Monday, October 7, 2013

New GMO crops resistant to stronger herbicides. Cancer in our food, but there is no conspiracy

A person of whom I am acquainted told me last week that I have irrational beliefs and that all of the stuff I write about points to conspiracies that are just not possible.  His reasoning is that since he worked at Dial, that the FDA was on top of any changes to, or any unusual ingredients that might be used and that might have any sort of negative effects.  Therefore, to his way of thinking, it was not possible that there are food manufacturers that use chemicals that are harmful in the preparation of processed foods here in America.  And that the example that I gave him of Kraft macaroni and cheese having toxic petrochemical dyes in US distributed product and natural dyes in European products was not conclusive proof.  There is no conspiracy to Destroy the lives of Americans with toxic additives, vaccines, or GMO crops.

Weeelllllll, that's probably true.  I have never specifically stated that I believe there is a conspiracy to destroy the health of Americans, I believe it is always just one person, or one corporate group of leaders with an idea to make more money than their competitors.  I mean it isn't like the Twin Towers Conspiracy, that would involve a huge number of people and a huge amount of money used as bribes (Twin Towers Conspiracy) and however plausible the evidence is that they reveal; it's just a theory and hard to prove.  I on the other hand don't subscribe to the conspiracy thing, it is just people wanting to make money, and the proven method has always shown itself to be buying governmental regulators, senators and congressmen.  This isn't just an accusation, the facts pretty much speak for themselves.  From Senator Blunt taking a hundred grand to add the Monsanto Rider to the Farm Bill, to the Keating Five Senators taking 1.5 million dollars to stop the Banking committee from investigating Keating, to the heads of the FDA making controversial decisions and then leaving their jobs to take high paying do nothing positions in the private sector.  But there is no conspiracy, it is just people purchasing an advantage.

And pretty much all big businesses do it.

Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta and a few others have invested in their own version of the future.  Genetically Modified Organisms as food.  And the execution of their vision of the future has included quite a bit of their purchase of favor from regulators.  And that last bit really is an assumption, as there is no proof that regulators have actually taken money to do specific things.  It all goes back to the mid nineties when Monsanto people went before the senate at hearings to get approval for all of their genetically altered crops.  And, without any testing of any kind, the senate gave them Carte Blanche approval to make billions of dollars on plants that are proving themselves to be more of a curse, than the blessing promised.  It isn't just the recent researchers doing long term feeding studies on GM crops showing just how harmful they are to mammalian systems; or that we were told the GM crops were identical nutritionally to standard crops even though testing has proven they are not; but that farmers have had the ability to spray toxic herbicides on their land in what the GM crop developers have told them would be a miraculous method to reap profits in unheard of amounts with less work, and greater harvests.

It does seem to all have been lies.  A conspiracy of sorts, Gene Tech companies want it all to be true, but it isn't.  The big problem of course is that nature has this thing called natural selection.  Religious people tend to deny it, but we can see it in action.  The herbicides kill most weeds, but not all.  And not the crop that was Genetically Modified to withstand the high doses of weed killer.  The crops grow, the few weeds that didn't die grow as well, and within a few years, the farms of America are populated with 16 species of weeds that used to be killed by weed killers.  But no longer are.  The EPA at the direction of the Gene Tech companies who also manufacture weed killer, helped out the problem earlier this year by allowing farmers to spray weed killer on crops in ever higher concentrations.  And they agreed that the weed killer residues left on the crops could be 4,000 times higher than what laboratory researchers have found was a level that caused damage to brain tissue and reproductive organs.

But it isn't a conspiracy, just big businesses wanting to make money.

So there will come a time in the near future when it won't matter, the weed killer will not work at all on the weeds anymore.  And so there is an answer, stronger weed killer.  Isoxaflutole is the newest one.  Dow, the manufacturer has named this new toxin, Balance.  A Herbicide for a New World of Agriculture, Balance.  Here is are the facts as posted on the EPA site. (Isoxaflutole Fact Sheet)  It is way more toxic, more cumulative, has a hugely greater half life, will accumulate in groundwaters, rivers, lakes and our food supplies faster and deadlier than the old weed killers ever have.  The old weed killer Glyphosate is no longer effective, therefore new poisons are needed.  After careful searching for a weed that was resistant to this new poison Balance, weeds were in fact found that lived after being drenched with it.  A simple matter of determining which genes were responsible for the ability to survive, and they were added to corn, soy, canola and cotton.  And now they are about to hit the open market and become the leading cause of ever more stronger and more toxic poison being introduced into the environment.

But there is no conspiracy, only money.

Balance is a Class III carcinogen.

I don't know what happens at the cafeteria at the Dow factories, but I do know that Monsanto cafeterias only serve organic foods to the masters of money making at the expense of the health of the populace.  Just like the kitchens at the White House, that only serves organic foods to the family of the leader of our nation.  And the cafeterias at the Senate and Congress as well.  Maybe Dow people do the same.  Seems like a very sensible thing.

But there is no conspiracy.

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