Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sigh, it's getting a bit old now.

Fiction, by me again. 

It's getting a bit old


Roy Marshall

"Come on Damian, we'll be late for supplication again if we don't hurry!" exclaimed Damian's friend Rudy as he floated off toward the brightly lit clouds in the distance.  Damian held back, slowed and settled upon an outcropping of clouds that formed a pleasing array of resting areas with wondrous views of the Earth below them.  Rudy turned and saw Damian sitting, slowed and came back to sit next to him. 
"What's wrong Damian, why aren't you heading over with everyone?" 
"I don't know Rudy, I just feeling a little lost.  Sort of thinking back to the before times, you know, when we were alive.  Down there." and he pointed down through the clouds to the Earth.  "I just, you know, miss the excitement."
"Damian, how can you?  I mean we are both part of the chosen.  We're here in heaven, part of god's chosen flock.  We made it Damian, we are here in heaven for all eternity now, that's something special."
"Well, I guess.  I mean is it really such an accomplishment though?"
"Damian, what on earth do you mean by that?"
"Look Rudy, realistically, look at who's up here.  Look, there's Richard Nixon.  And last week I was talking to Jimmy Hoffa.  They're up here too."
"Really, Jimmy Hoffa?"
"Yeah, seems he confessed his sins and accepted Jesus into his heart as they were pouring the concrete over him and so he made it in just at the last minute."
"Wow, Hoffa.  I bet he has some stories to tell you."
"Well, yeah, but like most everyone up here, we sort of don't talk about it much.  You know, I don't think anyone really knows what the protocols are.  We are all supposed to have accepted the wisdom and teachings of Jesus, and of course god himself into our hearts, and what happens if they sort of find out that maybe we were just sort of kidding about the whole thing and we're wishing we had done more, and not good things either.  Look Rudy, I mean here we are, it is a nice place and all, the heavenly ideal, clouds, comfort, everything.  But I'm never hungry, I don't need food anymore.  But that hasn't taken away the hunger itself.  I want to eat stuff, real wondrously delicious succulent steak and maybe a lobster as well.  Just because I don't need food, doesn't mean I don't want it anymore.  And women Rudy, I miss women.  Sure they are everywhere up here, but they all wear the same white robes and with their wings and all, but I never get to enjoy looking at women, and touching, and you know, making love to them.  Man, is this really heaven if the best things about being a living human are denied to us after we are dead and given access to what's supposed to be the greatest thing we could have ever possibly wanted when living that life?"
"Ixnay on the negative talk Damian.  You don't know what god or his kid will do to you if they hear you questioning the whole thing."
"Rudy, have you eve heard of anyone getting kicked out of here before?"
"Well, yeah.  I mean, you know, Satan.  I think that's the only one.  I don't remember hearing about anyone else though.  But then maybe no one has ever thought to go against the will of god and question why we are here.  I mean it is pretty simple, we accepted god into our hearts and now we get to exist here in heaven forever.  And all we have to do is worship god.  And you know, that isn't much different from when we were alive on earth and all right?  I mean I went to church all the time, prayed, never did anything against the teachings of his son and my reward came true, I'm here.  Yeah, but if I think about it, it's not really like living.  We don't eat, I do miss sex with my wife.  And she has her own friends up here now, we barely see each other anymore.  Yeah, I go to supplication when they call us, and give silent thanks and praise god and all that, just like I'm supposed to.  But you know, the thing I miss the most is coffee on a rainy morning.  Sitting on the back patio barefoot with my feet getting splashed with cold raindrops, and a cup of good joe in my hand.  Man, wow, hadn't ever expressed that feeling to anyone before Damian."
"You know Rudy, I bet that we aren't the only ones that feel that way.  Let's face it, after a fun and fulfilling life on Earth, watching life go on below us in our viewing areas and spending most of our time giving thanks to our god for creating us and bringing us up here, is getting kind of old.  Don't you think so?"
Rudy was looking nervously around him in all directions, then began, "Sorry, just checking about for any of the archangels, I may not be all that thrilled with my eternity so far here, but I have got to think that it's a whole lot better than the alternative.  You know, down there."  And with that, he pointed downwards. 
"I don't know, maybe.  How do we know.  I mean, that's what they tell us.  Look, here comes Gabriel to shepherd us to supplication.  Let's talk to him a bit."
A giant angel in long silky robes of the whitest white fluttered over to the pair, "You two, reverence and thanks to our lord is about to begin, why are the two of you sitting here viewing?"
Damian look over at Rudy who sat frozen in fear, then he turned toward Gabriel and began, "Gabe, I am just wondering what else there is to heaven.  When I was alive, I firmly believed that by my living a truly good life and giving myself to my god and his son then I would be rewarded in my afterlife with all good things and heavenly prosperity.  So far, it's just been look at the world we left and give praise all the time.  I kind of want to partake in some of those pleasures, you know, a steak, a woman, some good wine..."
With a gesture of his hand, Gabriel's wave caused a blinding flash of light and a puff of heavenly smoke existed where moments before Damian sat questioning heaven itself.  He then turned to Rudy, "Don't you think you should get off to supplication?"
Rudy flew off toward the bright lights of the gathering about the lord god as fast as his wings could take him.  Never again would he question how wondrous the dull and boring existence was here in the lord's eternal sanctum provided for him. 
Damian found himself as a newborn baby, reincarnated to begin to learn all over again what it means to be a human, and to find his place somewhere in the grand order of things.
The End

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