Friday, August 22, 2014

And now for something completely different. Fusion

Alright, I admit it, I'm a little weird.  Well, some might disagree with that statement and claim that I am a lot weird.  Either way, I do like to question the norm, the staid tried and true, and let's face it, often times boring world of culinary experimentation.  There are some notable chefs out there that claim to expand and surpass the boundaries of the culinary experience.  And most of the time I look at their stuff and think, man, that's pretty tame.  I DO some weird and incredibly tasty stuff.  It sounds weird, but this little recipe today is just so unique, so over the top, so outrageous and soooooo delicious that you have just got to try it and you will say the same thing.

It starts with leftovers.  Hey, be creative.  This is made with some leftover corned beef and cabbage.  With my unique twist.  Here I found some large pablano peppers and just roasted them under the broiler although if you have a grill, feel free to do so.  When blackened all over, remove and put in a large bowl and cover the bowl with plastic wrap.  When cooled, rub the skins off the pepper.  Take a knife and make a slit in one side and whatever seeds are in it, rinse them out.  Now take leftover corned beef and cut into large cubes.  Cut the cabbage into bite size pieces and if you cooked potatoes with it, cut them up also.  Now, in the pepper, stuff some of each into it so that it is overflowing with the corned beef and cabbage.  Heat in the oven or microwave and squirt on some spicy brown mustard and some horseradish sauce.  Serve.

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