Merck, the vaccine can actually INCREASE your risk of cervical cancer.  WHAT?  Yeah, it seems that if you have already been exposed to some HPV strains prior to receiving the first vaccine, then you increase your risk of precancerous lesions, or worse, by 44.6 percent.  This is from Merck's testing.  And of course that isn't the only thing going on with Gardisil, here is a rundown on the other problems with the stuff. 
  • Between June 1, 2006 and December 31, 2008, there were 12,424 reported adverse events following Gardasil vaccination, including 32 deaths. The girls, who were on average 18 years old, died within two to 405 days after their last Gardasil injection
  • Between May 2009 and September 2010, 16 additional deaths after Gardasil vaccination were reported. For that timeframe, there were also 789 reports of "serious" Gardasil adverse reactions, including 213 cases of permanent disability and 25 diagnosed cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  • Between September 1, 2010 and September 15, 2011, another 26 deaths were reported following HPV vaccination
  • As of May 13, 2013, VAERS had received 29,686 reports of adverse events following HPV vaccinations, including 136 reports of death,7, as well as 922 reports of disability, and 550 life-threatening adverse events
You know I am one of the luckiest people in the world.  In 1993 I received a pneumonia vaccine and began exhibiting symptoms of Gullain-Barre Syndrome.  Horrific pain in my arms and legs.  Lasted about 6 weeks.  I fortunately recovered.  Many do not.

I still have no idea how much my insurance paid for that vaccine.

Jonas Salk developed the ORAL polio vaccine and gave it to the world to make it better.   The AMA doesn't recommend its use anymore.  Instead, they use an injectable form.  Side effects from oral, few, all minor with the exception of persons that are HIV positive, then there is a slim possibility of contracting polio.  Side effects for injectable polio vaccine, The list includes 67 side effects up to and including, death, with as many as 64.5% of people receiving the injection exhibiting some side effects.  Oral polio vaccine is cheap, reliable and doesn't have to pay any royalties to anyone.  Injectable polio vaccine is patented.  AAAhhhhh, money. 

Do you see the AMA reasoning for pushing vaccines onto patients?

Do you understand why the Federal Government of the United States of America has granted manufacturers of vaccines immunity from liability for any problems with their products?

It is difficult to prove that EVERY single member of the Senate and Congress receives campaign contributions from the drug industry, because campaign finance laws still need to be strengthened and defined.

Campaign reform?  Never will happen, too much money changing hands for reform.  Any politico claiming to want reform is in desperate need of votes.  Lots claim to want it, until after the election. 

Anyway, political soapbox aside, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) ((Yeah, it's real, the Feds attempt to placate those whose children have been killed or their lives destroyed by vaccination)) has about 200 claims for HPV vaccine death and complications.  Half they dismissed outright, (love that), and half the rest they have paid out a little over 5 million.

Last year, some researchers at the University of British Columbia looked at the data about the vaccine's effectiveness.  It seems that Merck likes to only use certain parts of their data.  But upon inspection, in its entirety, it seems that all of their claims are, unproven.
“We carried out a systematic review of HPV vaccine pre- and post-licensure trials to assess the evidence of their effectiveness and safety. We found that HPV vaccine clinical trials design, and data interpretation of both efficacy and safety outcomes, were largely inadequate. Additionally, we note evidence of selective reporting of results from clinical trials (i.e., exclusion of vaccine efficacy figures related to study subgroups in which efficacy might be lower or even negative from peer-reviewed publications).
Given this, the widespread optimism regarding HPV vaccines long-term benefits appears to rest on a number of unproven assumptions (or such which are at odds with factual evidence) and significant misinterpretation of available data.
For example, the claim that HPV vaccination will result in approximately 70% reduction of cervical cancers is made despite the fact that the clinical trials data have not demonstrated to date that the vaccines have actually prevented a single case of cervical cancer (let alone cervical cancer death), nor that the current overly optimistic surrogate marker-based extrapolations are justified.
Likewise, the notion that HPV vaccines have an impressive safety profile is only supported by highly flawed design of safety trials and is contrary to accumulating evidence from vaccine safety surveillance databases and case reports which continue to link HPV vaccination to serious adverse outcomes (including death and permanent disabilities).
We thus conclude that further reduction of cervical cancers might be best achieved by optimizing cervical screening (which carries no such risks) and targeting other factors of the disease rather than by the reliance on vaccines with questionable efficacy and safety profiles.”
Yikes, a huge corporation that has the freedom to do whatever it wants with no fear of legal ramifications pushing their product to make tons of money using data that is not exactly true to support their position is something that I believe I might have talked about here before.  In fact, yesterday.  Oh well.

Once again, if we as informed consumers refuse vaccines that are not safe, then manufacturers will be required to make ones that are.  A vaccine should not contain mercury, aluminum, MSG, Corn Syrup, BHA or any of a whole host of toxic items that should never be injected into anyone's bloodstream, let alone an infant that can't process such toxins.

Good luck in life, remember, it's your world too, take some responsibility for it. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Decisions that control your destiny are made using facts that are, well, just made up. By Monsanto.

Have you heard the standard lie about Genetically Modified crops being BETTER for the world?  The lie goes like this, GM crops increase the productivity of crops while reducing the need for insecticide use making for more profitable farming.  Hmmm. something that sounds good, and I'm sure that it is a great selling point to the farmers that are looking to buy seed to plant because for them, it isn't a matter of whether the crop has less nutrients, or causes damage to internal organs and systems when eaten over time, it's a matter of profit of loss.

(I still have not figured this part out, why would a farmer buy GM crop seeds to plant knowing that any agricultural chemicals he used, ie pesticide, herbicide, insecticide and fertilizer, he would have to expressly purchase from the seed manufacturer in an unbreakable contract stating not only the requirement to purchase chemicals at higher prices but that they would be unable to save seed to replant unless paying fees to the seed producer on the patented genes.  It makes no sense, until you realize that Monsanto and other GM makers bought all the seed companies and that is the only kind of seed for sale to them)((What a beautiful money making monopoly that back in the twenties and thirties would have been shot down as illegal))

 So a couple weeks ago there was the announcement of the World Food prizes being awarded again, but this year they went to Genetically Modified Food engineers.  The reasoning was because of the work of these scientists to manipulate the genes of crops that allow companies like Monsanto, Dow and Syngenta to make billions (well they didn't actually say that, it was just a given) well to actually make GM crops that reduced the usage of insecticides and increased productivity.  (Food Awards)

Yikes, seems like I'm not the only one that thought this was a crock of poop.  Seems that some real scientists took it upon themselves to check out the statements and did some research using data that is available from the governments of the respective areas in The US, Canada and most of the European Union.  Two choices to look at (Brief overview)  or (The whole boring thing) or I can just give you the briefest of what it tells us.  It seems that output of agricultural crops has steadily grown over time since 1985 to 2010, the timeframe used.  They looked at three different crops.  It appears that Western Europe yields rose more than American yields.  And it is true that insecticide use in American farms has dropped to 85% of levels used in 1985, the use of insecticides in France are at 12%.

The problems are greater than explained in these studies, the use of neonicotinide insecticides is growing astronomically and is believed to be the main cause of bee die offs lately.  This class of insecticides is probably the worst thing to happen to the world and I and others believe it to be an ecological disaster that will make the DDT problem look like a kid pouring a quart of oil in the street in comparison.  These new chemicals are very nasty.  The worst part of it all is that the need to use these horrific chemicals has come about because of the GM crops themselves.  The BT toxin placed into the crops to act as a natural insecticide has backfired and is causing BT toxin resistant species of harmful insects to grow at an alarming rate.  Similar to the problem with weeds developing resistance to the herbicide Roundup.  Thus increasing the use of that deadly chemical, but also leading to farmers using 2,4T, the even more Deadly Agent Orange.

Review if you care to, some other stuff about GM crops (GM, Mark of Excellence)  (Frankenfood) (GM Report Card) and one of the best sites   (GMO Myths)

Why do we grow and consume these things? 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

NBC news has it about 5% right

Today on the NBC morning show, there was a teaser on the TV as I was walking past it.  Matt Lauer stated that drinking "diet soda" might not help you lose weight.  I sat down and watched the huge collection of commercials blasting at my sensibilities endlessly.  Another reason I don't watch television much anymore.  As I waited, I had my phone and a wifi, so I looked up this guy.  Matt Lauer, a whole lot of websites about him getting removed from work some other piece of fluff named Ann Curry.  That was pretty boring as well so I looked up anything about NBC and diet soda.  Hmmmm. links to heart disease, statements about how it is as bad for our teeth as a meth addiction, and this site, (Diet Soda Today) and lists 7 side effects of drinking diet soda.

This page of the Today Health website is dated Oct. 19, 2012.  I think, not 100% sure, but I believe that this info on the website never goes on the TV show itself.  Pretty sure it wouldn't be on TV, because if it was, then I think that most of the advertising would be pulled.  That's how big businesses control the media.  It remains to be seen what will happen from today's 20 second blip on how diet soda distorts the sweet sensors in the brain and makes you crave sweets.  Thus making you gain weight not lose it.

That was it.  No real information.

I know that it was a risk for NBC to actually put anything negative on the airwaves about any multi-billion dollar product the way they did; NBC is afterall, a business.  The partial information that is on the page listed above is a start, and I would think, a real sore spot to advertisers.  Diet soda makers don't want anything bad said about their product.  EVER.  That's why it was so shocking to see Matt Lauer not talking about the latest antics of Justin Beaver peeing in a mop bucket, or him doing the unthinkable and standing on the Blackhawk's logo; or any other teenybobber absurdity that seems to dominate the news.  For reasons that I can't understand.  Or care to.  Not much in the way of real news is covered by the networks, just a lot of fluff. But today, Matt and the producers of the Today show stated that diet soda might not help you lose weight.

Are the producers testing the waters, are they trying to see what they can get away with before advertisers run screaming?  Wouldn't it be nice if they just pull out all the stops and just go for it, broadcast all the research about aspartame and how it has been shown to cause cancer, kidney disease, migraines, obesity, death.  If NBC did it, then ABC and CBS and who knows, Fox too; then where would big businesses go to advertise?  And would they actually think that the majority of the consumers would change their buying habits because of one news report about the toxicity of their product?

No, people are sheep, they get into habits and truth will not change their ways.  Sad but true.  There are some people that will listen, but those are the ones that eat a healthy diet already.  As long as the government tells them that food manufacturers have a green light on making toxic foods, most people trust their leaders.  WOW, isn't that a sad sad thing.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ah, those pesky Russians again, they just can't seem to get along with, business.

When you think about the Russians, what do you think about?  I asked a bunch of people, and they all seemed to have the big screen vision of Russia, filled with snow year round, the Russian mob running the lives of every single person.  The Secret Police needed jobs after the downfall of Socialism and so they became mobsters.  They hang around smoking dark Turkish sun cured tobacco cigarettes and whacked old men and women in the head with the butts of their AK-47's if they did not avert their eyes when they approached.  Stores had limited produce in the summer, potatoes all winter.  And cabbage on good days.  And all the bad guys have nuclear bombs in their basements waiting to sell them when the price is right. 


It sure seems like that is the Hollywood version of Russia.  I haven't been there, but I do know someone from Minsk, and some others that have vacationed there.  That isn't the way it is.  Modern Russia is a thriving modern place, foods and consumerism are rampant there.  With one exception.  The modern Russian government seems to actually give a crap about their citizens.  Well, I mean you can still buy those harsh sun cured Turkish ciggies that would kill an elephant if inhaled, but for the most part, there are things missing from stores there that are available elsewhere.  And those pesky Russian leaders have refused to allow the stuff into their country.  And it isn't because of political reasoning, it quite simply is because they recognize the inherent toxicity of the products and refuse to allow them to be consumed by their people. 

Russians have banned all meat that was raised in the United States.  Seems that they recognize that the known carcinogen Ractopamine that American producers use to get beef, pork, sheep, ducks, turkeys, and chickens to put on lean muscle mass faster yet allowing the animal to become crazed, unable to walk in cases, and seemingly in a blind rage similar to mad cow disease, is not something that they want their citizens to eat.  90% of American beef is raised using Ractopamine.  It is banned in every other country in the world. Yet we Americans get to eat it in every fast food burger and taco we eat.  The Russians took the stuff one step further and banned meat raised using the stuff, the rest of the world banned the use of Ractopamine, but not the importation of American meat raised using it.  They don't like to play nice with big business. Since 2006 the Ruskies have banned farmed salmon from their neighbor Norway, and from everywhere else.  Yikes, salmon, really?  Yeah, they recognized that the methods used along with the toxic feeds used in farming methods were not healthy, and that the end product is far far inferior nutritionally and the levels of cadmium, mercury and lead make farmed salmon a very bad dietary choice.  It seems heavy metals are part of the feed.  All part of the insecticide and herbicide residues that make up the grains that go into the feed.  And in Norway, Genetically Modified Organisms are banned from human consumption, but they make up most of the grain constituent of salmon feed.  Personally, I don't eat farmed salmon, ever.  I guess the Russians recognize the same things I do.  Maybe one reason that a quarter of the 11,000 people reading my blog are Russian. 

All of this stuff about farmed salmon means a whole lot more since last week the four largest grocery store chains in Norway have demanded that the farmed salmon industry change the methods used to raise their products, or they will not carry their product anymore.  Yikes, Norwegian companies own most of the world's salmon farms.  Norwegian grocers are dominated by four companies, and all four have recognized the need to change farming methods.  It isn't a secret that the stuff is worse for you than you could ever imagine.  Nutritionally, the product has one and a half times more fat as wild salmon, far less protein, and a third the Omega-3 fat content of wild.  Norwegian grocers, businesses, are looking out for the good of their customers.  Here in America, Safeway and other grocery chains give money to make sure laws to label GM foods are defeated, they don't want consumers to know what they consume.  Businesses know what's best for us, well, they know what's best for their bottom line. 

Back in June, good ol' John Kerry went over to Russia to talk about stuff, you know, hey, how are things over her in snow-bound Russia and all.  John watches all the Hollywood movies.  Anyway, President Putin refused to talk to the worthless money-grubbing crook unless he would agree to having the Americans begin to limit and ultimately eliminate the use of neonicotinide pesticides.  Seems that the Russians recognize that the reason bees are dying all over the rest of the world is because of the need for Monsanto and Syngenta (makers of the horrifically toxic insecticides) to make money.  Putin has stated that American use of these specific toxins in the environment could in fact lead to world war because of the resulting food shortages and environmental disasters.  Yikes, Russians looking toward world war again.  I'm sure that's what some thought.  Me, I think those guys are on the right track.  For a government to have the safety and well being of their citizens at the forefront of their actions is pretty incredible.  Certainly not how the rest of the world views life in their own countries.  Big businesses rule the rest of the world.  And their decisions take precedence over the needs of the people, and certainly over the ability of the governments to rule. 

You know I have talked about moving to Amish country to live, but I love my computer.  In 1971 I was protesting the Vietnam war and joined the Communist Party.  (Well there was this girl, Connie, that might be why I joined)  But back then we all talked about emigrating to Russia.  Maybe I should consider that now.  Their government really seems to care about their citizens, I can't say that about America.  Oh those pesky Russians, world leaders in philosophy. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Unprecedented announcement from Church Leaders

After weeks of meetings, leaders of Lutheran, Baptist, and virtually all Protestant ministries met with leaders of the the high Jewish council and representatives of the Catholic Church, earlier today they have announced determinations of scientific matters that will affect religious doctrine as well as basic understanding of the universe.  Spokespersons for the esteemed group have claimed to have been meeting with a wide range of scientists in the fields of astrophysics, geology, climatology and meteorology.  After much heated debate, the leaders of the largest religions in the world have agreed on a number of scientific principles and today announced their findings.

In a landmark decision that has startled followers of the major religions everywhere, the stunning news that the Catholic Church, along with all the other religious elite, have agreed that the planet Earth, of which we are inhabitants; is not the center of the universe.  Spokespersons have indicated that after lengthy debate that at times went on for as many as 4 hours a day of intense and exhausting efforts on the part of religious leaders; the questions of how the Earth orbits the actual center of this solar system has been explained to their satisfaction.  At this time, there is not confirmation or denial of whether or not our solar system is still considered to be the actual center of the universe, or just one among a large number of solar systems in existence.

It was also announced that the sun, of which is now considered more than a large glowing object in the daytime sky, is in actuality a causative force for weather here on the surface of the Earth.  It is no longer to be considered by any religion, that the warmth that is felt when outside is in fact, caused by energy transferring from the sun, to the Earth.  This news was heralded by scientists attending the press announcement as a step toward bringing the major religions of the world to at least the 18th century, but that much worked still needs to be done to get Church thinking to the 19th century. No comments were given when asked for a timeline on their arrival into the 21st century.   One scientist that was reported to have attended the meetings claimed that Catholic Church officials still refuse to believe that the sun is responsible for a nice warm day and is not an effect of divine intervention.  There are rumors that other Church officials were unable to ascertain how during winter months, it could be cold outside even with the sun still up in the sky. 

More meetings are planned.  Seems they are needed.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chemtrails, on the trail to true crazy

I have talked here before about some of the webstes that I visit and get newsletters from in the past, and that hasn't changed.  I still get them, look at sites, and am amazed at all of the time, energy and thought that goes into developing these concepts, and ultimately what gets out to me and the world.  I know someone that is positive that the government is involved in a multinational conspiracy to destroy the lives of every living human.  It involves dispersing toxic heavy metals, and radioactive isotopes of numerous elements by spraying them out through the engines of commercial and military aircraft causing the well known and highly visible contrails in the skies above us everywhere to become, CHEMTRAILS!

These toxins have been reported to be the cause of the the increases in asthma, cancer, Alzheimers, heart disease, diabetes, and sheesh, they claim it to be the cause of everything wrong with our civilized world. (Fun Reading)  This one site is probably the least like Mel Gibson stuck in his hidey hole apartment crazed and paranoid to the max in the movie "Conspiracy Theory" This person I know then tells me that yes, it might seem that way, but as it turned out, Mel Gibson was right.  I counter that with the obvious rebuttal, that it was A MOVIE.  FICTION!

Crazy people just don't seem to understand the difference.

Any way, I suppose at times that I might seem a bit like that, I mean I claim that the US government has, through lack of interest, allowed agribusinesses to put huge amounts of toxic compounds into our food supply and that those things are the cause of the maladies befalling modern societies.  There is a bit of a difference though, and that is all of my claims are backed up with scientific research and studies done by mainstream scientists.  There has been a whole lot of research on a huge variety of subjects, and all with conclusions that point, that's all, POINT to specific toxicities of specific agents within our food system.  No conspiracy, there just appears to be a changing of money from the companies that make bad things, to the elected leaders in our country, to the directors of government regulatory agencies that make decisions about toxic additives, and a blanket blocking of any bad reports about themselves via any mainstream media.  Not really a conspiracy, it is just something that they all do, and it is expected.  Sort of like the relationships between local police and all of the gangsters back during Prohibition, they all did it, it was expected.  The cops held out their hands, money was placed in their palms, and the booze flowed. 

Well anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to address the chemtrails thing.  It doesn't exist.  It can't exist.  There is no way in the world that that many people could participate in a conspiracy to destroy the lives of every person and for it not to become public.  First, from the top level people making the decisions to install injectors into jet engines, to the lowly little guys out there pouring a toxic stew of gunk into secret compartment tanks on jets; they would not do this particularly bad thing knowing that what they were doing would not only poison themselves, but their families, friends, everyone.  NO ONE COULD ESCAPE!  Why would anyone make the decision to slowly kill yourself and everyone else off?  I can understand a few people doing it, but we are talking about people working for every airline at every airport and military people at every single base everywhere doing something that has nothing to do with the workings of the plane and loading chemicals that are toxic.  Does anyone really think this would happen?

My brother is the person that believes this stuff.  He told me that there are retire Air Force Colonels that have verified this is happening.  That website above talks about one.  No names given.  Just a vague reference.  My brother then tells me that the proof is in the residues that fall from the sky.  He goes out to my van and brushes his hand across the hood and shows me this powdery residue that he then tells me is aluminum salts, radioactive barium, and other stuff.  PROOF!  We live in the desert.  It's dusty here.  Reality has no place in any good conspiracy though, and so logic is dismissed.  The belief that the dust is artificial and is put there to kill us all continues. 

The food supply is a different story altogether.  Big wigs at big agribusinesses and chemical companies and food manufacturers all know that the crap they are putting out might be toxic, but they themselves know they don't have to eat it.  Organic food businesses in the US have grown by 400% since 1980.  I don't know for sure, but I bet the biggest customers are the people that make the crap for the rest of us.

So, just a fun little story, been a weird week having to deal with some crazies on a more personal level. 

Well, just was sent this website 
Seems that there are some very strange people that believe in this stuff.  They profess to be professionals in a variety of endeavors.  And all seem to be under some weird mind control. 
I can remember news reports about baseball sized hail back in the fifties.  It isn't new, it isn't caused by weather control or HAARP.  I can remember looking at contrails from jets in the fifties, they were long, stretched across the sky and faded slowly.  I have flown in modern jets and I have watched the air flow over the top of the wing and get chilled and a faint vapor cloud forms at the trailing edge of the wing.  And it comes and goes, depending on the altitude, humidity etc.  The jet engines suck in HUGE amounts of air and the ice crystals formed are therefore making bigger contrails.  I watched this movie on the site, no where do they talk about the volume of material needed to put into an aircraft in order to make chemtrails.  If you consider that a contrail at 30,000 feet that is a hundred feet wide and tall, and a hundred miles long, well, let's be realistic, that would take tons and tons of aluminum, barium and strontium to be visible.  Where do "THEY" the perpetrators of the conspiracy claim all that stuff is stored on planes?  They don't, reality has little place in a good conspiracy.  I did a google patent search for geoengineering.  Over 1800 patents have been applied for or have been granted.  I read through the first dozen, nothing to do with altering rainfall.  I'm not saying they aren't in the list, I just don't care enough to look at 1800 patents to try and find one about it. I have flown before, I have been at the airport as well, it seems that when a plan lands, it goes in to the parking spot, either a truck comes out with fuel or they plug a line into the ground where fuel is pumped up.  A truck goes to the back and trash is removed and more peanuts and pepsi are loaded up.  I never see anyone hooking up a hose and pumping in hundreds of tons of chemicals.  It isn't in the fuel, otherwise the chemtrails would be there during take off and landing.  So where is the guts to the conspiracy?  It is fun to talk about it, but in reality, these people are talking about the rise in diseases, weird weather patterns, and stuff that they don't want to admit they are themselves responsible for.  Don't buy cheap GM food and agribusiness won't grow it and fewer toxins will be in the environment and in your food supply killing you.  Don't buy a Cadillac Escalade that gets 8 MPG, and maybe global warming will lessen.  And weird weather patterns may abate somewhat.  However, no amount of crazed dramatic recitation of wild theories will make the HAARP anything like what these guys claim, an instrument of weather manipulation.  Really, give me a break. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I bet you think that Milk is just Milk, and nothing added to it. Man, you're gullible.

I may be a bit odd, but my family didn't grow up drinking milk.  Allergies, wasn't supposed to.  When I was 20, I started to drink the stuff.  I stopped right after, for the reason why, email me.  It has nothing to do with any of the stuff I will talk about here today.  The stuff that milk is today though, is pretty sad.  And it starts with, the FDA.

(FDA Regs through CFR 101,94)  This is the website for the FDA regulations regarding ingredients, labeling requirements and what to put on the label, and what you don't have to put there.  It is the what you don't have to put on the label that is a bit surprising.  And right now, the FDA is in the process of determining whether the dairy industry as a whole should be allowed to add things like Aspartame to 18 different dairy products, including plain milk, AND NOT HAVE TO LIST IT IN THE INGREDIENTS.  Their reasoning is that consumers don't need to be confused as to what constitutes good nutrition and that they, the DAIRY INDUSTRY needs to make that choice for them.

Makes you feel pretty special now doesn't it.

The first part of the application to legally lie to you daily states this, "The petition asks that the standards of identity for these products be amended to provide for the use of any safe and suitable sweetener in the optional ingredients."  This is directly from the petition, (HERE)  They also state that, "the proposed amendments would promote more healthful eating practices and reduce childhood obesity by providing for lower-calorie flavored milk products"    Ummmmm, doesn't the scientific community now totally agree that non nutritive sweeteners do not in any way reduce obesity?  Well, other than the aspartame manufacturers, they still to this day claim it is safe.  The FDA itself has their Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) so that consumers can report problems with any food, drug, or whatever, and Aspartame has more adverse reactions THAN ANY OTHER FOOD ADDITIVE, DRUG OR WHATEVER!  Oh, huh.  Didn't the FDA itself ban Aspartame in 1975 after it was approved and a review of the studies made?  YES!  Back to that old problem, conflict of interest.  The GAO found no problems, but then again, US Attorney General Sam Skinner dropped the lawsuit against Searle for falsifying studies just before taking a job with Searle's law firm.  Arthur Hayes was the FDA commissioner that approved Aspartame the second time, and right after he did, he went to work for, you guessed it, Searle's public relations firm.  And the fun part of it all is that the GAO petitioned most of the scientists at the FDA about Aspartame, of the 67 that responded to the questionnaire, 12 stated that they had SERIOUS problems with it, 26 had MAJOR concerns over the safety, and 29 very okay with approval.  Isn't that over half?

Why don't companies bribe me with huge amounts of money to say nice things about their poison?

Anyway, the Dairy industry wants to take away YOUR right to know what is in milk and milk products.  I have read a lot about Aspartame, and it seems to me that the amount of controversy that exists should in fact mean that I and everyone, should have the right to choose if we want to consume the stuff.  I do on occasion eat ice cream, (never at Culvers, HFCS) and organic yogurt.  But that will have to stop, as I do not want to take the chance of consuming Aspartame, even in my organic yogurt, if the Dairy industry gets its way and is allowed to add this toxic additive to all of their products.

We all know about the 35 million dollar fund set up to compensate consumers that bought Dannon yogurt products right?  It seems that Dannon advertises that Activia is good for digestion, but never did any scientific research to substantiate that claim.  So some consumer groups sued, won and there is money available to anyone that wants to claim it, just tell them you bought the stuff based on their ads.  Still seeing those ads on the tube?  Yeah, they make a buttload of money.  35 mil is nothing.   I would think that the FDA would require them to stop, but then when has the FDA ever had you and other consumer's interests at heart.

You know, it is the Fourth of July, and I should stop, I won't go into the rBGH problems with milk, the high arsenic levels in most milk, the high antibiotic content and the associated pus from the huge problem with CAFO cows and mastitis that necessitates the use of so many antibiotics.  And pus is not bad, as long as you pasteurize it.  Or so they tell us.

But they tell us a lot of things, don't they.  Thank you Napoleon and Squeeler, life is good here on Animal Farm. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Revisiting Canola Crapola

I thought now would be a good time to look at Canola again.  It seems that the State of Oregon legislature passed a bill that banned the commercial planting of Canola in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  Kudos to the Oregon legislature for protecting the interests of seed producing farmers in the area. The possible contamination of related plant species grown for seed in the area would be threatened by the planting of Canola, which is a Genetically Modified Organism. 

Despite what the Canadian Canola Council states on their website about Canola having been developed  " the 1970s, using traditional plant breeding techniques" (from (Canola Council)), it's kind of a lie.  If you read the Rape of Canola book, (Yes, there is an actual book written by the guys that did it) Canola scientists actually took the unprecedented move of using gas chromatography to identify the genes that controlled erucic levels in the rapeseed, and then they split seeds mechanically to germinate a half seed.  It wasn’t like they planted two plants and cross-pollinated the species over time as in traditional plant breeding.  They developed a new procedure known as seed-splitting to accomplish the genetic determinism and the scientists who invented Canola were one of the first to use the technology.  The plants they used represented an international patchwork of trial and error for combining of plant parts.  That might seem a bit like the task of assembling Frankenstein, as opposed to gardening in the backyard, and it is.  The techniques indeed quite obviously paved the way for the total genetic engineering processes that form the basics of Genetic Engineering today.  In fact, Monsanto’s GE crops were built on the back of the Canola plant, by the very scientists who created the Canola out of nothing but gas chromatography, split seeds and a desire to reduce the erucic content.

Aaahhhh, the erucic acid content of the rapeseed.  It is here that the stuff causes problems.  The US for once, is above the Europeans by limiting the erucic acid level to just 2% while they for some weird reason have limited the content to a much higher 5%.  I don't know, maybe they all saw the movie "Lorenzo's Oil" and cried a few tears and thought for some weird reason that ALL humanity would benefit from the stuff.  Just isn't so.  The erucic acid is the stuff that makes Canola toxic.  Although the Canadian Canola Council tells us that at 2%, the level is safe for humans.   (Monsanto claims Glyphosate, Roundup, to also be completely non-toxic and totally safe) (EU Limits)  (US Limit)   The Brits have done a bit of research on Canola, especially since the mad cow disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis -BSE) scare in the eighties.  What?  Why?  BSE mimics the damage caused by animals eating Canola plants, oil, and the meal.  Pretty much no one wants to blame a 100 billion dollar world wide crop, so they, the agribusiness people, invented the "Mad Cow Disease" to take the crap out of the spotlight as scientists everywhere searched for a solution to the problem. 

Anyway, the Brits first determined that native animals were, "..becoming unwell/dying after eating oilseed rape foliage and/or seeds. These anecdotal reports have been supported by a number of studies which have confirmed the oilseed rape crops are extremely toxic to animals both when grown in the field and after crushing into animal feed."  Glucosinolates, what erucic acid is, in rape is, ".... undesirable because of the toxicological effects of their breakdown products.  – Breakdown products include nitriles, isothiocyanates, thiocyanates, epithionitriles and vinyl oxazolidinethiones (Naturally Occurring Toxicants  as Etiologic Agents of  Foodborne Disease)."  None of these compounds are good.  NONE!  If you have a minute, read the rest of this report to see how cooking with canola gives off carcinogenic fumes, how Canada banned rapeseed for humans in 1954 and how animals show horrific problems when they eat rape.  (Canola)    And I know how everyone loves to be completely grossed out at how our food is processed, if you can take a few minutes and watch how canola is processed  here. (How It's Made)

Let's go back up a bit to the BSE problem of the eighties.  People everywhere were scared to death to eat beef when in Europe, especially Britain.  And the big scare was that this new disease, would spread to the Americas and infect the cattle industry here.  Turns out that it didn't take a lot of research to figure out what the problem was, it was simply the use of canola meal to feed cattle.  Researchers doing other projects found that rats, chickens and mice fed untreated canola meal had degenerative problems in their internal organs and their hearts, liver and brains began to take on a Swiss cheese like consistency.  Their research found that processing the canola meal by baking it in lye reduced the problem.  So, how do you tell the world that cows fed unprocessed canola caused the animals to act crazy, make them unable to walk, snort, and be overly aggressive.  Yikes, back in the eighties, the canola crop wasn't worth a hundred billion dollars, but it was still pretty large.  Large enough that the if the truth about how eating the stuff caused all those horrific problems in cows, what might it be doing to humans that consume the refined product. 

To this day, the USDA claims that there is no known specific antigen, virus, bacteria or common factor that causes BSE.  Their claim is that proteins in misshapen form, called prions, are the cause.  Once prions are consumed, they invade the spinal fluid and cause degeneration of the brain and spinal cord.  It is a real disease, (NCBI on prions)  ((BORING))  But then again, the same symptoms of BSE are displayed by animals that eat canola in the wild, and domesticated animals fed untreated canola.  Now, here is part of the problem behind all of this, the NCBI and the USDA both claim that heating the prions that cause BSE do not destroy them, thus if you eat the meat, especially the meat around the brain or spinal tissues, even if cooked, you run the risk of consuming viable prions and take the risk of contracting BSE.  In order to stop the spread of BSE the USDA has instituted a policy wherein any steer that is over 30 months old, the brains and spines cannot be used for human food.  Okay, here is the problem, chickens are routinely fed the ground up brains and spinal columns of slaughtered cattle.  It's a cheap source of calcium and protein for the chickens.  The chickens then crap this stuff out onto straw which it is all then swept up and fed to cows again.  According to the NCBI and USDA, the prions would remain active, and according to the USDA rules to prevent BSE, this practice is outlawed.  Yet the USDA has guidelines for the processing of cattle parts, including brains and spines, for chicken feed.  Why would they allow this unless they knew BSE was a dietary issue and not a problem associated with prions.

Does that mean they are lying to us?

Well, I don't know who they is.  And the fact is that any sort of conspiracy is nearly impossible to keep as a secret because any time there are more than one person in on a secret, it gets told.  I'm just saying that it is possible that as research was taking place, some one decided to just halt any questions about feed with the findings about the prion stuff.  But then again, is sure seems like we as the peons in society, we get lied to on a regular basis.  One of the things we get told, is that erucic acid is a major constituent of all members of the Brassica family of plants.  Mustard, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc.  They even tell us this on the Canadian Canola Council website.  What they don't tell us is that the erucic acid is found in the SEEDS of the plants, not anywhere else in the plant, like the parts we eat.  

Well then, there you have it.  That's not really LYING to us now is it?  It is giving us a VERSION of the truth that THEY (meaning the Canadian Canola Council) believe we need to know.  I personally am someone that has a hard time seeing the lies that we are told everyday.  That's why I have to research what I am told.  Wish I had done that when I was married.  Some fun examples of that, 1, lie from wife - I'm sorry, I know we had all this work to do, but I was having lunch with YOUR niece - the truth - I was out fucking my new boyfriend.  2. Lie from wife - I had some car problems on my drive home from Dallas. that's why I'm six hours late - truth - I was out fucking my new boyfriend.  3. Lie from wife - I think you counted the product inventory wrong, I know I sold some pasta, but not that much - the truth - I'm skimming money from the business and then I go and fuck my new boyfriend.   I am just gullible, I mean I never thought she would steal from me.  Shows you how much I know.  Anyway, I do look stuff up now days. 

One last thought before I end this, and that is from the FDA GRAS status of Canola oil for use in baby food.  (US GRAS baby food see page 6)  GRAS status is something that should be granted to additives and ingredients that do not have any sort of controversy surrounding them.  Things that don't have huge amounts of research showing the detrimental effects.  Aspartame should never be on the GRAS list, in 1965 it was banned by the FDA.  Some fancy finagling by some very powerful and rich people put it on the list.  And it remains there to this day, slowly poisoning people.  And of course now, there are petitions before the FDA to allow it to be added to products without having to place it on the ingredient list.  Canola should at least have a FEW feeding studies done on it.  There have been a few, and those were not promising.  But to feed the stuff to babies is just irresponsible. 

Not with a bang, but a whimper.

Let's get out our three cornered hats and start our new revolution! GM foods the subject of revolutionary tactics.

Just last week I talked about sanitized news.  Well it seems that last month there was some rather disturbing events up in Oregon.  Some person or persons went out into some fields leased to mega multi national Gene Tech Giant Syngenta where GM sugar beets are grown, and they pulled the beets up out of the ground, killing them.  Two different fields, over 6500 plants in total, and no suspects.  The FBI was called in.  Let's look at that, THE FBI WAS CALLED IN!  When was the FBI called in for small time vandals here in the USA?  Doesn't happen very often I think.

Anyway, the FBI involvement in an act of vandalism against a huge multinational corporation only shows the extent to which Syngenta and other huge businesses run the government.  The fact that this bit of eco-terrorism was not mentioned on any television news programs or websites (except Fox) shows how much they have the ability to sanitize the mainstream media presentation of the news.  If any station mentions this bit of news, then the prevailing opinion of Big Business is that it just might encourage "Copy-Cat" vandals to do the same.  Huh!  Really.  I don't think that those guys would want that now.  I'm pretty sure that the English didn't like the colonists doing a little vandalism with their tea.  You know, now days, those vandals are considered HEROES.  Their governing body ruled without acknowledging the needs of the colonists.  To put that into modern perspective, they ruled with no consideration of the welfare of the populace and instead ruled at the behest of the needs and desires of the British run East India Trading Company.  Aaaahhhhh, not something that all textbooks ever talk about, but it does seem that even back in the 1700's the big business of the day told the king to tax the colonists unmercifully and control the trade to and from the colonies so that EITC made money, and the king and realm would get a bit of that as well.

Not much has changed.

Big business has made its money on the trade of illegal and toxic substances for a very long time.  Let us not forget that the British East India Company pretty much traded for all of its tea from China by smuggling opium in there.  The opium trade was illegal, and killed thousands.  Yet the Brits were able to drink their tea because of it.  Cheap tea and spices were the only reason the government allowed the atrocities to continue for so many years.  It seems to me that when reading about the Company, they didn't actually pay much to the Crown, instead there was a tax on imports, but only some imports.  I think that if they had the manpower, they would have imposed an income tax on the people and that would have eliminated the need to tax the Company at all.  Like here in the colonies.  My opinion only.  

Here's a fun trick to look at.  Go get your 1040 income tax forms for the last few years.  Look on the flip side at the line that tells you what your total tax is.  This is the amount that the feds feel that they need to keep from you to run the government.  Now, go back to the front side and get your total earnings.  Divide your total tax by your total earnings, this amount is a percentage of your earnings that the feds take.  If you are like most homeowners, married with 2.3 dependents, then your percentage is in the 13 to 15 percent.  Unmarried renters have a rate slightly higher.  Would you be surprised to find that most people that have incomes over 300 thousand dollars pay only 10 to 11 percent of their income.  People that make over a million, pay less than 8 percent.  I can't find any statistics on the really rich. 

Isn't that opposite of what they tell us?

Well, yeah.

The government also tells us that GM foods are good for us.  The truth is, GM foods are good for mega corporations.  I live in Arizona, I don't own a three cornered hat.  I think that if I can determine what crops are grown here that are GM, I might just consider dumping a little tea in the harbor myself. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Recipe for Stuffed Rattlesnake. No rattlers are harmed in this dish

Well this is one of those fun recipes that everyone should make for their kids and their friends sometime just for the fun of it all.  Fake stuffed rattlesnake.  This is one of the things I always made around Christmas time after a trip out to the desert to pickup and small perfectly round tumbleweed that I would then decorate with tinsel and little tiny Christmas ornaments.  A fun vision for the neighborhood kids, and then when I cooked this meal for them, it rienforced the crazy dad rumor.  

I don't normally eat meat, especially grocery store meat, just 'cuz it is so nasty and contaminated with toxins and heavy metals and bacteria.  But every once in a while it isn't so bad to have a little.  However, organic range free chicken is best here, and of course organic pork and season your own sausage.  

The fun starts when the kids eat these and the pecans provide a little crunch.  Some kids will ask what that is, just tell them the crunching is from the bones of the snake's last meal.  

Stuffed Rattlesnake
1.   4 boneless skinless Chicken breasts
2.   2 - 1 lb. Packages chorizo  Get the good stuff, from the meat counter or Johnsonville brand.  The crappy Mexican stuff by the bacon and sausage area if like 40% fat.  Yuck
3.   6 english muffins, torn into small pieces
4.   1 medium white onion chopped
5.   6 chipotle chilies reconstituted in 1/2 cup tequila or warm water (optional)
6.   1/2 cup coarsely chopped pecans
7.   1 egg, slightly beaten
8.   salt and pepper
Brown chorizo in large skillet.  Drain.  Add onions and cook for two minutes.  Add coarsely chopped chilies with reconstituting liquid.  Cool slightly.  Mix in muffins, pecans, and egg.  Take chicken breasts one at a time and place between two pieces of plastic wrap.  With the flat side of a meat tenderizer, pound to a uniform 1/4 inch thickness.  On a flat surface spread out a large piece of fresh plastic wrap.  Lay two pounded breasts side by side on the wrap.  Generously season with salt and pepper.  Spread half of the stuffing mixture onto the breasts.  Using the plastic wrap, gently roll the breasts around the stuffing until you have a tube.  Wrap tightly with plastic wrap.  Add a second layer of plastic wrap and knot the ends.  Repeat with the remaining breasts and stuffing.  In a large pot of boiling water, immerse the tied up snakes and poach for eighteen to twenty minutes.  Remove from pot and cool slightly.  To serve, while still warm, cut off one end of the plastic wrap and the snake will slide out.  Slice into 1/2 inch slices and serve with salsa, chili jelly and red chili mayonnaise.