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Autism Spectral Disorder info, some stuff that is of interest. Parental Age

Well, I have been told that I am unaware of the true causes of Autism Spectral Disorder, ASD, and that I look at the research that perpetuates the myths that I want to adhere to.  That I WANT, I was told.  And that the true causes of the high incidence of ASD is because the overall age of parents has gone up and chromosomal damage or degradation from this is the cause.   I did read one study that stated that there might possibly a genetic propensity toward ASD within humans, but that to verify any such conclusion would mean doing genetic mapping of thousands of individual ASD babies and then utilize a supercomputer to analyze any specific genetic variant that would be common to all.  The cost of course was prohibitive and so no plans were possible at that time.  However I admit that most of my research has been in the area of triggers, specifically vaccines.  So, to that end, this info.......

Starting with the CDC and finding out what they have to say about it.  (CDC on Age of parents)  Statistically, older parents, both male and female, higher for female, have a greater RISK for having children with a diagnosis of ASD.  From an NCBI report dated 2008 and using 1251 children aged 8 and older with a diagnosis of ASD parents 25-29 had a 1.4 to 1.6 greater RISK of ASD.  Parents at age 40 had a greater risk of 2.0 to 4.7 greater RISK with both age groups compared to parents age 35.  However firstborn children of older parents >35 were three times more likely statistically to have ASD than second and third born children.  This one puzzled me, one child, firstborn from older parents is more likely to be ASD than later born siblings from the same older parents is a conundrum. 

Scientific American in an article dated Feb 11, 2010 has a similar listing of risk factors.  However, the article also states, [the research] "suggests environmental processes and social influences (why someone would live in a particular neighborhood) might be contributing factors" and also "the present epidemiological study was important in clarifying the nuanced relationship between maternal age and autism, and defining its contribution to the rise in cases. It might have even provided biological clues. It really is a maternally mediated biological process that's going on".  In case you missed the term, the article uses the term "nuanced" and here it does in fact mean, a small, or slight higher statistical risk factor. 

There is a lot more of the same, basically the risks are higher for firstborn children of parents that are older.  It is not in anyway THE specific cause of ASD.  Not unless I am missing something, and here I think that someone will have to point it specifically to me and say "Hey stupid, you missed this!" 

There is a lot of new info coming out about autism, and I have read a lot of it tonight.  Some interesting stuff is out there now.  A group of researchers did find that there are four specific antibodies that are part of a group called autoantibodies, and that they have discovered them in some women.  If they are present during pregnancy they believe them to affect fetal brain development and that 23% of the mothers of ASD children tested had the antibodies.  It is possible that certain infections during pregnancy may cause the mother to produce the four autoantibodies.  There is also a new study that shows that after a baby is born, if the placenta is examined and those that have larger and more numerous folds along with trophoblasts then the children have a greater statistical probability of developing ASD.  And researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine have discovered an environmental factor that might be a cause of ASD.  "A temporary exposure to a topoisomerase inhibitor in utero has the potential to have a long-lasting effect on the brain, by affecting critical periods of brain development. ”  This is particularly interesting when you find out that the inhibitors are naturally occurring in things like soy, and the big one, MSG acts in the same manner.  Yeah, it's true, vaccines contain MSG. 

I haven't as of yet uncovered any smoking gun that any researchers anywhere have uncovered that points to any specific cause of ASD in children.  There isn't one.  I believe with all certainty that there are a large number of factors, diet, environment, possibly genetic, infection, and possibly, vaccines.  There are just too many unknowns.  However, with that said, with the risks of developing autism so high in countries where vaccines are pushed on children before the age of two being SIGNIFICANTLY higher than countries where vaccines are not given until after age two or older; then a choice to delay vaccination is not an untoward proposition.

So here is my blog entry that details just eighteen of the multitude of actual scientific papers that have been published in various medical, scientific and even popular science journals that have conclusions that do not in anyway dispute the above information, they simply show that there is a statistically significant possibility that vaccines may in fact be a trigger for development of ASD in children.  (Vaccine Info)  Take a look, it is in fact eye opening. 

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