Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Vegan Chili - What the world needs more of, stuff with no MEAT

Yeah, I'm out of my get drunk all the time to get over that woman funk of the last four months. Life goes on, and like my favorite musicians from the early seventies state, "Where you are, is the Best place you can be!"

So, been reading a bit on the destruction of Mother Earth and how the drive to raise animals for food has pretty much been the main force for the destruction of the rain forests in both South America and Africa. This video is a great one detailing not just that destruction, but also how horrific things are getting here in America as well. (Beef, it's what's for our deaths)  And yes, I know, scientists all over the place are telling us global warming is fantasy, so this is one perspective. However, the reality is that meat in America is raised by large corporate agribusinesses that are raping the system and receiving HUGE amounts of subsidies from the government in order to raise cheap (and I daresay, toxic) meats. To the tune of a couple hundred billions of dollars annually. That's billion with a 'B'. The true costs of meat, beef pork and poultry would be many times what they are now if it weren't for the corruption within our government. 

So, I think it wise to begin to instruct the populace as to how to get along better without their favorite flesh of lesser beings. Who knows, the tide of public opinion is such that ever greater numbers of people are demanding transparency, culpability and HONESTY from our elected officials. Should we begin to remove the corrupt and vote in the sane and honest ones, then the prices of meats will skyrocket as the subsidy system for corporate businesses breaks down and we begin to bear the true costs.

Chili. Man I love chili.

So, I took a cup and half of garbanzo beans and soaked in water a day. Rinsed, put in a strainer and rinse three times a day for three days, The little buggers started to sprout. (Remember my series on making healthy foods healthier?) I put in sauce pan, covered in water and brought to boil, simmered 20 minutes then drained and rinsed. Then coarse chopped in my small food processor. Coarsely cut up and onion, cooked in olive oil a few minutes, added three
ounce of my Chipotle Taco Seasoning (you know, any good chili powder based spice blend will do. Whatever you like, just get the stuff with no CRAP) Added a cup of red wine (it was leftover from my drunk phase last week) Stirred in well, brought to a boil then added a jar of tomato based salsa. Simmer for ten minutes,taste it. Yeah, mighty delicious. MAN oh MAN, just like chili, same texture, some heat, smokiness from the chipotles, WOW WOW WOW.

Me, I like eggs. Since I have begun to go back to the gym and have started lifting weights again, I am going to eat eggs more. Real pasture raised eggs from the farmers markets. Gillespie Farms so far has the best eggs, Roadrunner and Ahwatukee markets. (Just my opinion) And so I fry them in real grass fed pastured cow butter, then top the eggs with chili, add some 18 month aged imported Italian Asiago cheese and serve with real ripe melon. Oh man, that'll help me forget that woman. I know, it isn't vegan the way I eat it, but so what. I'm not contributing to the industrial farming agribusiness culture rife with corruption toxic additives and horrific consequences. So I can indulge a bit. It ain't gonna be the real thing, but it's better than the crap most Americans consume. I mean come on, McDonalds burgers are pretty disgusting. As most meat is anymore.


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