Friday, May 23, 2014

A Better World, for You and me.

There probably is very little disagreement in that everyone wants a better world for ourselves, and our descendants.  I want a better world, that's why I write this blog and hope that you will read it, tell people about it, and they will tell others and so on and so on.  Public awareness.  A god thing actually, an informed public makes the deceit our rulers pass over on the citizens ever more difficult.  And I think my little ploy may be working, I should hit 20,000 hits to my blog tomorrow.  Nice, thanks.  Perhaps with enough of the world citizens learning about the things I preach here, and others as well, then maybe perhaps some day we can affect real change.
I hate to say it, but back in the sixties and seventies the youth of America protested not just a war, but the very foundation of society.  Heroes of that war on the establishment fell mightily, Jerry Ruben it turned out was an heir to a fortune and never actually had to work a day in his life being a stockholder in many major corporations, Abby Hoffman came back to the US after years in self induced exile and became a part of the establishment he fought against.  Tom Hayden, a politician, ineffective, and like so many of his brethren politicos, prone to corruption. So many others, lost in the quagmire of fuzzy boundaries between reality and idealism.  The fight taken out of them by crass commercialism and money.  The sixties war of revolution to bring back freedom to the people that then seemed foolish to many and righteous to others, was in fact based on the revolution that brought this country into existence.  Foolish at best, it was what it was, an attempt to change our government.  Just as the idealism that drove the revolution in the sixties foundered when the reality of existence in an industrial world became apparent, the needs of the participants to just simply exist overcame the idealism driving the revolution.  So much has been said comparing what we attempted, to the liberation of America from the British that it is difficult to realize that at that time, and with that state of technology, the British could never have won the war just from a logistics standpoint.  The Brits were under supplied, and that fact alone caused them to begin stealing, raping and robbing as they moved through the citizenry and thus becoming ever more hated because of their actions.  Those actions were in fact the prime reason that the third amendment was put into the Bill of Rights.  The citizens had suffered greatly at the hands of the British and their representatives refused to help ratify the new Constitution unless those first ten amendments would be added.  All ten were there to protect personal liberty, from the government itself.
So from our perspective today, what happened to our Constitution.  We don't have the government that was envisioned by our founding fathers.  The senate portion of the bicameral legislative system was in fact intended to represent the rights of states, and ultimately, the power of the elite.  The legislature was for the citizens.  That changed a long time ago.  At the instigation of the elite.  Our Constitution proclaimed that out monetary system would be free from debt, and yet that changed as well, again, instigated by the elite in a system that creates money and pays the founders for the privilege of living high on the hog today and pushing the cost of our excesses onto our progeny.   Our legislative system itself was designed to represent the citizens, but is now a system that creates wealth for the individual legislators in the process of formulating laws that allows corporate america to create and write their own laws and tax rules that benefit themselves, their industries, and their interests all to the exclusion of the basic needs of us, the citizens.  

Buckminster Fuller however expresses the definitive paradigm for change, he is quoted as saying, " You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
Building a new model for our world is easier than you think.  It already exists.  Sustainable farming methods, government and business practices that exhibit integrity and truth in all of their actions and dealings with each other and the public.  Taxation that is in fact proportionate to income, and set at a fixed percentage instead of the current system of the middle class paying higher percentages than the wealthy.  And businesses making decisions based on the health of not only the consumers, but of the earth itself.  The paradigm shift is within our grasp, it is up to us, each and everyone of us to realize this, and to act on it with the POWER that we each have within us.  Don't buy products made by companies that damage the environment, add toxic additives, or don't follow best business practices.  Vote against politicians that demonstrate the inability to follow up on promises and instead place the needs of businesses over that of their constituents.  And finally the ability of every one of us to spread the word of the world that can be, over the world that is.  
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to change the world in which you exist.  The alternative is to live in it as it is, and die a slow death from the toxins in your food and within your environment itself placed there by greed and graft and all within your power to change.   Good luck world citizens.  

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