Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Multiverse, the Solipsistic View of Ego Driven Drivel

At some point in time, most people will be exposed to a concept called "The Multiverse".  This is a philosophy that is more of an exercise of a solipsistic expression of quantum physics rather than an actual viable concept.  Realistically, the entire idea of The Multiverse actually goes against the basic laws of physics.  And the whole idea was given credence because certain people needed a way to rationalize another concept of physics, "The Copenhagen Interpretation".  Whew, this one is actually believable sort of, it states that EVERY single event exists as a fluctuation of a wave on the time line of reality and that wave contains every possible outcome of the event.  The creators of The Multiverse claim that for an individual, usually themselves, they state that for every event in their life, there are a large number, up to an infinite number of possible outcomes.  Each possible event then branches off and creates a separate universe with new possible outcomes for every event.  It becomes like a tree, with the trunk the original event, and branching and dividing into an infinite number of possible universes with an infinite number of likely outcomes.  This is of course a solipsistic view as it does not in any way take into consideration that each and every other living being on the planet also has events in their life in which there are numerous up to infinite numbers of possible outcomes.  And as you are a living part of the universe, someone else's infinite number of universes would also contain your existence and from those possible universes there are another infinite number of possible universes based on possible outcomes to events based not just on your existence and theirs, but every other living person in the existence.  Whew, that rapidly turns into very huge numbers.  And here is the solipsistic viewpoint, it isn't possible.  The basic laws of physics state that the amount of matter and energy are constant, you can't just create a separate universe based on the possible outcomes of an event in your, the observer's, life.  Solipsism.  But then in my paltry existence I have found that those that believe that their viewpoint is greater than any other person's viewpoint, is pretty much viewing the world with a solipsistic view. 

An interesting treatise on Multiverse (Mind-Bending)

Part of the concept of The Multiverse is that I can do, and have done, every possible thing in some variant of the my timeline and my own personal Multiverse.  What this means is that geeky physicists are playing in the concept to explain to themselves that they have had sex with hundreds of swim suit models when in reality and in any universe, they are just geeks and that would never happen.  Years ago when I worked at AT&T customer service, I talked to Bo Derek when she called in.  In some universe somewhere that call led to her and I hooking up and her life being all the better for it.  REALLY?  Not ever happening in any universe.  Possible outcomes do not in any way alter the basic makeup of the personality of the one that conceptualizing the possible universal outcomes.  Ahhhh, wait a minute, if we take that thought to the inevitable conclusion we see that the possible outcomes of any given event are narrowed dramatically just by the given parameters of person of whom we are considering to have multiple outcomes.  It isn't possible to think that I would have married Bo Derek in ANY universe because she is a cognizant human with her own possible outcomes from an infinite number of decision events in her life and there is no way that any of them would lead her to Arizona to meet a broken down ugly old fat man.

Oh, wait, the Multiverse concept designed and conceived by geeky physicists does not in any way take into account that all the other humans in their perceived universe in fact have free will and that just because they themselves want those other humans to act differently does not in any way mean that they possibly could, or would do so.

It is a solipsistic view of what geeks want, and not of reality.  But then I have relatives that think that way, I have an ex that thinks that way, I have a few friends and a close acquaintance that thinks that way, and in some ways, I THINK THAT WAY.  Not all the time, but certainly sometimes.  I won't ever get a flu vaccine.  EVER.  But, this was just a bit of fun, I had some trouble sleeping and read that link above and thought about the universe and my small place in it as a part of the Universal Consciousness and my path to Oneness and laughed and laughed.  All those geeks pretending that in some part of their multiverse they are living the dream with lots of supermodels fighting to get into their bed with them.

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