Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A big loss for the health of our descendants

Well, it is done, the votes are in and the majority of the people in California have told big agribusiness that we as Americans do not want the same choices that the rest of the world gets relative to the poisonous Genetically Modified foods.


With the September release of the first long term feeding studies showing that there is a definitive correlation with feeding GM corn to rats and their getting significantly higher rates of tumors, degeneration or liver, kidneys and brains; it is a good thing.  Of course it is due here as well, as India banned GM plants last week.  Most of the people in Europe are turning away from GM foods and they do not sell there.  It may take some effort, but eventually we here in American will ban them here as well.  The unfortunate thing is that it will take thousands and thousands of innocent people here dying from ALS type symptoms, huge increases in cancer, kidney failure, degenerative liver problems and other terrible consequences that are just now coming to light about these horrific abominations.  Genetically Modified plants, and salmon.   Just another way for Monsanto to make millions while killing humans.  Remember, Monsanto is quite used to litigation, the trillions of dollars of lawsuits that are expected from their poisoning of our food supply is just another drop in the hat to them,  Remember PCB's, Agent Orange, the violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the French government nailing them for false advertising cuz Monsanto said Roundup was biodegradable and them froggy boys discovered the truth, that it isn't.  Sheesh, what else have they been hauled into court for, destroying the water quality with PCB and a whole host of other toxins in Broficin Quarry in Wales.
Of course there are the Monsanto filed lawsuits, those are unbelievable.  If a farmer is planting crops, like he has done for years and years, then at the end of the season if he keeps seed aside to plant again the next spring, that should be a normal thing to do right.  Not so, if the farmer's neighbor plants GM crops and our innocent farmer then has his fields contaminated with the pollen from his neighbors fields; then that farmer is liable for damages in the amount of any profit he might make because the plants he is growing have GM genes and Monsanto says they own them.  And they have sued farmers and won even though the farmers did not want the GM, never bought the GM and want to get rid of the GM plants.  But because of contamination by GM plants in nearby fields, they were screwed.  Doesn't seem right does it?  But then again if you are stupid and spill hot coffee in your lap, you can sue and get a million dollars.  Just another failure of our American way of life.  Or perhaps it is a failure of Americans to give a shit about anything other than fast food, diet cola, reality TV shows and sitting on their butts to watch them.

This truly is a story of Goliath once again winning in the battle and terrorizing the people living in the valley.  Only the valley is all of California, and now the whole country.  Yes, it is true, a million dollars a day in TV ads spouting out and out lies has brainwashed the Reality TV show watchers and those that went out and voted sided with Big Agribusinesses and now they have an unbridled ability to foist ever more toxic poisons on the unsuspecting (and apparently uncaring) public. 

I don't understand it.  GM foods are failures!  They have not brought the huge increases in output they were supposed to have.  They no longer fight off insects as the insects now have resistance to them.   Weed killers no longer are effective because the weeds are resistant.  The weed killer is now shown to not only not be biodegradable but accumulate in human tissue. The BT Toxin has been shown to NOT be broken down in the human digestive tract and the BT Toxin producing genes are now part of the bacterial flora in human guts and continue to produce BT Toxin in our own systems.  Newly released studies show long term ingestion of GM corn produces tumors and degradation of kidneys, liver and brain tissues.  And yet California voters don't care if they eat the stuff. 

The last three presidents only eat organic food.  This is from interviews with the last two white house executive chefs.  We pay for their food so they can.  Romney only eats organic.  His wife had MS and got better after switching to an organic diet.  I wonder if the board at Monsanto eats organic.  A million dollars a day spent to defeat Prop 37, and they make billions on poisoning our food, no, they aren't stupid enough to eat their own crap. 

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