Sunday, November 4, 2012

Help, I need somebody, Help, not just anybody! Help! We need a GM Superfund

I need to find someone with money to burn.  Someone that has the right attitude toward GM plants and animals.  A lawyer would be nice, but anyone with money would work.  I want to get a team off lawyers together and file a class action lawsuit against Monsanto and all the other gene technology companies out there.  I don't want the money, I want the money to go into a fund that will be used to help clean up the ecological disaster that they have caused.  Kind of like the big tobacco lawsuit, money into a fund for healthcare.  Here gene tech profits all go into a fund to help take care of the massive problems that we are just beginning to find.

To start, all the weed killer resistant weeds that exist. At this time, researchers have found 28 species of weeds or weedlike plants covering 16 families of plants that are not only roundup resistant but also Agent Orange resistant.  These weeds are resistant because farmers are CONTRACTUALLY required to use roundup on their crops when they plant GM plants.  It is required of them.  Monsanto and Dow along with DuPont bought up all the seed companies in the 90's and pretty much they only offer GM seed to farmers.  Their only option is to buy the GM seed, use the chemicals and say their prayers like the rest of the world hoping that all these lies told to them by GM tech companies are true.  Even though we are finding out that they really and truly are lies.

GM crops were supposed to increase the yields of farmlands with less work, less toxic chemicals and greater output.  Not so, this has been proven to be a complete and total fantasy.  The Department of Agriculture itself has found that the soybean crop from GM fields to be on average 15% less than non-GM crops.  Herbicide sales have skyrocketed.  And pesticide sales have gone way up as well, with the advent of BT toxin resistant insects now showing up everywhere.  The promise of less chemicals is just another fantasy as the natural world adapts to the horrors of GM technology.

Corn is Genetically Modified.  There is no non-GM corn anywhere in the world now.  High in the mountains of Mexico the native people there have been raising their native corn for over a thousand years.  Indigenous to that area, it was perfectly suited to conditions on the volcanic soil where it has grown and fed the people for generations.  GM corn is based on highly technolized corn plants.  Shallow roots, dependent on high phosphate chemical fertilizers; today's GM corn could not survive and flourish in nature.  Mexican corn is now infected with the genes from GM corn.  Five years ago scientists speculated that there would not be any non-GM corn left by 2018.  They were wrong, it has happened as of 3 years ago.  The corn pollen from GM corn fields is airborne and has drifted into the high Mexican mountains and destroyed the corn population there.  Now, the hybridized corn no longer grows freely in the rich volcanic soil, but withers without applications of high phosphate chemical fertilizers that the native people cannot afford to purchase.

In India, Monsanto convinced the government that BT Toxin cotton was the plant of choice as it is resistant to the boll worm and will increase the yields and cut the costs to the farmers.  Indian farmers planted thousands of hectares of the miracle GM cotton.  By the second year, boll worms had become completely resistant to the BT toxin and devastated the crops.  Crop yields have been less than 25% of previous yields and costs to the farmers have skyrocketed as now they not only have to pay for their seed, they have to buy high phosphate fertilizer and pesticides.  And to top it all off with yet another problem, when farmers allow their sheep to graze on the cotton stubble, as they have for years and years; the sheep sicken and die.  With no recourse, and bankruptcy, Indian farmers are committing suicide in huge numbers.  Over 25,000 have taken their own lives in total desperation.  The government of India just last week banned GM crops.

I've said this before, I will repeat it again here.  In 1996 when Monsanto went before Congress to get their BLANKET APPROVAL FOR ALL GM PLANTS, they testified that the genes inserted into plants will not, cannot, in anyway transfer to any other organism.  They lied.  Princeton researchers have found GM genes in the bacteria living in the intestinal tracts of human beings.  The bacterial flora that live within our systems is one of the main parts of our immune systems.  When our gut bacteria die, we have lots of problems.  If our gut bacteria suddenly begin to take on the characteristics of Genetically Modified plants, such as producing BT toxin, we have no studies as to what will happen.  However, in 1996, Monsanto scientists told Congress that BT toxin is harmless and is destroyed by the human digestive system.  They lied. Scientists have recently discovered BT toxin in the blood stream of human volunteers.  And the worst part, they found it in the blood of unborn fetuses.

Monsanto has NEVER done any long term studies on the effects of eating GM foods.  Someone else just did.  They fed a large number of rats a diet that consisted of 11% GM corn.  After 13 months, they sacrificed the rats and autopsied them.  They found tumors in their breasts and deterioration of the kidneys, livers and brains.  And they had pretty poor overall health before their deaths.  

I want that super GM fund to be there to help the Indian farmers.  To help the Mexican farmers.  And most of all, I want it to be there to help Americans that down the road find out that cancer, kidney disease, ALS type brain disorders are found to be caused by BT toxin, or some other unimagined problems that are found to be caused by Genetically Modified foods.

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