Monday, October 21, 2013

Absolute Faith, blind and otherwise.

I think that faith, absolute faith, has indeed become a fixture in our modern world.  Blind faith.  Absolute total faith in a system of belief wherein the concept and details are not actually provable, at least not yet.  But for those that believe, provability is secondary to the actual belief.  And I'm not actually talking about religion, although there are many parallels with modern day religion that we can draw from.  My brother tells me that one of the causes of a breakdown in morality in America is the loss of religion, however statistics show this to be actually a bit off from reality.  Atheists statistically are more moral, commit fewer crimes, murders, tax evasions and adultery than those who profess to be religious.  So what this means is that life here in America does not require an absolute belief in blind faith.  There of course is that other argument that atheists will be the first ones on their knees praying at the first sign of a miracle; however when the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl, I didn't see masses of people praying, and that in itself was a miracle.

Sorry, I digress.  But the facts are that my life here in America, and yours as well, are ruled by absolute and total BLIND FAITH. When scientists postulate about some abstract concept, they do experiments and collect data from which conclusions can be drawn.  That is called the scientific method.  For the most part it rules how science has moved forward these past several hundred years and why you can read this on your computer.  The scientific method has real provable tangible results attributable to cause and effect relationships in everything around us from the movement of the heavenly bodies to how such heavenly bodies as Sophia Vergara came to be the way she is.  The religious method of faith is just the opposite, there is a concept that must be believed, therefore scholars view the world and attempt to find facts that support the concept that they want the rest of the world to take with Blind Faith. 

In today's world, we, all of us, are expected to accept in total and complete Blind Faith, the concept that Genetically Modified foods are safe, healthy, of substantial equivalence to traditional foods and all without any scientific testing whatsoever.  Monsanto WANTED these conclusions to be the inerrant truth, and so not unlike the Creationist Method displayed above, so it is.  Back in 1996 the Senate held hearings, at the request of Monsanto, to give blanket approval for all Genetically Modified crops that were about to come out into the marketplace.  As support for their desire, Monsanto took some of the crops and fed them to rats for a grand total of sixty days.  The rats lived, and to this day, I cannot find the results of the Monsanto feeding studies of GM corn done in 1995 anywhere.  The fact that the rats lived must have been enough for Monsanto to have total and complete BLIND FAITH in their miracle foods.  They requested, and received, approval for GM crops to be grown here in America.  Without any further testing. 

This is just one aspect of how BLIND FAITH doesn't work.  The projected appearance that Monsanto wants us all to have is that the FDA will protect us from harm.  The reality is far far different.  Let's remember that the FDA doesn't actually do any testing of new food products, they instead utilize the research from the businesses that are introducing new food products to the world and using THAT data alone, determine whether or not approval should be granted.  Again, BLIND FAITH rules how the FDA protects us, as they take as the gospel truth, data, from Monsanto and others, as to how safe the GM crops are.  They also did the same for glyphosate, Roundup.  The problems become apparent when we begin to peek around the curtain at the man working the controls.  Just like when we question religion, we begin to see that the conclusions don't have any facts supporting them.  When Roundup was first patented by Monsanto, the BLIND FAITH claim was that it was harmless, biodegradable and completely non-toxic.  That has been proven as outright lies.  Genetically Modified crops have been presented to the world with the BLIND FAITH proclamation that they are substantially equivalent to traditional crops, harmless, and will increase productivity.  And all with virtually no research, data, or testing to substantiate the claims.  Sort of like the bible.  BLIND FAITH.  It works for a belief in a benevolent higher order of being, but for me that same concept doesn't work for the world in which I live in.  I WANT PROOF that these GM crops are safe, in long term testing.  I can't accept precursory testing done by the manufacturers when prominent scientists all over the world are doing the sorts of testing that SHOULD have been done 17 years ago and never was.  And the results of that independent testing is giving us a very disturbing reality.  One that does not fit in with the visionary BLIND FAITH required by those that demand it of us. 

I'm not an atheist, I do have a system of beliefs that work for me, and are in fact taken by me with blind faith.  Just in case you were wondering.  However I do believe that those that play at being a god, like Monsanto, the Senate, the president and my ex; need a bit of scientific proof to back up their claims.  


  1. Ok, I'm game. "Atheists statistically are more moral, commit fewer crimes, murders, tax evasions and adultery than those who profess to be religious." These statements are verifiable and reproducible" Please provide me the links so I can peruse them on my own. :) Larry

    Your comment is hard to understand, with half a quotation mark on the last part of what I thin you are quoting me, I did not state in my post. I did not say they are verifiable and reproducible. But these are just two of many articles on the net about this very thing. Religious people want desperately show that their way of life is the bomb. Sadly, it isn't. Sorry, it isn't just me,