Thursday, September 22, 2016

First you have to take a leek. Bless us Oh Great One, Julia Child

I first heard that joke when Julia Child had one incarnation of her television cookery show or another. I believe it was back in the seventies, it was so clever, she was so deadpan. I often think she had no idea what the connotation was to which the public attributed her comment. she didn't need to know, it boosted her to ever greater fame. Julia Child, Superstar. how can we honor her memory. 

By taking a leek.

I often make little mini muffin sized either cheesecakes that are savory, or like these, crustless quiches. I'm not eating a
lot of flour products of late, just having trouble getting real organic wheat berries. I have been reading a lot about how much glyphosate (Roundup weed killer) is used on wheat grown in the US. Sad, but most conventional wheat growers spray glyphosate on their crops in order to facilitate faster more consistent harvest. Glyphosate is now estimated to be sprayed on over 93% of wheat. And the worst part is that it's sprayed just a few days before harvest. Glyphosate has a nineteen day half life in moist soil. Once sprayed on wheat kernels, it stays there right through the manufacturing process and is a main source of contamination of wheat products. I'm not the first to draw this conclusion, that people aren't allergic to wheat or gluten, they're allergic to the crap sprayed on the wheat. (NCBI Library on the subject, my favorite Fed thing, a repository of knowledge)

Some things won't change, I will still eat bread that I grind the wheat myself after having bought the wheat kernels as certified organic. It's just expensive, and hard to find. Austin had a great food selection, Phoenix, not so much. But I try.

Anyway, I took a leek, cut the green part off, sliced in half and washed the sand out. Cut into slices with half a red onion and sauteed in a bit of organic butter and some olive oil. Added some nice white wine and let that evaporate off. Then beat four eggs with a half cup sour cream. Now, I grated some Asiago cheese (GOTTA LOVE HARD
CHEESES) I just read about a Norwegian study that showed the benefits of eating hard cheeses in raising good HDL cholesterol which helps to prevent heart disease. Rubbed a bit of butter around the cupcake tin and filled with the leek mix and some cheese. Then poured in the egg mix and topped with a little more cheese. Baked at 350 for about 25 minutes and they
were brown, puffy and smelled fabulous. I let them sit on the counter for a bit, maybe twenty minutes or so. Then just use a knife to loosen the edges and pop them out. 

I then made a Waldorf. So good. Organic apples are in season at the farmers markets now. So this is all organic, sliced celery, black grapes (sorry, from Winco)((they carry a lot more organic of late)) a red onion, and a diced apple. And a few pecans from Picacho and mix
all together and coat with yogurt with just a touch of honey.  

The picture at the top of the page shows an eighth of a cantaloupe. Sadly this is the last of the REAL summer melons. Local Cantaloupes are done for the season. You can buy melons at the grocery stores. But they are sad Sad SAD. If you have never had a real picked when ripe cantaloupe then you have no idea what you're missing. Grocery store melons are picked when hard, shipped for who knows how long, and have little flavor. And little resemblance to real melons. I eat a lot of melon in the summer. It's worth a drive to the farmers market just to pick them up. And the variety of other melons, amazing. Orange flesh Honeydew are my favorite.


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