Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Food as Medicine - Only if the FDA can regulate it!

I personally feel that food is medicine.  That improper food and diet will destroy a person's health.  And the big one, that all of the toxic additives that the FDA, USDA and the EPA allow in the American food supply is what is destroying our health and causing increases in cancer, heart disease, autism, ADD, and blah blah blah, etc.  Sheesh, almost every article I write on this blog goes into detail about all this.  But this one is about something new.  Something that is interesting, and scary as well.  The FDA just last month has issued a draft guidance document for industry use that answers frequently asked questions about medical foods.  Most notable is that the FDA has stated that they will not regulate food as medicine and it will not require a prescription.

Okay, I know you are thinking I'm nuts, but this is all very true.

The FDA also made it clear what they will not consider being a medical food.  They stated that foods and beverages that doctors "recommend" as part of an overall diet plan designed to reduce the risk of disease, weight loss or for a specific medical condition.  Whew, I thought doctors didn't have much in the way of knowledge about nutrition and couldn't differentiate between sugar, corn syrup, agave poison and aspartame.  Oh well, I guess that some of the big food manufacturers will have detail men out giving samples and handing out trips to the Bahamas just like the drug companies do now.  Nestle is the big company that is going bananas over this concept, food as medicine. 

It seems that Nestle and one of their marketing firms Technology Catalysts International are firmly set on producing food products that just by eating them, will provide protection from gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, dietary management of Alzheimers and actually a whole host of problems.  Nestle, and I assume other big manufacturers, (the article in Food Business News only talked about Nestle) are planning on a huge variety of products, processed food products, that doctors will be able to tell patient of various diseases, that if they eat them, they will make the manufacturers rich and will, well, who knows, maybe make you a little better. Okay, they won't say that first part, but it is a given.

I am at a loss to understand.  Processed foods are the CAUSE of most of the health problems and degenerative chronic diseases in America.  And the FDA is going to allow companies to manufacture even more processed tainted chemical laced foods in an effort to combat those diseases that were caused by people eating their crap to begin with. 

Only in America.

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