Monday, September 23, 2013

Vaccine court, it IS the HIGHEST COURT in the land!

The founding fathers back at the turn of the eighteenth century came up with a pretty cool and viable concept of governing their little corner of the world.  Wanting to preserve their recently won freedoms and keep everyone happy, the constitution did just that.  The three divisions of government was a miraculous concept.  And unfortunately, it only lasted a hundred years or so, and has gone by the wayside.  Our government today is not what was envisioned by those men that truly had the best interests of the citizens, and the country itself, within their hearts.


Yeah, it is a wild statement.  But let me ask you, what happened to state's rights?  The major part of the Constitution provides for the legislative branch, and it consisted of two parts, one, the congress, that represented the people, and then there was the senate, that were appointed by each state, and represented the rights of each state. Basically the rich people. That doesn't happen anymore, the senate, and well, all of congress as well, actually represent the rights and benefits of big businesses, and the citizens have little consideration anymore.  If you think that statement is ridiculous, then please find one bit of legislation that has been passed that has benefited the people, and not big business.  I mean other than the establishment of the National Parks system.  Where in the Constitution does it state that those serving in congress, or the senate, can derive compensation from lobbyists?  It doesn't.  Section 6 states that they can't be arrested for anything other than treason and felonies, so the question is, does bribery constitute a misdemeanor or a felony?  I believe that laws are biased, and apply differently to different people.  The SEC says that insider trading is a felony, the congress says it is as well, except when those doing the trading are members of congress.  Then it is a perk. (NPR on insider trading)

The Supreme Court of the US is the ultimate policy maker, being able to strike down any laws that are passed within the legislative branch and also they are able to decide how any laws that have been passed apply in any specific given situation.  And, in some situations like Roe vs Wade, make policy themselves.  In 1986 the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed by the congress of these United States and pretty much gave absolute immunity from prosecution to vaccine manufacturers from ANY liability for deaths and disabilities caused by defective vaccines or, most importantly, from vaccines causing harm just by the very nature of their composition.  Ie, containing mercury, formaldehyde, MSG and and aluminum, all of which are known neurotoxins, and are added to vaccines in order for manufacturers to make them cheaper and more profitable.  (Yeah, most don't believe me, but here is the ingredients of vaccines)

So the congress then setup the Vaccine Court in order to hear cases where vaccines are beleived to be the cause of serious harm or even death of citizens of these here United States.  And, the court was given complete autonomy over what constituted harm, or death, in regards to vaccines.  Any person that received a vaccine and it caused specific problems, or death, then the court would hear their case, and decide if the complainant was eligible for a tiny bit from the billions of dollars set aside by the manufacturers to compensate citizens for damages done by their products.  And let's remember, that is but a tiny tiny TINY fraction of the money made by these companies.

So the Vaccine Court has been tested, and a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has deemed that an award should be granted if a petitioner either establishes a "Table Injury" or proves "causation in fact" by proving the following three prongs:
  1. a medical theory causally connecting the vaccination and the injury;
  2. a logical sequence of cause and effect showing that the vaccination was the reason for the injury; and
  3. a showing of a proximate temporal relationship between vaccination and injury.
Except these are pretty hard to prove.  And to top it all off, autism, has never actually been proven to exist and is not certified as an actual specific disease.  It is a syndrome, a cluster of problems with no modern scientific causative relationship.  This is of TREMENDOUS benefit to vaccine manufacturers, how do parents prove their product causes a medical condition that doesn't exist?

Thus we begin to see the destruction of the American existence.  Money, rules the government.  Citizens are too stupid to understand that voting for a candidate that wants nothing more than to continue the status quo, will never quite rank as anything other than as a taxpayer.  And unless you can afford to spend ten to twenty thousand dollars on a tax specialist, you are doomed to pay a greater percentage of the wages paid to you for your labors than those rich enough to avoid paying those taxes.  Citizens in fact have the power to change the status quo, the vote can be effective, however the masses are indeed mindless and watch the tv commercials for the party candidates as they spit venom at each other and laud their own supposed attributes.  There are in fact viable honest candidates out there, it's just that big businesses would never give them money to market honest candidates for elections because they know those candidates, if elected, would never continue to take monetary payoffs to keep the current system of corruption in place.  

Think about stuff like this, next election time.  When you vote on candidates, think about how they have acted in the past, how the party they represent has acted to continue the system we have now, and then think about how your freedoms have diminished, your health has declined, and the taxes you pay are astronomically higher (percentage wise) when compared to the very rich.  Think about how this government is no longer what was proposed by our founding fathers, and how they fought a war to establish what they felt was an acceptable compromise of governance by the people, the rights of the rich (the State's powers) and the execution of laws.  Yes, it's no secret that I am a communist, but let me ask you, does that diminish the validity of what I say?

Big business set up the Vaccine Court and directed the powers that be to give it greater authority than even the Supreme Court.  And just like on Animal Farm, it was done to give the citizens the "appearance" of having a world in which the rulers care about what happens to them.  The Vaccine Court has constantly upheld the vaccine manufacturers position that their products do not cause autism and they have rejected the mercury autism link on numerous occasions.  And all of the governmental bodies tell us that vaccines help to make our lives richer, healthier and more productive, right here on Animal Farm.

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  1. Yes Virginia, there really is an "Animal Farm". It is a book written by George Orwell about the rise of socialism in Russia. It is a parody and it is set on a farm and all of the animals play the characters of Lenin, Trotsky and the whole populace. As long as the animals were told, and therefore believed that their lives were better after having run off the human owners/rulers and they controlled everything themselves, they felt they were better off. However, the pigs, being the most intelligent animals, ran the farm and were totally corrupt and life on animal farm actually was much worse for the animals, they just believed the propaganda about how they were better off.