Friday, March 4, 2016

Aluminum Adjuvants. Theory, practice, reality

Since the birth of modern vaccination development in the mid 1920's, aluminum has been added to the vaccine production with the concept that the heavy metal compounds when injected into human bodies will increase the human immune response and thus increase the effectiveness of the vaccine as the human body works diligently to offset the introduction of foreign viruses along with all the other ingredients in the vaccine by creating antibodies. Aluminum salts were believed to aid in this effect. That belief came about because of the human body's natural response when foreign substances are injected, swallowed, attached topically or in any other way introduced into or onto a human person. The human system will fight to reject the foreign substance. 

It's called autoimmune response. When you get a sliver in your finger, and you don't remove it; the skin around the sliver swells and pus forms in preparation to expel the invading foreign body. That's how it works. The same thing happens when substances are injected into the bloodstream, the human immune system works to alter the foreign bodies in a number of ways. The most common, and the one in which the entire vaccine industry is founded on is that the human immune system creates specific antibodies that are specific to each strain of virus. Those antibodies, for the most part, destroy those specific viruses that caused the immune system to create them. And, here, the cool thing is, for most virus antibodies, they remain in the human system throughout the lifetime of the host human and continue to provide natural real protection against those same viruses should they be reintroduced into the human body again.

Well, that's supposed to be how it works. For many pathogens, that's how it does in fact work. When I was a child, I contracted chicken pox and measles. It has generally been accepted in ALL medical texts and throughout the entire medical profession, that I will NEVER contract measles or chicken pox throughout my life ever again. My body has produced antibodies for those two diseases and they will remain in my body and protect me as long as I live. Or as long as those two viruses don't alter dramatically through the process of adaption and evolution. Which realistically if you are Christian, those processes aren't real so they are discounted as arbitrary and unimportant. And that lifetime immunity is the goal of the vaccine industry, to be able to on demand, create synthetic, artificial immunity to the diseases that inflict havoc, death and mutilation upon humanity. 

Since the inception of the industry, the belief has been that anything that furthers the human body's natural ability to create those antibodies within the human system; is a good thing. And that's how aluminum adjuvants were introduced into the manufacture of vaccines. If you inject aluminum salts into your skin, your body reacts, it swells, it forms pus around the injection site, and the body responds in a wide variety of ways in an attempt to rid the body of the foreign substance. Again, that's called the Autoimmune Response. At some point some one some where some how thought that you could create a greater autoimmune response artificially by adding adjuvants to dead viruses. The reasoning is the body would create a greater number of antibodies against those viruses. And it does work, there is proof that the numbers of specific antigens is greater when adjuvants are present in the vaccine. The questions arise however as to just how harmless the adjuvants are to the human system and in fact, does the entire process actually work.   

The thing is, aluminum salts are not the only adjuvants added to vaccines. They are just one of a host of additives. And the one that has been in continuous use the longest. If you want to view what the ingredients actually are in vaccines in use today, you can go here (VACCINE INGREDIENTS) where the CDC actually lists all them for everyone to see. Just take a look at the first vaccine on the list. It contains MSG, Coal tar dye Yellow Number 6, four different types of sugar, acetone and, aluminum salts. Adjuvants. Not harmful, as described by the manufacturers. Now the reasoning behind adding aluminum to vaccines is upheld by the regulatory agency that determines whether or not any specific ingredient added is in fact, or could possibly determined to be, dangerous. The FDA. If you go here, (FDA and Aluminum) you will find the FDA website page that specifically tells us the reasoning used by scientists as to why they in 2011 once again approved the use of aluminum salts in all vaccines as a safe adjuvant. The reasoning is very convoluted. It was based on absolutely no research into what happens when human babies are injected with aluminum salts. The reasoning however, is believed to be sound. It's simple, since aluminum is present in the environment, baby formula contains trace aluminum, water contains trace aluminum, pretty much aluminum is everywhere; therefore the small amounts added to vaccines do not pose a significant risk factor for additional neurotoxic effects by direct injection into the bloodstream.

That's pretty sound reasoning, for government workers.

I'm sorry, I can't get this entire article to be available to the general public, but the abstract is really all one needs to look at and see that there is some dissension in the ranks of scientists out there. So look at this one paragraph and see a very different point of view in regards to aluminum. (PUBMed Abstract) The reasoning behind the usage of aluminum, and well any other adjuvants, is being called to question. Realistically one must consider some of the basic operational procedures within the medical community, the entire concept that vaccination will enhance the life of the recipient. And conversely, that the concept is even viable. As I stated above, I contracted measles as a child. I have immunity. The CDC now specifically states that children that get the measles vaccine need to have three doses before the age of 2. And subsequently there is a need for additional doses of the vaccine before the child enters school. Up to 3 more vaccinations for the same virus. And as we discovered last year at the highly publicized measles outbreak, it was discovered that 43% of those that contracted measles, had already been vaccinated against the disease. I did discuss this very issue a year ago, go here to read about it (MEASLES

Now I know, I'm not an expert on scientific research into the causes of childhood diseases, vaccinations, governmental policies or anything else other than my field of study, which was the propagation of mushrooms and food technology; and I don't have a PhD after my name. An MS is no where near as impressive. (Well that's what Sheldon says of poor old Wolowitz) But no one needs any initials after their name to understand that there is controversy in this field. There are scientists on both sides of the issues. There are shortcuts being taken that cannot be justified by governmental regulators setting a policy based on the reasoning that aluminum exists everywhere, a little bit more injected directly into your blood won't hurt. And finally, given studies showing the benefits of childhood illnesses and the benefits to the human immune system through the natural cycle of contracting certain childhood diseases such as measles, chicken pox and others, the recommended procedures for vaccinations should be looked at with suspect.


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