Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Expensive Propaganda costing people their lives

The season is slowly coming to an end, and it seems, despite all the advertising hype, all the payoffs and kickbacks to doctors, all the misinformation and flawed studies reported, the flu is attacking larger numbers of people every year.  Yep, it's true, more people got the flu this year than in years past.  More people got the flu AFTER getting the flu vaccine than ever before.  And more people died as a result of getting the flu vaccine than ever before.

Side effects from flu vaccine:
Headaches, stomach aches, muscle weakness, fever, diarhea, vomiting, soreness at injection site, moderate loss of visual acuity, moderate trembling and/or seizure like symptoms.
Guilliane-Barre Syndrome
Oh, and the flu.

Effectiveness of vaccine as found by researchers in Europe, first month effectiveness, 38%.  By third month, down to a staggering -1%.  Numbers of people expressing mild symptoms from list of side effects, 70%.  Numbers of people expressing serious side effects resulting in lost work time, 16%.  Numbers of people exhibiting Guilliane-Barre Syndrome after receiving flu vaccine, 1 in 88,000.  Numbers of deaths directly attributed to flu vaccine, 1 in 106,000.  Number of people that died from the flu in 2011-2012 flu season in European Union, 300, or about 1 in 1.6 million.

Kind of scary huh?  Not that people die from GETTING the flu, but that more people died or became SERIOUSLY ill from getting the vaccine to prevent the flu!

According to the CDC, flu vaccines contain aluminum, mercury (as Thimerisol preservative) antibiotics, egg protein, MSG, and formaldehyde. 

Big pharma companies refute the mounting evidence that vaccines cause ANY of the problems listed above.  Nor do they acknowledge that ANY vaccine will cause autism in children although the facts are in, the US gives more vaccines to children than any other country, and the US has the highest rate of autism.  There is a graph showing a linear progression, more vaccines, higher autism rate.  In the US, the rate of autism is now 1 in 88 children will have autism.  There are 33 countries in the world that mandate no, or very few vaccines before the age of 2 and they all have lower infant deaths than the US.  Including Cuba.  However, without actually admitting that there is a definite link, the big pharma companies and the US government have established the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to pay off parents that sue because their children were injured after getting vaccinated.  Ooops, the problem is that autism isn't listed as one of the 237 injuries that is allowable for compensation.

Any idea how much money is made on vaccinations each year?  I don't either.  Try as I might, that info just is not made public.  But the fact is that the top ten drug companies make more profit than the other 490 companies in the Fortune 500 combined. 

I don't get vaccines.  But then in 1992 I did, and I am one of those unfortunate people that came down with Guilliane-Barre Syndrome.  6 weeks off work with horrific pain in my arms and legs.  I was lucky, I recovered.  Many do not.  And now, more and more people exhibit this, and other debilitating side effects from vaccines all in the name of money.

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