Friday, May 13, 2016

You're a weird cook Chef Roy, just weird.

I'm not sure that I deserve that specifically. I mean I have been known to try some rather, well, odd, combinations. However, many many many of them turn out, wondrous. Just as an example, the goat cheese with Reisling, Figs and roasted garlic. Wondrous indeed. Today, I thought I wanted some bread. So as anyone that has read my blog or Facebook postings, that means grind wheat, make REAL
bread. And so it came to pass. I use a very nice Hard White Spring Wheat because it makes light crumb in all the breads made with it. I used about two cups water and a half cup of coffee along with a tablespoon of local honey. Added some yeast, a half cup of Greek yogurt and let the yeast activate. Then mixed in some of the freshly ground flour. As it was making a paste, I then added about three quarters cup of coconut oil and a half
teaspoon of sea salt. Then mixed in enough flour to where the ball of dough pulled away from the sides of the bowl. Kneaded on low for nine minutes, then covered and let rise twice for about three hours.  Yeah, I didn't do the overnight thing, this was spur of the moment, so a long rise helps with the lectin breakdown.

Rolls with fillings are my favorite things to make. And I love these types of cool things to make for a quick meal. For the first one, I pitted about fifteen dates, rough chopped them and threw them into a pan with some coconut oil. Sauteed them for a couple minutes, then added
the spices. About a half teaspoon each, cloves, nutmeg, cardamon and cinammon. And a teaspoon of cayenne. Then the juice of a lemon and stirred it all in well. Then I had already taken a cup of walnuts and blanched them in boiling water for a minute. To remove the slight bitterness. I dried them and rough chopped them as well. Added to the pan, tossed around a lot and these made up one of the fillings. Cayenne, sweet spices and dates, please don't think that's weird, I mean that is typical Middle Eastern type of spice palate. It is spectacular together and once you try stuff like that, then you will want more. It really does tantalize your taste buds, just cool cool spices, and then that jazzy zing of the cayenne pepper. Yeah, not weird at all.

The other was simple, smoked salmon.
Broke into small pieces, added a half a diced onion, a half cup of capers, about two tablespoons of citrus flavored horseradish and the juice of a lemon as well. Tossed that about and then proceeded to make the rolls . 

Rolls are pretty easy to do. Take a chunk of the bread dough and roll it out into a circle on your counter or cutting board. I have black granite to work on so it's really nice to do stuff like this. Anyway, spoon in some filling, pull the edges of the circle up around the filling and pinch the edges all together to make a ball. Place them on a baking sheet seam side down and let rise an hour or so. Bake at 400 until dark golden brown. Remove from the oven and rack them until cool. Bag, freeze and you are ready for a quick breakfast on the go or a snack to stave off hunger pangs with something
healthy and delicious.


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