Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Because They Can, Episode 6 -- And why they can't stop

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Previously we saw that the giant food manufacturing industry in America for the most part utilizes toxic chemical additives in their production of a very large portion of the food products that are available to the citizens and they do so knowing full well that they are toxic, cumulative contrary to health. They do so because they are simply isolated from liability by the fact that all the big guys do it, and in that commonality, there is immunity.

Today we learn why this is so.  Control.  Yikes, sounds like a conspiracy theory of epic and monumental proportions.  Every agency of the government, industry leaders, bankers and power brokers throughout the upper echelon of humanity within this country all banding together to perpetrate a conspiracy to control the very lives of every individual citizen in this country.  Right, that is not very realistic.  I'm not saying that it isn't possible, but in all likely hood, it is extremely improbable.  Sure it is true that the way the governments of the world control the populace are through military intervention and the total state of fear, or through the collective stomachs of the people.  And that last one might just be a byproduct of the first.  Certainly many of the countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, and pretty much at one time or another, everywhere else, the wars for power have left the food supply and transportation of what food is available in the hands of those wanting control, and therefore having it.  Control I mean.

Back in the Boer war in South Africa the British invented the concentration camp and figured out rapidly just how easily hunger could become a dominant force in warfare.  I suppose that it could be said that humanity knew about it way before then, what with siege warfare and all in the middle ages being real popular; but during the Boer war the Brits actually took the time to chart and record the effectiveness of the adventure.  The Nazis did the same thing, but I kind of think they did it just because for them it was fun. Modern warfare though is a lot less messy, and the control of the food supply is of prime importance for any government.  And the food supply here in America, depends pretty much on big business.  And the leaders of that industry are all quite aware that their continued control of their profits depends entirely on keeping control on the food supply itself.

The reality of it all is that corporate America is growing, merging.  The lines that defined individual businesses and industries have blurred as corporate leaders learned that control, begins at the beginning, and goes all the way to the end.  The beginning is the farm.  Small farmers are on the way out, farming is a corporate undertaking and as the agrigiants have the buying power, the ability to demand pricing, availability of cheap labor, and the power to keep the subsidy money flowing into their coffers, they will continue to gobble up the small and medium size farms.  This is the beginning, and corporate America now own more farmland, more chickens, cows, pigs and sheep than are in the hands of private farms.  They also own their own trucking firms, processing plants, food manufacturing, distribution and even many retail outlets.  Beginning to end.  Corporate ownership controls our food supply.  Well, they control a large portion of it.

In order to maintain control, the leaders of the corporate world understand that in order to KEEP that control, they must in fact deliver these things::
  1. Desire, this means advertising, creation of perceived need and/or desire
  2. Price, must be competitive with not just their competition, but they MUST make the price so low that consumers will choose THEIR products instead of plain basic foodstuffs that requite home processing.
  3. Achievement of the Bliss Point in the creation of the products. (Bliss Point)  
  4. The aggregate result of the above three items, creates total addiction, and thusly control.
Corporate America has learned how to do these things quite well.  And they have in fact, taken control of our food supply.  Not total, but should there be at any time in the future, a breakdown in any part of the current system, the small percentage of our food supply that is not under their control will fail itself, from the demands placed upon it by those that fear the consequences, hunger.

In order to keep all the first three items in the list to continue, the current methods that they have created to manufacture our food need to remain in place and changes in any single part, will cause failure of the system.  Corporations cannot stop using petro chemical fertilizers in growing the foods, changing to sustainable farming takes time, and costs money.  They cannot stop growing GMO crops, and using related pesticides.  They cannot stop adding toxic chemical additives to foods during their processing from basics into boxed and ready convenience and fast foods.  And they cannot stop advertising your need to eat the stuff.  Try and change one thing, the the competition will smother them.  And their little piece of the pie will end.  And there are a lot of pieces of the pie being divided up all across the land of the free and the brave.  And the rich and ultrarich.  And you know I don't have a problem with corporations making money.  I know that there are a lot of new up and coming organic food processors out there that do SOME of the same things that the big guys are doing, but they do it better, healthier, more responsibly.  I choose to give my money to those companies.  And to local farmers at local markets.  And not to the big guys, I don't watch all that much
TV anyway, and when I do, I fast forward through the ads, so I don't need to pay for their advertising.

Life on this planet is a bit confusing, if you have read any of my entries here you know that our government doesn't really have the interests of the people within its framework of the current structure.  It sort of metamorphosed all on its own into a system of payoffs and kickbacks and individuals doing whatever they can to acquire as much wealth, power and influence as possible.  And there have been a lot of individuals doing just that.  It isn't a true conspiracy, it's just been all about making money, and doing whatever corporate leader thought needed to be done to get what they believed would give them an edge.  And the sword of our food supply has a lot of edges as it gets shoved down our throats in the quest for control.

Have fun everyone, remember it's your life.  You are what you eat.

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