Monday, June 5, 2017

It's that aged cheese thing. Ahhh, ever so tasty, and good for you

Aged cheese. So many varieties, so many flavors. Why more people don't eat this bit of heaven I'll never understand. The fact is, eating aged cheeses are good for you. 

They don't just make you feel good.

So many scientific studies have been done that show us exactly how beneficial aged cheeses are for our health. I think most people know and understand how bad drinking milk truly is (see footnote 5 below) and that the fallacy of the availability of calcium in the stuff is an advertising LIE. But aged cheese, is a totally different animal. Everything in there is good for us. The calcium having been released by the fermentation process, is readily absorbable. The high Vitamin B and K content as well. And studies have proven that eating high fat cheeses actually LOWERS LDL cholesterol. (6) There are just numerous reasons to include AGED cheese in your diet. (4)  Even that internet godlike person, Mark Sisson, the creator of the Paleo site that has millions of worshipers, oops, sorry, followers, tells us that aged cheeses fit into a primal diet. Whereas all other dairy doesn't, aged cheeses compliment his quackery. (3) Yeah, I don't like the guy. Nevertheless, there are two huge scientific studies, both found in the NCBI PubMed library that show that when humans don't eat crappy food, they are healthier, and have better mental health than those that eat crappy foods. And that aged cheeses are part of a healthy food diet and were noted as parts of the overall dietary practices of the healthy and/or mentally stable test subjects. (1 & 2)

Yeah, but some of that aged cheese stinks. 

I've heard that before. Me, I say, SO! Some of the stinkiest is also the tastiest. I don't know why, but that's the way it works.


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