Friday, May 20, 2016


Well with that title, you would think this is about common core. It isn't. It's about Omega fats. A while ago I wrote about Omega 3 and 6 oils and why we need each. And why too much Omega 6 is very very bad for you as a human. Very BAD. (Omega Fats) The truth about large agri-corporations that manufacture and process food-like products is that they don't want the public to know stuff like that. And granted, most of the public doesn't give a rat's patootey about what kind of crap they ingest, there is however, a growing insurgence of thinking cognizant citizens out there that don't get all their information about life straight from the corporate controlled media. They think for themselves, they question the concept that what the corporate oligarchy tells us we need and WILL like as being what it really is; an attempt at mind control. 

It's seems to have worked in the past, but the numbers of those not believing, are growing. And so there is a new process out there to get those that think, those that question; to fall back into the rank and file of mindless drones that our rulers want. It's called confusion. And it is simple, give us new facts, the belief is that we will obey. And we will be happy because the new facts/lies will confuse our perception of reality.

A few years ago the truth began to be publicized about Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Both are considered EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) They in fact are the only two fats that are Essential. All other fats are either unnecessary and can be synthesized by the human body or are burned as fuel or stored as fat. Omega 3 has with research been found to be exceedingly crucial to human brain development while in the womb, and in early developmental stages of growth. As well as being important in maintaining cognitive functioning throughout our lives, especially as we age. Omega 6, not so much. It plays a very minor role in cell wall growth. And the big one, it has been found to be inflammatory in excess amounts. Meaning if you consume large amounts, it could cause heart disease, gout, digestive problems and a whole host of difficulties. At least that's what current research is appearing to suggest. It's pretty difficult to actually corral a bunch of humans and feed them explicit diets for a given time frame then sacrifice them for science. 

The products of our industrial agro chemical agro production and agro corporate world are products that upon inspection, are not good for living humans. But they are cheap, profitable and can be disguised as wondrous, tasty, healthy and colorful. (yeah, that last one refers to coal tar dyes)((very very popular with giant food production companies)) When the truth about Canola oil began to be leaked to the alternate media (NO CORPORATE MEDIA WOULD EVER PUBLICIZE THAT CANOLA IS NOT HEALTHY) and the fact that it contains Omega 6 fats in a ratio as high as 22 to 1 Omega 3 fatty acid; the big guys sort of freaked out. The truth hurts. The truth sets those with insight and vision, free. So, big agrogiant Dow Chemical came up with a very interesting solution. They decided to announce that they have genetically engineered a new Canola variety. Omega 9 Oil. It still has Omega 6 fats at a very high 22:1 ratio to Omega 3, the overwhelming content of the finished oil is Omega 9 oil. In fact over 75% of the content is Omega 9 oil. Omega 9 oil is safe, not in any way harmful to the human body. Omega 9 fatty acids are the newest weapon of confusion for the giant agri-corporations. Consumers should expect to see a huge influx of propaganda appearing in magazines, on Dr. Oz and other TV quacks, probably even health segments on the evening news. After all, if health news promotes the agrigiants, it's okay to show us. 

The problem is, Canola has always been about 70% Omega 9 fats. An increase of 5%. Slightly lower in the Omega 3s and 6s. However the 6 to 3 ratio hasn't changed one bit. And no data is printed on what the erucic acid content is.

Propaganda. Gotta love America. 


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