Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's that time of year again, FLU season, when Big PHARMA rakes in billions and kills a couple of hundred people off.

I love living in Arizona, it really is a beautiful place to live.  Right now, in the high 60's at night, and maybe 90 during the day.  Rains are over, and it isn't like the rest of the country, we pretty much are assured that it won't rain again until late January.  Beautiful sunsets, mild temperatures, and the oppressive threat of the transient population of snowbirds bringing to the Valley of the Sun their particular brands of infectious diseases again.  I remember when the population of Phoenix was just at 100K.  And the whole valley was at 170K.  Now 4.3 million people live here, and in the winter, estimates go up to over 6 million.  And the resulting air pollution just helps to increase the likelihood of everyone's favorite diseases, the flu, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Each year the pharmaceutical industry readies itself for this onslaught against the health of the populace by guessing as to which of the multitudes of specific flu viruses might possibly be the predominating infectious agents and concocting a soup of three or four strains.  Out of the known three hundred and six strains, to use only three or four makes a lot of sense.  It is a calculated assessment they claim.  Then they pack the serums of dead viruses with the finest mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and believe it or not, MSG.  All of which are known neurotoxins.  However, fear not, Big Pharma tells us they are harmless.  Just like my ex-wife demanding that I accept every single thing she proclaimed as the gospel truth; so does big pharma and therefore vaccines are harmless as well.  We have been told they were safe by the companies that sell over 50 billion dollars a year in just vaccines. 

In 2010 more people died from complications and side effects of flu vaccines than died of influenza infection. In Europe.  America doesn't really release those numbers. 

But fear not, the BIG PHARMA industry has something for you should get the flu even after getting their flu vaccine.  Which is probable, since the effectiveness of flu vaccines are rated at best to be just at,..... well, that one is hard to say.  The CDC people don't give a specific number, they hide it in some bizarre scientific gobledy goop crap with measurements of their "Single point interval" within the "confidence interval" and the statistical likelihood of infection, and they state that you "cannot rule out the possibility of zero effectiveness".  Yicks.  You can read the CDC crapola here. (CDC Vaccine Effectiveness).  Even though the makers of the vaccines claim effectiveness percentages to be over 90, some people still get the dreaded flu bug.  If that happens, and you feel the symptoms of the flu coming on, you are advised to rush to your doctor and get a shot of their newest money making expression of marketing genius, Tamiflu.  Guaranteed to cost your insurance company a hundred bucks and will shorten the interval of your flu like symptoms from the lousy miserable five and a half days that the average person suffers down to the magical miracle of modern medicine induced time of suffering to a mere four and a half days. 

Tamiflu, the miracle cure.  It does have a few side effects, but only about sixty or so.  The most common being the headaches experienced by nearly 20% of users.  The vomiting and diarrhea only by about 40% of the users.  And only a couple of percent of the users have had to suffer from delusions, delirium, hallucinations, and "abnormal" manic behavior.  And suicide.  They don't give a percentage for that.  But there is a list of all the side effects that you can expect.  (Tamiflu at drugs.com)  Still, those are acceptable problems when you consider the benefits of the actual drug, to lessen the discomfort from symptoms of the flu by one whole day.  Not a bad deal actually. 

So, what do I as the satirist here suggest?  Eat raw garlic, take 4 or 5 grams of Vitamin C daily, get at least a half hour of sun every day and still take Vitamin D3 supplements.  Eat real food, processed food is, well, read my blog, I tell you in every entry here.  Just like taking an aspirin a day does the same thing as expensive and deadly blood thinners, there are safe, cheap and extremely effective natural ways to avoid the flu and not put you on the list of statistically relevant losses by death for another money making monstrosity from our friends at Big PHARMA.  


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