Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nano-Chemicals! If it isn't too bad for humans as is, make it into superfine and just assume it's not too bad still.

Nanotechnologies.  Sort of the opposite of what we think about normally.  If a little bit is good, a whole lot, (and/or BIGGER) must be better.  I mean it seems reasonable, one shot of tequila makes you feel good, a whole lot of shots must make you feel real good. Not always accurate, but the general concept is rather widely accepted.  This decade though, the corporate business world has been swept with new technologies.  Nano tech is one of the newest.  Not the nanobots of scifi where little robots are injected into your bloodstream and perform miracles, or make for horrific movie fodder.  But the process of making things smaller is now going high tech and into the field of nano size.  It isn't just the scary aspect of what the nano technology can do, it is the other stuff that I found out about in my research on the FDA (gotta love those guys) and how they treat this new technology and their lack of, well, for a better term, caring.

Titanium dioxide.  This is something that has been around for a long time.  It is basically a relatively inert compound that has been found in the past to have very low toxicity.  It is a widely used compound in most sunblocks and cosmetics.  A few years ago, the scientists stepped in and found that they can make TiO2 (titanium dioxide) into a nano compound.  Regular off the shelf TiO2 has a particle size of about 800 to 1000 nanometers.  The nano stuff is in the <20 nanometers size.  Still the same chemical makeup it's just one titanium atom and two oxygen atoms.  So is there a difference in the effect in the human body.  Well, some of the research that has been done, and there has been very little, shows that TiO2 particles that size pass right through the cell walls of human skin cells when applied topically.  They then attach themselves to the ribosomes within the cells.  Nothing else seems to have been discovered.  Research costs money.  There is a formula out there in agricorporate America that uses that calculates the risk factor of using new unproven technology to make products more profitable while weighing those possible profits against lawsuits for death and other problems that might be cause by usage of that new technology.  And of course the BIG part of that equation is that as people croak or are disabled, how much profit can be realized before the causative factor is determined to be that very new technology that makes them money. 

I used to think that was unrealistic and that it would be hard to quantify total numbers of deaths for using something.  Men could not ever do something so dehumanizing.  It just could not be possible that businesses use human death figures to calculate profits.  Then I realized that humans do it all the time, especially in war and the pursuit of "peace".  They calculate total losses for actions, what retaliatory actions will be taken and losses from those, all in a complex formula that quantifies your life, as nothing more than a number on a list that either dies, or lives. If you think this is all BS, just look at the fines the FDA has levied against drug manufacturers in the last 12 years, over 30 billion dollars.  And all for making profits on drugs that in many cases were known to be harmful, and yet the profit potential was so great as to overcome not just the FDA fines, but the costs to settle lawsuits from the deceased customers. 

Now, yes, NOW comes the scary part.  When you take a few hours to look up TiO2 on the FDA Code of Federal Regulations and discover what I found.  TiO2 is on the EAFUS list and the GRAS list.  It is also on the list of food and cosmetic additives that manufacturers are NOT required to put on the ingredient list on the label.  It is nontoxic.  Well, BIG TiO2 was found to be nontoxic.  Nano TiO2 is not really tested for long term problems that being attached to the ribosomes structures of cells might cause.  We do know that ribosomes have one job in the cell, and that is to synthesis proteins used in basic cell division.  Wow, and no one at the FDA is concerned about that. 

Nano TiO2 is finding a huge place in the food industry and the use of it is growing exponentially.  It is in yogurt and soy and almond milk because it makes them whiter.  It's in chocolate, because it makes it shinier, it's in processed cheese.  It's in, over six hundred products now, and that's just in the last 3 years.  This link is to one site that shows some of the products that are known to contain TiO2 nano compounds. (Nano Good Money Maker)  I will say it again here, as I have written about it before on numerous occasions, BIG CORPORATIONS USE THESE CHEMICALS IN THEIR FOODS TO MAKE THEM MORE APPEALING, TO EXTEND THE SHELF LIFE, TO MAKE FOOD TASTE BETTER, OR TO MASK THE FLAVORS OF OTHER CHEMICALS; AND THEY DO IT BECAUSE THEY CAN!!!!

If all the corporations making money off these toxic substances put that crap in our food supply, then they are in fact insulating themselves from any prosecution since ALL THE OTHER MANUFACTURERS PUT THAT CRAP IN THEIR PRODUCTS. You can't single out one manufacturer to sue, they all do it. 
This link is more about it (Because They Can)

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