Friday, March 4, 2016

Vegetarian Tacos, kinda cool actually

So I started making my taco seasonings a while back and I think most know, I don't eat meat. But that doesn't mean I can't have tacos. I love tacos. Tacos don't necessarily mean meat. Tacos means tasty bites of wondrous spicy (at times) stuff that will tantalize and satisfy on a primal level. Me, I ate a lot of fish tacos in my day. So tonight I thought I would try something different. 

I made some humus the other day and cooked some extra garbanzo beans just for doing this. As I have talked about
here in the past, there are techniques that can be done when preparing food that will make healthy foods, healthier. Simple things. I take my garbanzo beans and soak overnight with a bit of liquid from some of my fermented kim chee style fermented cabbage. Drained them the next day and cooked in a pressure cooker until semi soft. Most went into humus, the rest in the fridge for tacos.  Place them in the bowl of the food processor and chop, sort of rough. Dice a half an onion and saute a couple minutes
in a skillet and then dump in the chopped garbanzos. Stir well and add a half a pack of my taco seasoning. Here I used the Garlic Taco Mix, sort of didn't feel like really hot tonight. So the mild one. Then stir it in well and add a quarter cup of the cooking liquid from the garbanzos. Stir it in well and cook until the liquid is
absorbed and thickened. Then make your tacos. 

This night I didn't feel like corn shells, nor flour tortillas. So I did the weird thing. I used butter lettuce leaves and topped with shredded red leaf lettuce and a bit of shredded cheese. Not exactly a taco, more like a Chinese Lettuce Wrap. Only better.


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