Monday, August 3, 2015

Human Evolution, it's all about Acceptable Losses

I'm sure most everyone, well those my age or thereabouts, have watched war movies. Or even M.A.S.H. the episode with the General that wanted to take a hill and he decided that 20% casualty rate was acceptable. It has always been a very real and frightening concept, Acceptable Losses. To get anywhere, to get anything done, people are going to die. Dead. Deaths. Or perhaps just permanently disabled. It's a fact of war, the calculation of the number of human lives needed to achieve a particular objective. The lives of real live human beings converted into the abstract representation of a number. But that's war. Lives are expected to be lost. Hills need to be taken, young men need to die to get that done.

That same concept however exists elsewhere in our modern world run by those that themselves never get their hands dirty. Pretty much everything within our modern society has been developed using those same statistical functionalities of Acceptable Losses. Granted, manufacturers and our government bureaucracies all work to attempt to limit the final evaluation of total Acceptable Losses, that's why there are safety features on cars, occasional inspections of bridges and transportation infrastructures. Along with the safety testing of drugs, food additives, food manufacturing processes, air quality, and water quality. And yes, even vaccines. The thing is, EVERYONE will agree that the human body is in itself a miracle. Each and every single person out there reacts differently to differing stimulus, foods, drugs and whatever. We are all humans, but we all are very different.

That's where the problems lie. It is impossible to test the safety and effectiveness of anything on the population as a whole as individuals react differently and therefore drugs, foods, cars, and everything else can only be designed to be beneficial for a statistically significant majority of the population. Those that don't quite fit into that large majority become, Acceptable Losses. It's inevitable, there will always be people that die from something within everything that modern society offers, be it processed foods, cigarettes, drugs, vaccines, and yes, especially cars. They can make them safer, but they can't make those that drive totally cognizant of everything. Therefore, some die.

The concept is sound, it is always going to be with us. Our government and the Elite of industry tell us they are all working hard to lower that magic number of Acceptable Losses all the time. Well, they tell us that. It isn't always true. In 2010 two researchers, senior researchers, went to the Feds to expose how their employer, Merck, was defrauding the world with their portion of the MMR vaccine that was ineffective, dangerous and that Merck knew about it and sold it anyway. (Merck)  One case? No, not really. This is just one case of whisteblowers that most have never heard about and shows the tactics that the company and yes, even our government is fighting to cover up. It is not the only case of malfeasance. Pretty much every single drug manufacturer has been in court with the FDA and accepting fines for doing the unthinkable, falsifying data to get their products approved. (Forbes on FDA Fines) (The FDA on banning) (The Justice Department on Fraud in the drug industry)

Yikes. Not everyone seems to be honest about making money. Perhaps there is a reason for it all. And here, this is all pure speculation. But it is a very real and viable concept that explains the actions of the leaders of our world. In order to eliminate the majority of those that don't fit into the well defined medium that has been established wherein safety measures for food, drugs, vaccines, and yes even cars are effective; they are allowed to just die off. Not unlike those leaders of the past that attempted genocide for particularly personal prejudices, today's rulers are practicing genocide on a much grander scale with what they consider more noble ideals. Anyone that doesn't fit into those parameters where their chosen food additives, drugs and vaccines are viable and effective, need to be eliminated from society so that society as a whole can exist without the need for continuous monitoring and testing of products for safety. The safety will be built into the existing population. The survivors that now populate the world will still exist because their ancestors survived the introduction of GMO's, food additives, McDonald's and drugs and are now a homogeneous blend of a specific genotype that reacts similarly to the outside stimulus in statistically predictable ways. With Acceptable Losses being a thing of the past...

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