Friday, November 23, 2012

Piloncillo Chipotle sauce with Goat Cheese Ravioli

Okay, one of the things that I am most proud of in my life, other than my son, is one of the products in my last company, Foods of the Gods.  It was Goat Cheese with Piloncillo Chipotle Salted Caramel Sauce.  To eat the stuff, well, it was an incredible experience in taste.  One that I think that most of the people that tasted it and then bought it, (over 90%) thought of it as well.  I want to do a little something as an appetizer for an event coming up with some friends, and I thought about what I could do with those flavors to make it more delicious, and easier to serve.  And I came upon this idea.  Goat cheese ravioli and then cover them with that same sauce.  They are spectacular.  And they freeze well, and they are easy to thaw and serve at just room temperature.

Make the sauce first.  Go to the Mexican food section of your grocery store, and pick up two piloncillo cones.  In a sauce pan, heat two cups water with the two cones.  Cook until the cones melt, and continue to boil until very thick.  Add a 12 ounce can of dulce de leche.  Take 4 canned chipotle peppers from a small can of chipotles in adobo.  Place in a blender with a half cup of water and whizz until fine.  Add to the sauce pan along with 2 tablespoons sea salt.  Heat through.

Make the raviolis.  Take out 8 ounces goat cheese and allow to come to room temperature.  Into the bowl of your mixer or a food processor, put in two cups unbleached unbromated organic all purpose flour, and one cup of durum wheat flour.  Add a quarter cup honey and two eggs.  Whizz or mix and add enough water so that with the machine on, it forms a ball.  Take the ball out and cut it into 4 pieces.  Using a pasta roller and lots of flour, roll the dough out into sheets down to the second to thinnest setting.  Make sure well dusted with flour and fold into small sections and put aside, covered with a damp towel.  Repeat for remaining three sections.  Mix the goat cheese with a quarter cup of the sauce.  Place the sheet of dough onto the ravioli press and push the nipple section into the press.  Place a teaspoon of the goat cheese into the dimple of the dough on the ravioli maker.  Brush the edges with water, then place another piece of dough on top.  Using a rolling pin, press down and cut and seal the edges.  Remove from the press and place on a rack in front of a fan.  Let them air dry for a while and then you can put into a bag and freeze the way they are, or cook right away in boiling water.  Cook for three minutes, then serve with the sauce.  

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