Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Today, there are one hundred billion different diet plans. You only need one.

I think the big thing to remember here is that MOST of the diet plans out there were concocted for one purpose only, to make money for the person that created it. And I'm an old guy, I've seen some odd stuff, from the Scarsdale diet to the grapefruit diet to low carb ones like Atkins and Paleo to the high carb 80-10-10, to high fat people saying you need as much saturated fat in your diet as possible, up to 85 percent.  And the funny thing about all these diet gurus is that they want you to buy something. Preferably something from them or from someone that pays them a fee when you go buy stuff they recommend.

There are no science based diet plans available anywhere.

None, not even the USDA. Those guys developed the world's second food pyramid and every five years come out with new general nutrition standards and recommendations for Americans. It's actually a big deal as those standards are what are used to determine things like school lunches and WIC guidelines. But ever since the process of developing the pyramid and guides, it has been all a political mess with less to do with science and more to do with keeping the agrigiant corporate food industry happy. I wrote all about that here, (PYRAMID) It's more than a little confusing, and frightening as well. I mean really, what should you eat.

First, nearly every professional will tell us that dieting doesn't work. What you need to choose and then follow is a life style plan for eating. One thing that every professional will agree with is that the Standard American Diet (or SAD) is not in any way healthy. The big food giants disagree, but it is their business to feed you SAD foods. At huge profits for themselves. And not unlike a giant house of cards, the entire foundation of the SAD system is based on billions of dollars in farm subsidies generously paid out to those agrigiants in order to keep their food prices low, and therefore desirable to the SAD people. For those that one day see the light of their SAD existence and desire to break free from the dominance that their agrigiant masters have over them, there is a need to learn what sort of lifestyle and dietary plan is available to them, and why they need to choose one over the multitude of plans out there. Let's look at some of the basic lifeplans available, and at the end, the precautions to be aware of.

These are the major varieties of life style food plans
  1. Vegan
  2. Vegetarian
  3. Balanced
  4. High Carb
  5. Low Carb
  6. High Fat
  7. Standard American Diet, SAD
Vegan is pretty simple, as once described to me by a very beautiful friend Leena when back in Austin, she says she doesn't eat anything that in anyway came from something that had a face. An apt description, a diet plan that is the ultimate vegetarian diet, with all the variety, but with certain pitfalls. Of course we can live this way however it isn't how humans evolved and there is a need for certain things like Omega 3 fats and Vitamin B12. And it is true that you can get a sufficient amount of Omega 3 from plant sources like Chia or Flax seeds, but you have to eat a lot of them and a lot nearly every day. B12 however is from animal sources only and a supplement is needed otherwise it can screw up your brain functions in a very permanent way. One of the things that is happening though is that big agrigiant food companies are out there making pseudo food that they claim is healthy, and vegan. It's processed food, generally with tons of salt, hydrogenated fats and MSG. A vegan diet can be exciting, extremely varied and fulfilling. The problem though is the same with nearly ALL diet lifestyles other than the SAD, it takes time to prepare the foods yourself. If you ate frozen veggie burgers all the time you would probably get sick of it or die. And tofu is just gross, it's made from soybeans which are not in anyway healthy. Soy is only digestible if it is fermented so that the lectins are broken down. Yeah, the agrigiants want us to think soy is healthy, but it isn't.

Vegetarian. There are several varieties of vegetarian, vegan being the most strict and described above; however there are allowances for personal preferences with ways to increase basic nutritional needs. Lacto is the most popular, meaning with the addition of milk products in order to get higher protein and some Omega 3 and B12. Next is Ovo, meaning adding in eggs for greater amounts of those nutrients, and then there is Pisceverous, meaning eating fish and ocean products as well. That's me, Lacto-Ovo-Pisciverous Vegetarian. And for me, because of my age and a touch of arthritis, I eat a bit of beef broth made from grass fed organic beef bones. It really does help. I don't eat this way because I care about animals or any of that bleeding heart crap, I eat this way because of the crap they feed animals and just how disgusting and contaminated our meat industry is here in America. I write about it all the time, here on my blog search "modern meat" or "CAFO" in the upper right hand corner and be prepared to learn the disgusting truth. Anyway, being a vegetarian that is not so strict all the time gives me the best of both worlds, I have the biggest variety of foods available to me, I eat well, maybe too well at times, I am overweight, and I get the life enhancing benefits of reduced toxins in my diet that are added in by farmers, ranchers and food manufacturers. By only eating animals eggs and dairy that are organic and produced in sustainable methods of farming as well as only eating sustainably caught wild seafood instead of the horribly toxic farmed seafood versions; I am a WILD-vegetarian, or maybe Natural. I don't know, I just don't eat process foods and I feel better for it. Last Sunday was a good friend's birthday and I ate some store bought cake, you know the kind with whipped Crisco sugar frosting. I felt like crap Monday. Processed food. SAD.

Balanced Diet. Probably the only diet plan that makes sense. Basically it's all about eating a variety of foods, and adhering to the food pyramid for the most part that was described above. However, as a life plan it is only good if you totally eliminate processed foods from your diet. That means sugars, artificial anything and especially modern meats, with you replacing the toxic BSE laden beef with healthy organic stuff. Read this to learn just how truly sad the America modern meat business has become (MEAT) Anyway the key to sticking to any diet lifestyle is to pick one that will make you happy, give you variety and if you want to cheat once in a while and have a donut, well, it's your lifestyle and your life. It's okay every once in a while.The thing to remember about any diet plan is moderation is the key. With the only exception being lots and lots of fresh vegetables. Raw, steamed lightly, fermented or maybe lightly cooked. You can always eat lots of them, but then add in grains, meats, beans, and fruits. Okay, some sweets every once in a while. However, here again, good healthy food is only available in its most basic forms. Boxed, canned, frozen or from fast food is generally high with bad fat, high in sugar and salt and loaded with additives that manufacturers believe to be safe, or at least believe that only a little won't hurt you. They don't actually know for sure, but one thing is for certain, processing strips nutrients that you need. Even a Micky D's salad is coated with anti-yellowing agents to make the greens that might be weeks old appear fresher, and their dressings have transfats MSG and sugar added.

High Carb Diet. A new one on the market and actually sort of sensible. It more closely resembles the diets of early Paleolithic hominids than any other diet. The big new one out on the internet right now is the 80-10-10 diet with a person eating 80% of their caloric intake being carbohydrates and 10% each of fats and protein. Early proto humans were gatherers, and ate primarily plants. Yeah and a lot of nuts, seeds, rotting meat from other animal's kills, greens, seeds (AKA Grains) and anything they could find. Very little of it ran around on four legs or flew. That came later, and when is a big discussion for paleantologists. I don't care, I just know that if you believe in evolution, early man rarely ate meat. It's that simple. Fire of course changed all that, but it didn't change the fact that men eating meat still ate lots and lots of greens grains and garbage that they could find. Eating meat didn't stop the consumption of everything else and in fact all that other stuff is the reason why civilizations began, to grow all that stuff themselves instead of wasting time looking for it out in the wild. Anyway, for Americans it is hard to accept that we as humans need to eat lots of carbs in the form of grains, legumes and plants plants plants. I mean, modern society is adapted to a burger palace of one form or another on every street corner and it is generally accepted that that food is in actuality, FOOD. It isn't, real food is what your body needs, and the weird reality of it all is that 80% of the world lives on and does quite well with a high carb grain based diet. Western Civilizations are the only ones confusing lots of meat with a good diet, and we call that SAD. Next up, them...

Low Carb Diet. Meat. Meat in all its many forms. Meat. I know a lot of people, some are Paleo people, others just like to eat meat, they believe that it's the penultimate expression of wealth and vitality. Most of them are sick all the time. But hey, I'm sick all the time as well. I wasn't up until I lived in an apartment with black mold in it and the effects haunt me to this day, but yeah, I'm sick a lot as well. But anyway, there are a few studies out about how dangerous a high meat intake diet can be. Especially if all you are eating is modern meat. I'm sorry, it isn't in any way healthy. Not just the concept of high meat diet, but the selection of modern CAFO raised animals fed horrific things and processed in equally horrific conditions. Well, I don't think anyone actually eats this way for any period of time, it would be very expensive, your health would decline, your teeth would fall out and a multitude of maladies would afflict your health. But supplements are for sale on each and every website that proposes that you eat this way.

High Fat Diet. 85% or more of your calories should be in the form of fats. Dr. Mercola is a big proponent of this diet. Gimmee a break. Sheesh. He sells millions of dollars worth of supplements on his site, if you tried this without supplements, you would die. Honestly, I cannot understand how a medical doctor would ever promote this. It is not in anyway based on any science, archeology or common sense. But there are those out there that swear by it. Or so it would appear. 'Nuff said.

the SAD. The Standard American Diet pretty much is universally considered unhealthy by virtually every single professional in the fields of medicine, nutrition and pharmacology. And they all, along with the entire agrigiant food industry love love love this diet. It means money money money for all of them. It makes you sick, the chemicals addict you to the diet and you buy more and more and get sicker and sicker and all your wealth go to those that make money on your desires to live the American Dream by eating the SAD.

What we see here is a pattern. At least I see a pattern. Any diet plan that you can buy at the store or at the fast food places is going to affect your health in a very non-positive way. What you prepare yourself will affect you in a beneficial way. It isn't rocket science. Those that claim science has research that verifies their claims for whatever, usually are selling you stuff, and their interpretations of science are pretty loose and wild in that interpretation. Yeah, Paleo proto-humankind did not subsist on lots and lots of meat, IT NEVER HAPPENED that way. No matter what they claim. What I'm trying to say here is that you might try Atkins or some other fad diet for a bit, but the thing you will find is that they don't work, you will feel terrible get sick and if you lost any weight you will regain it rapidly if you go back to eating your standard diet. I am a big proponent of going vegetarian. Even a nice balanced diet with good high quality organic foods and an occasional meal with organic meat is way way way better for you in the long run. And eliminating processed foods is going to make you feel better and allow you to do some exercise which will help you in your overall battle to reduce your size and make you a healthy long living human. 

You are what you eat, so don't eat crap.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Demon Cyborg

Some fiction from the mind of a chef

Demon Cyborg
Roy Marshall

Striding purposefully toward the two cowering young men, the uniformed giant was obviously angry.  The two wearing now dirty white lab coats stood next to each other amongst the debris of what remained of the lab.   The giant's dark blue uniform with colorful ribbons and medals adorning his chest, gold stars on his huge shoulders, his bearing gave credence to his position, and instilled fear in all before him.  The crowd of lesser men hurrying behind him were all in awe of the destruction.  Fear was evident on their faces, they feared the General in front of them, and they feared the repercussions.  The two lab geeks were completely paralyzed with fear as he approached them.
The General effortlessly picked up and tossed aside a huge table that had been overturned and lay in his path toward the cowering pair.  The two huddled closer together, trembling as the giant approached them.  “What the hell happened here?” he bellowed at the two who only trembled all the more at the outburst.  “Well, I’m waiting for an explanation.” He said after a few short moments.
The tallest of the pair began in stuttering tones, “Well, sir, you see, well, it was the demon.  The Cyborg Demon.  He grew bigger and stronger than we thought he would, and well, well, he broke down the cage bars and sort of went on a rampage.”
The General looked down at the pair with the oddest look of incredulity on his face.  “What the hell are you talking about, what demon?”
“Well, sir, the demon we made.  I know, I know, we weren’t supposed to make demons, that wasn’t part of the project.”
“No, it wasn’t!”  The General directed at them. 
“Well it was an experiment, research.  We needed the opportunity to try out various combinations of DNA to find the ones that would accept the cyborg configuration that you wanted us to develop.”
“Well,” the General looked at the pair again, with less hatred.  “Okay, what exactly was going on here then?”
The smaller of the two geeks took over and began his explanation, “We started to go over that data you sent us from your other project, the one about recombinant gene building.  You know, those guys did some fantastic work.  Those dinosaur creatures and the dragons that they made and all, it was incredible.”
“Hmmm.  A hundred million dollars for 4 dragons and a triceratops.  Damn dragons are just plain stupid little things.  They have tried everything and they can’t train them to do anything.  Not even to crap in one spot in their cage for God’s sake.  All they do is eat, shit and fart.  They won’t blow fire, but their damn farts would kill an elephant.  And take the paint right off anything in the area.  The damn things never broke out of their cages though.”
 And the smaller geek did look around at the destruction around him and began again.  “Yes sir, again, we are very sorry about this.  We did underestimate the potential.  But then we are getting a lot of information from all of this.  We started to use some of their research and we began to look for the traits that you needed, you required actually, and to do that, we needed to make a few creatures.”
The taller one then took over, “Yes sir, and we did make some tremendous developments as we looked at the areas that we needed to target in order to accentuate that compatibility.  We had the cyborg frameworks, very cool indeed.  Thank you for those.  But as you know, human, and even animal tissues won’t respond and accept them.  We were looking for specific gene combinations that would work well for us.  We made some mistakes, but we learned a lot from them.”
“Yeah, very cool mechanicals General, thank you.”  The short one began again.  “We did hundreds of gene tests, lots of failures.  But we did find some that accepted the mechanicals, and we then came to the next step.  We thought that we could develop an organism, just as an exercise in getting the right genes into it, so that we could build, well, create from scratch, something that would meet all of our requirements.”
“We were very lucky, on our third try we got the organism to accept all the mechanicals perfectly.”
The General looked at them, shaking his head he then asked, “So whose idea was it to create a demon?  I mean that is what you decided on right, a demon.  Not some anthropoid or half intelligent monkey or something we could use, who thought of the demon as a perfect cyborg creation?”
The little geek’s face went white, “Sir, General, please, it wasn’t meant as the final product, it was just a developmental stage, a stepping stone toward what you hired us to produce.  That’s all.  We only needed the information about the mechanicals, so we build it.”
“Yes General, sir, we were just needing the info.  We sort of just played around a little with what we could produce.  You know, sort of a Mr. Potato Head type of thing.  We really did need the information, that was the whole reason behind it all.”
“A demon.  A damn demon that you could make into a cyborg.  Why?”
“Well, just for fun I guess.  We needed a bipedal creature, so we started with some remains from a Neanderthal.  You know, big bones, massive chest.  Perfect for this.  Not that we needed a skeletal structure per say, the mechanicals are the actual skeleton.  And so we just thought, what the heck, it isn’t going to live long.  We just needed the information it would provide for us.  So we sort of took things in a different direction.  Demonesque.  We gave it cloven hooves, you know, like a demon.  And horns.”
“Well sir, it was just sort of perfecting our technique, selecting  horns.  Face from a goat, you know, just some demon attributes.  With your cool technology we were able to grow it in less than 3 weeks.  This one took the cyborg implants quite well.  When we took it out of the growth tank, it seemed to be doing really well.  You know, really well.”
"Really really well General." chimed in the smaller geek.
“All right, define really well for me please gentlemen.”
“Well, there was no rejection of the mechanicals, its skin and remaining musculature worked well, flexing as needed without tearing or in any way ripping when stressed.  That was a big problem in most of our other subjects. This subject appeared to have some cognizance, it responded to verbal commands, did things when ordered to, sit, stand, bend over, eat and stuff.  Well, I mean, it exceeded our expectations.”
“And then what happened?”
Both of the geeks turned white again.  The smaller began, “Well, sir, at first we didn't think anything of it.  But the demon cage was sort of next to that area over there where we take our breaks and eat.  There was a television there, and we sort of noticed that it spent a lot of time watching the TV.  Just watching.  This morning, well, it broke the bars of the cage and went on a rampage.  We think everyone will live.  There are a few in the hospital.”
“So, it went on a rampage.  Any idea what started it all?”
The tall one began very timidly, “Well sir, there is one small detail we did not notice until this morning.”
“And, what is it?”
“It spoke sir, it actually spoke to us today.”
“What did it say?”
“Ehhh, well, it was weird.  It said that it needed a little blue pill to treat its ED problem.  Then it stood and bent the bars of the cage, tossed everything around.  We tried to stop it, we really did, but the thing is incredibly strong.  And then it took off out the front of the building.”
“Erectile Dysfunction.  Probably got the concept from commercials.  On the TV.”
“That part did strike us as odd, I mean we didn't give it genetalia. Maybe that’s why it went on the rampage, you know, after it looked down and found out there was nothing there.  Anyway, it took off and we haven't seen it since.  That’s why we called you and your people.  To, well you know, kill it.”
"Kill it?  Let's just think about that a moment.  Tell me some more about this thing, like how intelligent is it?  You said it spoke, it watched television, it must have some intellectual abilities.  What are they?"  The General asked of the two before him.
The taller of the pair began, "Well, that was in fact part of the experiment.  We had the skeletal mechanicals, and the interfaces, the controls, and of course we had the computer system to run it all in a very tiny package.  The trick was to make living flesh work with all the cyber systems.  So it has living human brain material, and it has a very powerful computer that has some pretty spectacular capabilities."
"We seem to have been able to achieve that interface between living tissue and mechanical, and it does look like it learns, all on its own.  Although we did pack a lot of information into the memory, so it has a pretty fair working knowledge of the world, if it can access that part of the system."
"So it can think?"
"Yes sir, it's pretty obvious now.  That makes it all the more dangerous and imperative that you destroy it, we just don't know what it will do?"
The General looked around him at the lab that was in disarray.  Shaking his head he began, “I think you boys might have a rather limited view about this creature.  It spoke.  It has the strength of ten men or more, it has a rather frightening appearance.  Probably will be pretty hard to kill as well.  No, I think I have some plans for this beast.  Let me ask you this, regular tranquilizers should have the same effect and just knock it out, right?”
“Yes, yes, sure.  Essentially it's just a living being with a massive mechanical skeletal structure with a huge storage memory and processing capacity.  At its core it's just a human brain with human like circulatory system.”
“Then we're going to capture this demon and see what we can do with it.”  And with that, the General and his men took off and walked to the front of the building.  There he turned and threw back his orders, "And you two, I want more of these things.  Not necessarily with the horns and all that, but big, smart, scary.  Work on training them better.  Get what you need from my office.  Anything."
The two scientists looked at each other, smiles on their faces.  It was like they struck gold.  They started ordering the others to get the placed cleaned up, and then they began working on a list of things to buy. The race to build was on.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Me, against the world

There are times, frequent times, when I question WHY do I write a blog about the failure of our government and the whole agrigiant food industry to protect us, feed and medicate us with safe healthy products. None of my friends appreciate what I tell them, and the volume of sick, disgusting and threatening emails and comments on my blog are growing daily. Perhaps it's true, they have won. The majority of consumers have in fact given up, they are the complacent non-thinking automaton sheeple that buy, drink, gamble, and consume, complacent with their lot in life and having no desire to change what could easily be changed.
I don't live my life that way, I question the leaders and their rhetoric as well as those corporate giants with visions of their own godlike abilities who have bought and paid for our democratic leaders. I live outside the box. If you don't want to, don't send me emails telling me my life's choices are wrong. I mean really, if you don't like my stuff, don't read it anymore.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Given some of the research, maybe it's a good idea we stop vaccinating for measles

Yeah, I know that is a controversial subject and it will indeed cause more people to hate me, more of my friends to shun me, and more crazy wackos to send me emails, but the research isn't mine. I'm not some guy writing crazy stuff and putting it on the internet, I actually take the time to do research, and in that research is ALWAYS peer reviewed and published in scientific journals. It is right here on the internet, and anyone can view the stuff. And it doesn't paint a very good picture for any of the human population to continue vaccinating children against measles. I could at this point do a little unsubstantiated editorializing here and say that I believe we need to stop pretty much all vaccination programs, but there is no specific research that would validate my statement.  There is a bunch of very interesting research (and going back to 1969) that correlates very specific data that supports the rather interesting phenomena where children that went through a bout of measles were substantially, SUBSTANTIALLY less likely to develop asthma, allergic rhinitus, a wide variety of cancers, psoriasis, and even Plasmodium falciparum (malaria) in tropical and subtropical areas than children that were vaccinated and did not contract natural measles.


Yeah, this is a phenomena that researchers have seen for some time. Dr. M. Bonjean of France pubished in the Lyon Medical Journal back in the November 9, 1969 edition an article "Health Benefits of Measles Infections" that detailed a 12 year study of nearly 1,000 subjects that suffered chronic psoriasis. The study was not about measles, but they found a very interesting phenomena. The study showed that children that had been naturally infected with measles were less likely to suffer recurrent episodes than children that were vaccinated or had never contracted the disease. 
Today, Aug 1, 2015. It's been pointed out to me that I don't have links to the research studies on this or some of my other entries here. It would appear that trolls on the internet have accused me of being incredibly imaginative and making up all of the research I read about these subjects. Well, sadly, those obviously nonacademic types of people don't have access to the sites that I am able to view, Research Net and other repositories of knowledge require those wanting to look at their info to be part of academia. Or at least to have graduated 8th grade. So, I found some other listings of the articles I had previously looked at  and will add now (Measles)

In the November 5, 1977 edition of the British journal Lancet is an article written by Dr. E. Simpanen et al describing how juveniles with rheumatoid arthritis went into remission after contracting naturally occurring measles with none seen in those vaccinated.  I think this is viewable by anyone (Lancet)

In the October 31, 1992 edition of the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene there is a very well written article studying the effects of malarial remission after patients contracted measles  And this also (AJTMH)

May 19, 1973 issue of the British Medical Journal has an article showing how juveniles with Infantile Hodgkin's Disease went into remission after contracting measles.  
(British Med JournalAnd this also

There are two articles I found that show that juveniles that contracted measles as adolescents were dramatically less likely to have atopic disorders and allergic diseases. November 1998 issues of Thorax; June 1996 issue of Lancet;  Oh criminy, just look them up  (thorax) (Lancet)


Yeah, it seems there might indeed be a connection between having measles and the sensitization and development of the human immunity system. And the big one is that it has little to do with injecting dead viruses into healthy humans. When I was a child, as soon as one child in the neighborhood contracted chicken pox or measles, every parent in the neighborhood sent their kids over to play with the sick kid. The reasoning was hard for us to understand at the time, but we were told that the diseases would be less offensive and damaging to ourselves if we dealt with it as small children and worse for us if we caught it in our teens or older. It was just an old wife's tale back then, but now, well, maybe there was something to it. We don't know everything. If any doctor or researcher tells you that they definitively KNOW that any of these suppositions are totally false and in no way have any validity whatsoever, go to a different doctor. Scientists learn new things all the time. Some of the things they learn, give us alternate views of the medical and scientific world, different from the view that has been bought and paid for by those that make lots and lots of money on the older view of the world. Like vaccines

The CDC recently adjusted their initial figures regarding the Disneyland measles outbreak. They now tell us that only 43% of those infected had previously been vaccinated for measles. I have been told that measles used to kill millions and that vaccination has nearly halted the death rate of this horrific insidious disease. Well, that is sort of true. In the 1800's and up until after World War I there were huge numbers of adults and juveniles that died from complications after contracting measles. Meningitis and pneumonia being the two most common complications. However back then public sanitation was just in its infancy and the death rate from measles dropped dramatically all on its own up until 1960, when there were only 3 confirmed deaths from measles in the US. Measles vaccination was introduced in 1963, with the attenuated live virus vaccine coming on line in 1968. With the deathrate near zero in a sanitary country with greater nutrition than poorer countries like those in Africa showing considerably higher deathrates there should be some rather obvious conclusions that most anyone can draw, if you have decent nutrition and sanitation, measles is rarely anything more than a nuisance. And the vaccine is a 39 billion dollar gilded cash cow to Big Pharma. Remember, Big Pharma doesn't have to pay one red cent in product liability insurance for any vaccine. The Feds pay for all those that get the vaccines and either die or are permanently disabled. Since 2002 there have been 98 deaths and 694 cases of permanent disability reported to the VAERS system the Feds set up to quantify these number. Eventually they were paid off by the Feds through the Vaccine Court. The CDC tells us that they estimate that only 10% of adverse events, deaths and disabilities are reported to the VAERS. So the numbers could be higher.

I have for some time stated here that I am not against vaccines, that I am against the current vaccines that have been foisted upon the populace with the manufacturers covering their asses as whistleblowers seek protection for exposing insider documentation proving the vaccines were not only ineffective, but poorly made. With the FDA fining every single one of the big pharmaceutical companies since 2000 for numerous violations including falsifying data (Forbes on FDA Fines) (The FDA on banning) (The Justice Department on Fraud in the drug industry And the big one, more people die from the vaccines than from the disease they are designed to protect us from. (best I could find on deaths Vaccines contain aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde and artificial colors, and there has never been any documentation as to why, and what happens to the human body when these things are injected into it, well, other than they think it makes the body respond to the foreign bodies more so than if they aren't in there. (All about aluminum in vaccines) They think. It's how they've done it since the twenties. Yeah, I'm not thrilled with modern vaccines, but now, I'm not so sure about the whole concept at all. At least not for simple relatively mild non life threatening diseases like chickenpox and measles. Try to remember, people don't die from the measles itself, they die from complications they get due to inadequate nutrition, poor sanitation and let's face it, probably a lot die from doctors misdiagnosis and just plain poor health care. And here, I dare anyone to tell me that never happens.

We need to rethink the strategy for making money based on hundred year old concepts and techniques using antiquated and toxic ingredients for a vaccine that has little effectiveness. 43% of those that got measles had been vaccinated. Yeah, we need to rethink how a lot of things are done in this country.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


There is just a plethora of contradictory information out there about dietary fats, and specifically, oil. I mean, LOTS of contradictory information. I looked on WebMD (WebMD) about canola oil and right there is a huge article about how using canola for frying, baking and just eating plain is great for your health. But then right along side this article about the health benefits are all these ads for products made with canola. Advertising dollars pretty much rule what sort of information is presented to us.Not just on the internet, but throughout all mass media. Oreo's are made with canola, as is most processed food. Their ads govern what you view on the news. And if you go to any mass media website and search for the major toxic constituent of canola, erucic acid, you won't find anything. That's because they, the producers and ultimate food manufacturers, don't want you to know anything about it. It's toxic. It's cumulative, and the human body is unable to break the stuff down and it accumulates in the organs and neuro network causing long term degenerative damage. It is number one on my list of fats to avoid. At all costs. It isn't the only one, most of the highly processed oils are very bad for your health, so I made a list of them and some, SOME of the reasons not to eat them. And there are a lot of reasons. First we need a little chemistry background, and that is to explain what fats really are. Fats and oils are comprised of what we call long chain fatty acids. These are chains of compounds with carbon atoms making up the base of the chain and the chains being in multiples of two carbons going from 6 to 24 in total, normally. The differences are in the oxygen and hydrogen attachments to the carbon groups. This is where we get MUFA, monounsaturated fatty acids and PUFA polyunsaturated fatty acids. And of course, Saturated fats. We used to consider saturated fat as being bad, not so much anymore. Good healthy organic saturated fats are very good for humans. Whereas we are learning that the longer chain fatty acids, those especially in the 22 to 24 carbon groups are now being looked at for their role in such diseases as Addison's and ALD. This is where it gets tricky, whereas most humans are able to breakdown very long chain fatty acids, people with these diseases cannot and the result is that there is definitive evidence that long chain fatty acids do in fact cause degenerative breakdown of the myelin sheathing on nerve cells and end up eventually destroying the central nervous system of humans suffering from these and similar conditions. There is no evidence at this time that a diet high in any fat that is comprised of mostly of very long chain fatty acids will in fact destroy your central nervous system. It's just that no one has done that study, no one will pay for it and if someone did, it would get buried, no rag would print it because of the money involved from those that make huge sums of money by making cheap oils. But it makes sense, if humans consume long chain fatty acids in quantities greater than their systems are capable of breaking down, then won't they enter the bloodstream and cause damage to the CNS? Anyway, here's the list

Canola oil. This product is touted as the healthy oil for everything. It is everywhere and in everything processed. It is in fact, not what the Canola Council of Canada claim that it is. Firstly, the stuff is given to us as the healthiest blend of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids available. It isn't, the testing is done on raw unprocessed rapeseed oil. (at least all the stuff I have read or heard about (Oil composition)) The actual stuff offered for sale goes through a huge chain of complex steps to make the stuff usable. Heating to over 400 degrees, deodorization and the use of hexane alters the makeup of oil converting most of the Omega 3s to transfatty acids. Here is a site with a cool video on how they manufacture canola (Canola) Then there is the erucic acid problem. The PTDI, (Provisional Tolerable Daily Intake) of erucic acid has been Federally set at 500 milligrams per day. This was set back in 1975 after a 60 day feeding study was done on mice and it was discovered the stuff accumulated in the hearts of the subject mice. I'm a simple man, I don't have a doctorate, (according to Big Bang Theory, a Masters is not good enough) and I cannot figure out how anyone can rationalize this information. If it accumulates in the body, is ANY amount safe? Well we can all see what factors override safety, it's all pretty simple. In 2013 the canola harvest excluding the amount grown in China, was estimated at 110 billion dollars. A lot of safety issues get overlooked when that amount of money is involved. Canola is the oilseed crop that yields the highest amount of oil and seedcake of any oil product available. It is the most profitable oil crop. The Canola Council right on their website states that canola or rape is in the same family as kale and broccoli and we eat those all the time and they are safe. This is just ridiculous, we don't eat oil pressed from the seeds. Then there is the GMO thing, which I personally don't want to eat any because there has not been adequate long term testing on plain GMO plants. Truth is, we don't know. What we do know is that because these GMO crops are herbicide resistant then corporate and even small to mid size farmers spray the crap on everything for uses such as dessication for which the stuff is not intended. This leads to herbicide residues being in just about every product made from any GMO crop, including canola oil. With the WHO just last week announcing they moved glyphosate to the probable carcinogen list it makes sense to limit what you ingest. Canola generally has a significant percentage of content in the c16, c20 and c22 range, a large amount as c18, with a small percent as c24 fatty acids. Raw canola has about one third Omega 3 to two thirds Omega 6. Be careful though, canola for commercial use is way way different with Omega 3 down to about one percent.

Soy Oil. GMO, herbicide residues, endocrine disruptor, that's about it. That's actually pretty bad in my book but realistically, organic would not be a bad choice, except that the Omega 3 content is minimal and is comprised mostly of Omega 6 oils.  Tthe main constituents are in the c16 and c18 fatty acids with just traces of anything longer.

Cottonseed Oil. Again, GMO, herbicide residues and something we don't hear about much is the aflatoxin problem with the storage of the seeds before pressing the oil. Aflatoxin is a mold that grows in warm arid regions on seeds with the waste product of the molds not breaking down by heat. Most cotton is grown in the Southwest where it's warm, and pretty arid. Cottonseed is just about the worst mix of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, with it being extremely high in 6 and virtually no 3's to speak of. It also is comprised of mostly c18 and higher long chain fatty acids.

Non Domestic Peanut Oil. Used to be a good choice, but nearly all of the stuff on the store shelves is from China. Anything from the most polluted country on the planet is best to be avoided. Domestic is okay. Well, it's better than the above. But not great, it has no Omega 3. None. Most of it is in the c18 and c20 range with about 5% being longer chain fatty acids.

These are the main oils to avoid, but then again anything from China or Mexico is probably contaminated. We know for a fact that the FDA is overworked, understaffed and at this time only inspecting 2% of foods imported into this country. And of that 2%, almost a quarter are rejected. Scary stuff. Below is a graph showing the composition of common cooking oils. This one I like, but if you search for it on the internet, you will get hundreds of similar graphs and charts, and the scary thing is that most of them in fact have differing values.

As always, I present information to you that I glean from websites that I like. Yes, it's biased. Yes, that means do a little research yourself before you whine and complain and tell me I am an idiot for believing that agrigiant food and farming companies are trying to kill us all. They aren't, they just really believe the fallacy about a little bit won't hurt ya.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Failure, the FDA struggle to achieve total failure, and their success

Success means differing things to different people, and we measure that success in a number of various ways. If you win a war, that's a success. If you build big buildings and large bridges, those are successes. If a corporation makes bucketloads of money, that's probably a success. It is if no one goes to jail. But then good old Charles Keating caused the big savings and loan failure and his biz made a billion and he personally stashed a quarter of a billion overseas. A little jail time, but wealth beyond belief. So here is where we start to measure success differently. Realistically he was a failure, his savings and loan bilked millions from investors and began a landslide of failures resulting in stricter regulatory governance for the industry that lasted a decade or so, right up to the latest failures of banking interests. And again, we have to look at those banking institutions, they made billions, screwed the small investors, and the feds gave them money to keep in their little hands and all for doing the unthinkable. Keating, et al, are to themselves, hugely successful. It's to the outside world that they appear as failures. Well, and to those that lost their life's savings as well. But in their world, the likes of Bernie Madoff, Keating and others, they are heroes, hugely successful and generous to a fault to the limited few that were on the inside and were able to rake in millions along with their kingpin.

Failure though is something that one would believe would be much simpler to define. If you build a bridge, think Verranzo Narrows, and it collapses, that's a failure. If you buy a business from someone, let's say a viable working construction company that was established and operating for many years and under your tutelage it fails in a short time, then you are a failure. If you are the ruler of a country and you get your secret organization to invade a neighbor in an attempt to overthrow the new ruler that overthrew the previous ruler during a revolution, and it fails; then history will still proclaim you to be a great ruler, and not such a failure. After all, Bay of Pigs was unwinnable or so we are told now in retrospect. And so very similar to success, failure becomes even less definable. When Presidents use their authority to exact favoritism for their bankrolls and even flaunt their disrespect for the Ten Commandments and civil laws regarding the sanctity of marriage when in office, then the lines defining failure become even more blurred.

As we all know, there is a point to this mindless drivel, and that is that perception is all about what others want the populace to believe, and little to do with reality and the morals that most of us thought we were raised with and believed would govern the actions of good humans everywhere. The FDA prides itself on its success on protection of the American public from bad or poorly made drugs and foods that are unhygienic or may contain inadvertent contaminants. Just go to their website, they do a LOT of patting themselves on the back and telling the readers just how great they are. They are a success, according to themselves, and to their annual requests to Congress to give them more money. Search FDA in the upper right hand corner of this site, and actually thousands of others, and you get a whole different picture, the FDA is a huge resounding failure.

Number one failure of the FDA, HFCS. High Fructose Corn Syrup. In 2005 one of the employees of the FDA itself discovered that as much as 40% of the High Fructose Corn Syrup being manufactured at that time was contaminated with Mercury. Testing products off the shelves from stores yielded the same percentage of contamination and that drinking two twelve ounce bottles of Mountain Dew would give you the same amount of exposure to toxic Mercury as eating a tuna fish sandwich. Which we are told we should only do once a week or so to limit that contamination. As our government itself tells us, Mercury is a deadly cumulative neurotoxin. In 2008 there were 3 billion dollars worth of High Fructose Corn Syrup manufactured and it ended up in an estimated 150 billion dollars worth of processed foods. It is still being manufactured with Mercury contamination. None of the stuff has ever been recalled. This is just one aspect of the HFCS debacle, scientific study after study shows how HFCS is damaging to the health of humans. The FDA is the designated protector of the people, here, they have failed, miserably. How much money changed hands to keep from recalling all of that poison we will never know. So for some, the FDA is a success. It's all about perspective. 

I could go on and on about how the FDA approves drugs for use as an additive in the manufacturing of processed foods where the same chemicals are classed as carcinogens and denied use in food manufacturing by the EPA, a very different government entity and not quite so prone to "Failure" as the FDA has been. But why, if you read this far, then you probably know about all of it. If not, again, use the search box on my site, or use Google, and LEARN what the corporate controlled media doesn't want Americans to know. And then tell your friends. The only way to exact change is to educate, boycott products that use known carcinogens and neurotoxins, and the big one, vote out incumbents, that one should be self explanatory.