Monday, September 30, 2013

The gods at the AMA have created a brand new disease.

The previous post was just for fun, although it did highlight some very serious problems here in America.  But then I think most people out there would agree that there are a lot of VERY serious problems here.  And who actually destroyed the world trade center is only part of them. Conspiracies all seem to come down to one fundamental thing, money.  Whether the conspiracy is about killing a sitting president, blowing up records and covering up secret stock transactions within offices in the twin towers, or taking bribes so that businesses can add chronic toxic substances to our processed foods so the manufacturers can make more money; it is indeed, all about money. 

In June of this year, the American Medical Association, the AMA, announced, sorry, PROCLAIMED that the world will be a better place because they in their infinite wisdom and payoffs from special interests, have decided that obesity is not a disorder, but is an actual disease.  When I tell people this, most of them look at me and shrug, what's the difference?  Actually there is a huge world of difference.  If obesity is a disorder, than that is a result of personal choices, diet, exercise and lifestyle.  If it is a disease, then everything changes.  The obese ones are not responsible for their predicament, they have a disease.  Things change, the insurance companies must now pay for treatments for obesity.  Drugs are being developed by our good friends in the pharmaceutical industry that will actually "CURE" obesity.  And as I talked about this on September 11, (a big coincidence) that big food manufacturers are doing research on processed foods that will cure certain diseases. (Big Pharma and Big Food

Health care costs are about to take a serous jump.  Not only will all Americans have to pay for Obamacare, the needs of an exploding population that are retiring, the health care of people exposed to chronic toxins in everything from vaccines to Coke, a huge population of undocumented aliens and NOW, we will have to pay for medicines and food for the huge percentage of people that are morbidly obese.  They have a disease, obesity.  And the all knowing, AMA, has decreed that their industry, the very same industry that is the absolute NUMBER ONE cause of death in America today, the "Medical Profession" can take insurance money to cure them.  (Number one)

I have already talked about the food industry getting into the act and researching how to make money, sorry, how to make foods, again, fake manufactured foods, that they will be able to market as cures for diseases.  And with obesity now a disease, they will be able to make foods to cure being fat.  And insurance will pay for it.  Big Pharma has begun the fat pill parade with one new drug, Belviq.  This is marketed as a cure-all for those with high BMI readings.  It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.  This is very similar to a class of drugs called antidepressants.  A whole class of drugs that have HUGE numbers of side effects from stroke, heart attack, heart valve deterioration, increased incidence of suicide and weight loss.  Yikes, seems like the big Pharma people found a way to market side effects.  No one wants the crappy ones like dying, but they can sure as hell market the weight loss ones.  Screw the others, that's what the fast talking guy tells us on the TV commercials that no one cares about. 

Again, a conspiracy.  A rather thinly veiled one, I think most people will see that the reality is that all of us control our own destinies.  We eat what we want, do nothing as we want, and the consequences of obesity are ours as a product of our choices.  The AMA does in fact derive a huge amount of its operating budget from the pharmaceutical industry.  The proclamation that obesity is now a disease in fact helps everyone make more money.  No one will make money if the population of obese people take responsibility for their disorder and change their lifestyles and dietary habits.  In fact, just such a thing would have a horrific effect on our economy.  Large food manufacturers would find that their toxic chemical laden foods would have no buyers, soda would sit on store shelves and no one would buy it, artificial chemical food additive companies would be laying off employees and giant agribusiness farms would sit idle as no buyers for their toxic GM crops could be found.  Monsanto would go bankrupt.  Workers in all aspects of the economy would be unemployed.  Well, except the ones in the organic food industry.  They would be going gangbusters. 

A pretty fair outlook it seems to me.  But it won't happen, being fat means you are diseased.

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