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Given some of the research, maybe it's a good idea we stop vaccinating for measles

Yeah, I know that is a controversial subject and it will indeed cause more people to hate me, more of my friends to shun me, and more crazy wackos to send me emails, but the research isn't mine. I'm not some guy writing crazy stuff and putting it on the internet, I actually take the time to do research, and in that research is ALWAYS peer reviewed and published in scientific journals. It is right here on the internet, and anyone can view the stuff. And it doesn't paint a very good picture for any of the human population to continue vaccinating children against measles. I could at this point do a little unsubstantiated editorializing here and say that I believe we need to stop pretty much all vaccination programs, but there is no specific research that would validate my statement.  There is a bunch of very interesting research (and going back to 1969) that correlates very specific data that supports the rather interesting phenomena where children that went through a bout of measles were substantially, SUBSTANTIALLY less likely to develop asthma, allergic rhinitus, a wide variety of cancers, psoriasis, and even Plasmodium falciparum (malaria) in tropical and subtropical areas than children that were vaccinated and did not contract natural measles.


Yeah, this is a phenomena that researchers have seen for some time. Dr. M. Bonjean of France pubished in the Lyon Medical Journal back in the November 9, 1969 edition an article "Health Benefits of Measles Infections" that detailed a 12 year study of nearly 1,000 subjects that suffered chronic psoriasis. The study was not about measles, but they found a very interesting phenomena. The study showed that children that had been naturally infected with measles were less likely to suffer recurrent episodes than children that were vaccinated or had never contracted the disease. 
Today, Aug 1, 2015. It's been pointed out to me that I don't have links to the research studies on this or some of my other entries here. It would appear that trolls on the internet have accused me of being incredibly imaginative and making up all of the research I read about these subjects. Well, sadly, those obviously nonacademic types of people don't have access to the sites that I am able to view, Research Net and other repositories of knowledge require those wanting to look at their info to be part of academia. Or at least to have graduated 8th grade. So, I found some other listings of the articles I had previously looked at  and will add now (Measles)

In the November 5, 1977 edition of the British journal Lancet is an article written by Dr. E. Simpanen et al describing how juveniles with rheumatoid arthritis went into remission after contracting naturally occurring measles with none seen in those vaccinated.  I think this is viewable by anyone (Lancet)

In the October 31, 1992 edition of the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene there is a very well written article studying the effects of malarial remission after patients contracted measles  And this also (AJTMH)

May 19, 1973 issue of the British Medical Journal has an article showing how juveniles with Infantile Hodgkin's Disease went into remission after contracting measles.  
(British Med JournalAnd this also

There are two articles I found that show that juveniles that contracted measles as adolescents were dramatically less likely to have atopic disorders and allergic diseases. November 1998 issues of Thorax; June 1996 issue of Lancet;  Oh criminy, just look them up  (thorax) (Lancet)


Yeah, it seems there might indeed be a connection between having measles and the sensitization and development of the human immunity system. And the big one is that it has little to do with injecting dead viruses into healthy humans. When I was a child, as soon as one child in the neighborhood contracted chicken pox or measles, every parent in the neighborhood sent their kids over to play with the sick kid. The reasoning was hard for us to understand at the time, but we were told that the diseases would be less offensive and damaging to ourselves if we dealt with it as small children and worse for us if we caught it in our teens or older. It was just an old wife's tale back then, but now, well, maybe there was something to it. We don't know everything. If any doctor or researcher tells you that they definitively KNOW that any of these suppositions are totally false and in no way have any validity whatsoever, go to a different doctor. Scientists learn new things all the time. Some of the things they learn, give us alternate views of the medical and scientific world, different from the view that has been bought and paid for by those that make lots and lots of money on the older view of the world. Like vaccines

The CDC recently adjusted their initial figures regarding the Disneyland measles outbreak. They now tell us that only 43% of those infected had previously been vaccinated for measles. I have been told that measles used to kill millions and that vaccination has nearly halted the death rate of this horrific insidious disease. Well, that is sort of true. In the 1800's and up until after World War I there were huge numbers of adults and juveniles that died from complications after contracting measles. Meningitis and pneumonia being the two most common complications. However back then public sanitation was just in its infancy and the death rate from measles dropped dramatically all on its own up until 1960, when there were only 3 confirmed deaths from measles in the US. Measles vaccination was introduced in 1963, with the attenuated live virus vaccine coming on line in 1968. With the deathrate near zero in a sanitary country with greater nutrition than poorer countries like those in Africa showing considerably higher deathrates there should be some rather obvious conclusions that most anyone can draw, if you have decent nutrition and sanitation, measles is rarely anything more than a nuisance. And the vaccine is a 39 billion dollar gilded cash cow to Big Pharma. Remember, Big Pharma doesn't have to pay one red cent in product liability insurance for any vaccine. The Feds pay for all those that get the vaccines and either die or are permanently disabled. Since 2002 there have been 98 deaths and 694 cases of permanent disability reported to the VAERS system the Feds set up to quantify these number. Eventually they were paid off by the Feds through the Vaccine Court. The CDC tells us that they estimate that only 10% of adverse events, deaths and disabilities are reported to the VAERS. So the numbers could be higher.

I have for some time stated here that I am not against vaccines, that I am against the current vaccines that have been foisted upon the populace with the manufacturers covering their asses as whistleblowers seek protection for exposing insider documentation proving the vaccines were not only ineffective, but poorly made. With the FDA fining every single one of the big pharmaceutical companies since 2000 for numerous violations including falsifying data (Forbes on FDA Fines) (The FDA on banning) (The Justice Department on Fraud in the drug industry And the big one, more people die from the vaccines than from the disease they are designed to protect us from. (best I could find on deaths Vaccines contain aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde and artificial colors, and there has never been any documentation as to why, and what happens to the human body when these things are injected into it, well, other than they think it makes the body respond to the foreign bodies more so than if they aren't in there. (All about aluminum in vaccines) They think. It's how they've done it since the twenties. Yeah, I'm not thrilled with modern vaccines, but now, I'm not so sure about the whole concept at all. At least not for simple relatively mild non life threatening diseases like chickenpox and measles. Try to remember, people don't die from the measles itself, they die from complications they get due to inadequate nutrition, poor sanitation and let's face it, probably a lot die from doctors misdiagnosis and just plain poor health care. And here, I dare anyone to tell me that never happens.

We need to rethink the strategy for making money based on hundred year old concepts and techniques using antiquated and toxic ingredients for a vaccine that has little effectiveness. 43% of those that got measles had been vaccinated. Yeah, we need to rethink how a lot of things are done in this country.

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