Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Statistical Evidence is not fact. Any theory deduced is false, at least any proposing concepts contrary to the perception fed to us by the prevailing establishment

Well that's a long title. And for those not quite sure what it means, let me explain. Science dominates our modern existence. And there are a lot of differing studies of science. Some, have very little room for interpretation. From the basic arithmetic functionality of how computers operate to the complex calculus and physics needed to design buildings, roadways and well, the basic structure of the man made portion of our world. The other sciences, are all based on subjective interpretation of data normally collected either via experimentation or observation of existing phenomena and even specific extrapolation of our recorded history. Scientists gather the data they need, from whatever source being used, then draw conclusions about their research based on Statistically significant trends as determined by analysis of the raw data.

Here's a simple example, look at the database that contains all the car crashes in say, Arizona; and determine the casualty rate based on speed of crash. Look at car crashes at 10 mph and on a graph, plot how many deaths per accident occured. Then do the same for 20 mph, then 30 and 40 and 50. We won't get a straight line, it will curve sharply upwards. And it will perform in a measurable, specific way. And from that chart, we can pretty accurately predict what will happen at 70, 80, 90 miles an hour. This is a statistical probability of the causality effects of speed in car crashes based on statistical evidence. This technique is pretty much used EVERYWHERE in science. This differs dramatically from anecdotal evidence. By that I mean that you sister's boyfriend's cousin's next door neighbor was driving at 200 mph and hit a wall and lived. That has little to do with the statistical determination that driving faster and crashing gives a greater risk of dying. That's an anecdotal plot on the graph of life and probably not true, but fun to tell.

A long time ago, (yikes, I really am that old) I noticed something when working with commercial mushroom growers. They had problems with transference of the mycillium to new beds from existing ones. Micrographs showed small subtle degradation of the mitochondria in some samples. When examining the specifics of the substrate for each specimen a graph was made that showed a significant trend, a statistical probability of the outcome due to specific conditions in the individual environment of each bed used for growing. Science, and statistics in action.

These are just two examples of how statistics are used in science, from the gleaning of data already available to experimental research gathering specific data to reach conclusions. I'm not that interested in doing research in a lab any more, too old, too poor, too tired. But I do like to sit at my computer and look at the research that others do. And I see statistical evidence showing specific protocols that modern industrial economic and governmental ruling classes don't want to admit exist. And all of them deny whole heatedly and completely that all of this doesn't exist and is in error. There is wholesale denial of statistical evidence.

Case study number 1. Vaccines. I have written about them before and everything that I have printed here I have gleaned from the volumes of research available to anyone using the internet. The salient point here is that according to published DATA from a wide variety of sources, things are not what we are told. In the EU where they actually publish these things (as opposed to the US where it is kept secret) more adults die from the flu vaccine than die from the flu. In the US, American children are mandated to have 49 vaccinations before the age of 6, and are 34th in infant mortality having a higher infant mortality rate than Cuba and other underdeveloped countries. In the US blacks have an infant mortality rate of 18.6 per 1,000 live births and whites 8.8. Overall vaccination rates for whites has dropped since 2002 with an overall rate of infant children receiving all 49 vaccines before age 6 now being less than 71%. Whereas blacks have overall compliance of slightly under 91%. Despite hours of trying, I have never been able to find the total number of claimants that have used the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, otherwise known as Vaccine Court. They do not allow access to the public of that information. I do know that the Feds set aside 200 billion dollars to compensate those injured by vaccines. This has nothing to do with autism, this is all about the quantifiable evidence that a very large percentage of children and adults that receive vaccines suffer from nearly 100 known adverse serious side effects other than rash and fever. The Feds own HRSA even has a webpage that gives a timetable to watch for specific side effects and how long it takes to materialize and the parameters needed in order to make a successful claim to the Vaccine Court for payment. Given the multitude of problems with CURRENT manufacturing processes for CURRENT vaccines, there is Statistical Evidence that they are unsafe, poorly designed and a causitive factor in many many long and short term health problems up to and including death.

Case study number 2. Genetically Modified Food. Again, I write about this all the time. The establishment of the ruling class in America has decreed that Genetically Modified Foods are necessary to produce enough food for the world. In America, there are 3,537,455 square miles of land. The US produced 1,006,000 metric tons of milk on that land using rBGH hormones to increase milk production. The USDA estimates that approximately 85% of milk produced in the US is done using rBGH hormone treatment. The EU has 1,707,462 square miles of land and produced 1,400,00 metric tons of milk. None of it had rBGH as it is illegal to use in the EU and just about every other country in the world. Crop yields according to the USDA ERS are mixed, with only slight increases; however total costs for farmers initially dropped after the introduction of GM crops because of labor and mechanical costs were lower; but in recent years costs of GM seeds has risen over 3000%. EU farmers growing traditional crops have seen yield growth in double digits due to improved computerized farming methods. In the world today, GM crops we have been told are the future to world hunger. However 72% of all corn and 88% of all soy grown is used for animal feed. Western dietary habits with extremely HIGH percentage of meat intake is the driving force for the shift from agrarian biodiversity to agrigiant monoculture for meat production. There is Statistical Evidence that Genetically Modified foods are NOT the answer to feeding the growing world population.

Case study number 3. Pesticides. Again, I write about these things here on my blog a lot. Whereas the US government EPA gives us the "Animal Farm" belief that GM crops are reducing the total amounts of pesticide usage in the world today, the actual facts differ when information is gleaned from reports from the manufacturers of chemical pesticides in the forms of Herbicides glyphosate, 2,4-D, atrazine, metachlor-S, acetaclor, and pendamethalin; Fumigants meta sodium, dichloropropene, mythyl bromide, and chloropicrin; and Insecticides which comprise a wide variety of chemicals in eighteen groups. The EPA tells us that from 2007 to 2009 pesticide usage dropped 2.2%. Sales by weight of pesticides increased in the same time period according to manufacturer's information by nearly 7%. Independent testing of the herbicide glyphosate shows that when fed to mice at a rate of .005 parts per million of their feed, there was significant neural damage along with developing renal tumors. Because of the overuse of herbicides there are now sixteen reported species of weeds that have become resistant to glyphosate which has driven the increase in its usage. Mounting pressure from agribusinesses forced the EPA to raise the allowable limit of glyphosate on animal feed from 1 ppm to 200 PARTS PER MILLION.

There is Statistical Evidence that Americans are being lied to by our leaders, our corporate masters, and the media. Anyone that produces evidence to the contrary is denounced as using bad science.

However, it's all right there for anyone to see.

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  1. I was just told by someone via a comment (that I had to delete for language) to my blog that I am nuts and that I am accusing all of the leaders of big business, all of the elected officials and heads of governmental departments of a huge CONSPIRACY and that it isn't possible. Wow, I'm sorry, I never once, not one time ever, have I said there was a conspiracy to defraud Americans. What I have said, and will always say is that government officials either elected or appointed accept money for influence. Any person that thinks that never happens is living in a dream world. From the very day that any person decides to run for elected office then their lives are an endless chain of fundraising. If disbelievers think for any reason that contributors to election campaigns do so out of the goodness of their hearts must also believe in unicorns and faeries. Big business means big money and big favors in return. It isn't a conspiracy, it never has been. It has always been just that, a lot of heads of corporations that have for decades gotten away with buying legislation and favortism continue to do so and they all do it for their own PERSONAL corporate gain. The problem is that there are a lot of them out there doing just that. And we the citizens suffer.