Friday, March 22, 2013

Knowingly Destroying Brain Cells of Infants, Children and Adults MSG

Ever wonder why all those fast food burgers and different processed foods always taste so darn good?  There is a reason for it, it's a discovery made in 1908 by some Japanese chemist that separated and  concentrated this chemical from a species of seaweed.  And thus began yet another problematic reason for me to sit here at my computer and write about the business of making food that is toxic to those that consume it.  That chemical was MSG, and below you will read about how bad it is for you, for your children, and especially if you are pregnant, for your unborn child.

Long ago and far away in a world where food came to consumers in the most basic form, there was no need for MSG.  Food tasted good because it was good, it was wholesome, and the processing that was done to it was done just before serving.  It tasted like food.  But then one day, the capitalists looked at the world and decided that money could be made by doing all that processing in factories, and thus freeing up all that time to homemakers everywhere and the world would be a wonderful place.

And so it began, with the accidental purchase of too many turkeys, TV dinners began the conversion from real food to processed food.  Problems occurred, the processing of the food left it devoid of nutrients, and worst of all, with little flavor.  Ah, but to think back to the little Japanese chemist, and all that could be done with this innocuous chemical, and the drones of the consumer class flocked like lemmings to their death, oops, or rather to the shelves in their local stores to buy the new and enhanced tasting nutrient free processed easy to prepare foods.  And the coffers of the capitalists grew and grew. 

Silly, if it wasn't true it would be silly.  This article is NOT about the over 700 chemicals on the GRAS list from the FDA in AmeriKa that are allowed to be added to processed food that are "Class II Carcinogens" or above.  No, this article is about lowly old MSG, which as proponents of the stuff will tell you, is naturally occurring throughout the spectrum of natural foods everywhere.  Which is true, they are.  But just like arsenic being naturally occurring in apples, you definitely don't want to eat processed arsenic and say it is the same thing.  Because it isn't.

So what's wrong with MSG, it can't be bad, it has been approved by the FDA as safe, Chinese restaurants have used it to make their crappy stuff irresistible to Jewish people everywhere.  Why am I devoting one whole article on my blog to the stuff?  Easy, I just read that big businesses everywhere NEED this stuff in their processed tasteless nutrientless foods in order to make them palatable to consumers, and because of the backlash lately about MSG, they, processors, are using MSG in disguise.  Yeah, it's true, they name it differently, even though it is the same thing.  More later.

The problem we are learning is that MSG in its concentrated and purified form, is what is called an Excitotoxin.  Back in 1957 a couple of guys found that MSG destroyed the retinas of test mice.  Then in 1969 another guy discovered that the effect was not limited to the retina, but also occurred in the neurons throughout the brain.  That guy, John Olney, coined the term excitotoxin as he assessed that cell death was restricted to postsynaptic neurons and that glutamate agonists were neurotoxic.  Blah blah blah, a bunch of other tech stuff.  You can read the whole Wikipedia article here

Well that was in 1969.  At that time TV dinners still came in aluminum trays, microwaves were the newest fad and cost over four hundred dollars.  The number of processed fake foods was about a quarter of the number that there are now.  And MSG was pretty much in every one of them.  But just as the shelves in the supermarkets grew with ever more kinds and varieties of products to make the life of every consumer in AmeriKa easier, so did the use of MSG.  And of course so did the research on the negative effects of MSG grow as well.  And as usual, whenever big business feels that they need something in order to continue to make money, the FDA did what it was paid to do, nothing.

Research has shown that glutamic acid, free glutamates from processed MSG and other glutamates will pass through the placenta and into the bloodstreams of unborn infants.  Dead neurons and excitotoxins are being linked to ADD, ADHD, hyperactivity, heart palpitations, tremors, lowered standardized testing scores, and just a whole host of problems.  Wow.  The real world of consumers have actually made a difference.  Big business has begun to market some of their foods as being MSG free.  Baby food is one of the foods that big business decided to remove MSG from.

Well, sort of.

MSG is basically a refined form of glutamic acid.  It is the main part of glutamate that causes the sensation of tasting better than it actually is that food processors want.  And glutamates and glutamic acid are in a lot of other processed chemical substances that aren't EXACTLY MSG, and so food processors use them instead.  But the action on brain neurons is exactly the same.  Death of neurons can't really be called something else just because the name of the agent killing them has been changed to something else.  Here are some of the things that you want to watch out for and avoid if you see them on the list of ingredients of products that you buy and want to do the right thing and avoid this neurotoxin.
Any  glutamate, not just mono sodium, yeast extract, hydrolized proteins in any form, any and all casienates, autolyzed yeast, yeast nutrients, textured protein, soy protein concentrate, ANY isolates, vetsin and anjinomoto.  All of these are showing up everywhere in foods instead of MSG, and yet each and every one of them are primarily made of glutamates. 

So once again, it us in our hands.  OUR FATE IS NEVER, EVER, IN THE HANDS OF FOOD PROCESSORS AND GOVERNMENT LACKYS.  If YOU don't want to consume poisonous food, then don't buy it.  Don't eat fast food, of which EVERY single one of them makes toxic crap.  Yeah, it takes more time, is a big hassle in today's fast paces world.  But in order to have ANY time at all when you get to be my age, eating healthy now in your youth will give you time later.

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