Saturday, October 19, 2013

Corporate Rule, the vision of the future world, no more governments, corporations rule our lives

In the past I have read a few SciFi books, and there are a few out there that prophesy that some day the world will evolve into a form of government based on mega corporations becoming the ruling bodies, and absorbing the governments.  It is downplayed in the movie, the original movie not the remake, but "Rollerball" is one example.  The Energy Corporation rules with an iron hand, and what is most appropriate to today's world, the rollerball game is used to highlight the futility of individual effort. Ruling government/corporate bodies want the populace to produce for the good of the corporation, as nothing else matters.

On 9-19 I wrote an entry here about how the FDA is targeting small businesses with regulatory restrictions that for the most part, have put a huge number of small food processing entities out of business.  ( FDA Targets)  Those FDA people must be getting a TON of pressure from giant agribusinesses to eliminate the competition because the good ol' concerned with the health of Americans FDA here at Animal Farm are now putting the bite on small local farmers.  The government, with the full support of presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, the other Bush, Reagan and I think even Carter had a hand in the whole takeover.  There have been a few outbreaks of infectious diseases related to eggs, prepared salad, peanuts and a few other things.  Generally when there are problems with e. coli and salmonella outbreaks, those things are traced back to large corporate production facilities. So even with that knowledge, FDA regulations have been made to stop any such contamination.  And of course, the rules mean sky high costs for the small guys, and their businesses are scooped up by the big guys.  Yet the problems continue, more recalls, more illnesses, and more deaths.  I check this site all the time, it's the FDA recall site, listing all the recalls.  It's updated daily. (FDA Recalls)  You never see small independent businesses listed.  EVER. 

I was at the Central Farmers Market today and talked with Larry, one of the farmers there.  I asked him how he can sell a bag of organic salad mix for just 3 bucks.  He said because he doesn't have to pay any corporate fatcats any of his profit.  I asked if he ever had any outbreaks or problems with e. coli or salmonella, and he said no, because he cares about his products. 

Makes sense doesn't it. 

Hard to believe but when the FDA gets around to enforcing all the new rules for small farmers, Larry won't be able to pay the ten to fifteen grand a year required to comply with their new rules.  If people want his salad or any of his other products, they will have to get them on the black market.  Contraband veggies.  Or what will probably happen is that he will sell his farm to corporate agribusinesses and then the salad will be in stores, and might end up on the FDA recall list, like so many small farms in the past.

Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and some of the other big giant corporations have the congress of the US in their pockets.  Money ;flows and regulations continue to accumulate.  And yet we are told that life is great here, in Animal Farm. 

thank you Napolean.............

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