Saturday, February 22, 2014

Promises made, promises broken

Everyone makes little promises in their lives, little promises, and big ones too.  You know, three times I stood before a judge and promised to love and care for someone forever.  They did as well, and yet I am here, single, writing a sad story about promises.  Enhhhh, not really about my problems and the choices I make in women; but this is more about the promises that a number of large corporations have made to not just me and you, but to the entire world. 

Biggest Promise to me is the one that President Obama told Americans in 2007 while campaigning for votes to get elected and he promised, HE PROMISED, to label all GM products when elected.  You can see a recording of his big lie here ( Obama Campaign LIE )  Yeah, I know, it's Mother Jones, but just look at the video.
Farmaceuticals was the big money making vision back in the early eighties.  That vision certainly has proven itself to come true for some things, a whole lot of actual pharmaceuticals come from genetically engineered bacteria research.  In fact most insulin comes to us from this research.  And a few others as well, however the big ones that we were all promised are just empty lies.  Real fun stuff was promised. potatoes that would provide us with vaccines for all the world's ills, green beans that would provide your meds for blood pressure and a host of other problems.  The FDA has already taken the giant step of giving tentative approval to all drugs as food to Big Pharma and the Gene Tech Agrigiants to make money hand over fist.  Oops, sorry, the approval was for them to make plants to help the human condition, and it was sort of like the blanket approval given to them for all Genetically Modified crops.  No testing required, just tell the FDA it's good, and make money.  Thankfully this big promise isn't working, who knows what would happen to our food supply if the genetic material for dangerous and harmful drugs were to infect the genetic material of the existing food supplies.  I don't need blood pressure meds, but if the only potatoes available were contaminated with the genes to make those and no one knew, or wanted to confess to the problem, it just might kill me.  And genetic contamination is a forgone conclusion, it happens, they can't stop it, and they don't want to try.  the US Supreme Court just ruled against organic seed producers suing Monsanto for contamination of the products used for their livelihood.  The Court said, contamination of non-GM crops by neighboring farms growing similar species that are Genetically Modified is inevitable.  And that as long as the contamination is less than 1% then Monsanto DID NOT HAVE THE RIGHTS TO BRING THE ORGANIC FARMERS TO COURT FOR PATENT INFRINGEMENT. Yes, you read that correctly.  The Organic farmers that sued Monsanto because of unwanted genetic pollution were told that if the pollution got worse, then Monsanto could sue them for patent infringement.  And yes, Former Monsanto directors sit on the Court.

GM plants can be engineered to solve the problems with contaminated Super Fund Sites.  Wow, if this could be true, then it would in fact be the answer to the over 100 Super Fund Sites that plague our country.  Then again, let's not forget that Monsanto is responsible for 48 of those sites and has done nothing about them.  It was a nice idea, phytoremediation, however it has not been exactly successful.  Basically there has been limited success with, are you ready for it, some regular species of non-GM plants doing long term remediation.  Nothing from the genetech guys to help out yet though.  Just another promise.   But then again this is one that scares me, if they did make some super ragweed plant that was able to grow and breakdown PCB or accumulate heavy metals, what would happen if they were to crossbreed with plants everywhere else and then set to work concentrating whatever elements they could acquire in their neighborhood of plants and thus remove all the trace elements from the soils.  Most scientists agree that the trace element content of virtually all of America's farmland is already highly depleted, this will just make it worse.

Genetically Modified Organisms will increase crop yields, require less usage of pesticides, produce crops that are substantially equivalent to conventional crops,  reduce our country's dependence on oil and substantially raise the standard of living for farmers growing our crops.  Yikes, those promises are all broken.  ( The GM Truth ) and ( GM Myths ) and a dozen others, I write about it here a lot.  The truth is that researchers have compared crop yields in the US, Canada and several countries in the EU and GM is losing.  Roundup sales have tripled in 15 years, and now weeds are resistant and have infected 40% of the arable land in the US requiring farmers to use the even more dangerous weed killer, Agent Orange.  Which coincidentally the genetech guys have begun creating new GM crops resistant to that.  Yikes, only a matter of time until they will need stronger ones.  Researchers have done tests on GM corn and soy and the nutrient content is not what was promised, it is lacking.  Oil usage has gone up and the standard of living for farmers hasn't, they pay the genetech companies more and more each year. 

Genetically Modified Crops are needed in order for us to produce enough food for a growing world population.      I just wrote about this a couple weeks ago.  ( Feed the World )  It's all about selling us things we don't need.  That is the definition of marketing.  Big businesses marketed Obama to us, and we bought him.  They marketed GM foods to us, and  because they are not labeled as such, we buy them.  They market their lies, and hold onto promises, and we buy them, promises, lies, and all.

If in fact GM foods are what is needed to feed the world, why is it that the only ones eating GMcrops are humans in developed countries and animals, whose meat is then eaten by humans in developed countries?

Perhaps the rulers of the agrigiants really do think of us as just sheeple. 

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