Thursday, October 31, 2013

CREATION, the story of the beginning.

I'm trying to achieve bliss.  Not bliss, but BLISS.  For me, there is an actual Bliss Point.  Actually for everyone there is a Bliss Point.  Nobody likes to talk about it, but it exists, and for people like me, it is the ultimate expression of one's ability to create.  I do it via trial and error.  Big food manufacturers do it with lots of scientific testing, people with proven palate acumen and tasting ability sampling thousands of combinations, charting of specific ingredient densities of specified additives in which past performances and ratings have been calculated and the scariest part is the laboratory use of artificial tasting equipment that was made using living human cells that are kept alive in an artificial environment with the whole thing manufactured to give specific human type responses to levels of specified flavor constituents within a given trial recipe for a product.  All of the technical capabilities possible in modern science coming together in a laboratory by highly trained people attempting to find, The Bliss point, that point where the levels of salt, sugar, processed fats all come together with the maximum desirability with flavor, texture and ultimate satisfaction.  Oh, and yeah, the big guys also test to find out what kinds of toxic additives can be added and in what quantities without destroying the drive to The Bliss Point.  By toxins, I mean preservatives, anti caking agents, artificial colorants, artificial flavorings, artificial, well, anything.  It's difficult to imagine, but new products coming from corporate food takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce.  Those pesky problems with trying to mask the metallic flavors of so many of the artificial additives makes for a long and drawn out process.  And of course there is the other problem about how adding any of the good things, fat, sweet or salt are only good up to a point, and it is the technological methods of find that point, that Bliss Point, that costs so much money.

Hard to think about it, but all of the processed food in the stores has gone through, a Creation process.

Me, I have been doing this awhile and so pretty much know what tastes good, to me anyway.  And I formulate a product, make it, taste it, make more and sell it.  Seems so pedestrian when compared to how the big guys do it all.  I mean, really, I taste test a product with no added fat, sugar, salt or chemicals.  No wonder I am such a small timer.  But then I don't actually have hundreds of thousands of dollars to find out how to make something taste so good as to be, well, almost addictive.  Like Oreos.  Yep, professor Schroeder and his team at the University of Connecticut have come out with a new study about, food, specifically about Oreos.
“Our research supports the theory that high-fat/ high-sugar foods stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do. It may explain why some people can’t resist these foods despite the fact that they know they are bad for them.”

 Oreos.  And Cocaine.  I quite eating them when they changed the gunk in the middle to hydrogenated canola and palm kernel oil back in the eighties.  Somehow I think that might have been a wise decision, especially after reading about this new stuff.  I mean we have known for quite a while about sugar and how bad it is for us, or at least the bad info and research has been available, just never talked about by the media.  Those guys don't ever want to offend those that pay them advertising dollars.  But just for fun, check out this cool 45 minute video about sugar.  (the Secrets of Sugarthose Canadians on occasion have the cojones to put out correct info. 

One of the things that I do when I talk to people at farmers markets is to tell them about the state of the food supply in America today.  And the failure of the government to protect us, as citizens, from the damaging effects of the processed food industry.  And of course I do it with the hope that I will get a teaching job.  I do teach healthy, real cooking to people.  I use real ingredients, make real wholesome food quickly and full of flavor, not fat, sugar and salt.  And yes, I do it because I make a few bucks teaching.  But I also love to get the word out that processed foods are THE reason that Americans have higher rates of obesity, cancer, heart disease, cancer, inflammatory diseases, and well, really, everything pretty much that goes wrong with the body is a result of poor diet, toxic additives and environment.  We, those that want to alter our lifestyles and change our eating habits, must find our own personal Bliss Point in the foods that we make and consume.  It isn't hard, it is all about eating crap, and attempting to enjoy a long slow miserable death; or lowering our Bliss with good foods, no sugar, little salt and living better.

I've found my Bliss.  If you need help finding yours, contact me. 

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