Friday, August 22, 2014

Meat pie? No way!! Make room for Meat Cake!!!!

Yes, these pictures are fro a couple years ago, but I thought that since I started the day out with some stuff on one type of fusion cooking that I have done, that this would follow in the same vein of just out and out weird. 

This is a meatloaf layer cake with mashed potato frosting.  It is really simple, I use a pressure cooker to cook my Yukon Gold potatoes to mash, you don't boil them, they are pressure cooked in only a half cup water and when you mash the potatoes, you add that water back in so you aren't pouring nutrients down the drain as you do when you just boil them.  Then I like using a ricer, it makes the whole process easier, and cooking should be about fast, easy, convenient and utterly delicious.  And for me, unique.

Any way, mash your potatoes, here I added roasted garlic and cheese to them.  Then make some meatloaf and just pack the meatloaf mixture into cake pans. Bake until at least 160 in the middle.  Remove, cool a bit, then frost like a cake.  You want some weird looks when you serve this, you will get them.

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