Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Chick Pea Avocado Heaven

Some days, I just feel like something crunchy. Chips, naw. Corn is pretty much all GMO and again, I don't know if genetically modified things are inherently toxic. What I do know is that they are all drenched in Roundup and various insecticides. And that's what scares me and keeps me from eating any of the stuff that those manufacturers guarantee to be safe, wholesome, and of course, very very profitable. 

So, for me, I eat Triscuit brown rice crackers. The black pepper ones, they're the only variety that doesn't have added sugar. Sheesh, big food. Anyway, something to go on them. How about a nice humus. Hmmmmmm. I bought avos, why not mix it up a bit. 

Soaked the chickpeas overnight, you know, to help
breakdown the lectins and phytates. I boiled them for 15
minutes and tested to make sure they are soft. Then I assembled the rest of the ingredients. A lemon, some nice roasted garlic. And two small avocados. I spooned out the chickpeas into a blender container and only put in enough of the liquid left from cooking them to cover. I then squeezed in the lemon, no seeds please. Then the garlic and I removed the avocado from the seed and peels. I did
add some salt, my son will be eating, no, inhaling the stuff and he eats more salt than I do. And a quarter cup or so of olive oil. Whizzed it in the blender and shook it down a few times to make sure it was all homogenous. And then, I dumped it into a glass container to keep. 

The stuff is the BOMB! Yummy and good for you. And the crackers, well, it was all pretty darn nice.

And hey, it isn't just me that thinks the foods that I eat are HEALTHY in every way and delicious as well, check out my fav blog on food and health with this article on Avocados


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