Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Responses to my Critics. At least to those that take the time to email their personal objections to what they consider, my drivel.

December 2, I wrote an entry into my blog here entitled, Superiority.  I received a few emails about it.  Some telling me that I can't read an abstract from an introduction and then claim to have knowledge about what the article is about.  Actually, that is sort of the point of an abstract, to quantify into one paragraph what the entire 16 articles and some 200 odd pages of text deal with.  And the conclusions based on the research.  It's true, I did not spend the hundred bucks for a twenty-four hour purchase of the symposium.  I did not need to.  Each and every article includes an exceptionally well written and cognizant paragraph that specifically tells me in way way way fewer words, what the entire treatise is about.  If those people that wrote to me would like to spend the money and after doing so determine that the body of each article does in fact contain information and conclusions NOT detailed in the abstract, then I will in fact print a retraction.

However, I doubt that will happen. 

People everywhere are the same.  They like the status quo, they like to have the media spoon feed them the pablum of information sweetened with their daily dose of mindless Hollywood drivel and never ever get fed any information that will in fact tell them that the world is not in fact glorious and their lives are wondrous and if they ever get sick, then the medical industry with their hard working doctors that have all had rigorous training will sit down with them and discuss with them individually what the best course of treatments are that will care for their specific ailments and they know within their hearts that with the best of recommendations for medications given to them by their healthcare professionals they will fill their prescription and receive a treatment that is guaranteed to be well tested, safe, free of side effects, manufactured under the strictest controls possible and will in fact work as a panacea for them and all will be well and good. 

Even fairy tales don't have endings like that.  Certainly reality doesn't.  The plain fact of the matter is that the daily TV news, where it is estimated that over 90% of the Americans that have any knowledge of current events receive that information, has never ever reported anything about the criminal activities of Big Pharma.  And there has been a lot.  As reported here previously, thirty billion bucks in fines, in just the last ten years.  None of which was reported on mainstream TV, except a couple times on 60 minutes.  You will see cutesy series dramas about how overworked interns and residents are in their quest to receive their medical credentials.  They laugh a lot, and put condoms on bananas, but you will never hear the truth about how overworked they truly are because interns and residents working 100 to 140 hours a week save the hospitals money, and the safety of patients is always secondary to money.  Doctor shows always seem to perpetuate the myth that doctors pay attention to their patients and work hard to determine what are the root causes of any patient's symptoms.  The truth is, that doctors are not taught how to CURE any disease, they are in fact taught to write prescriptions that are in line with their AMA doctrine that drugs cure symptoms.  Never do they cure diseases.  That is also secondary, if they cured you, then you wouldn't need the doctor anymore. 

The absolute biggest crime against humanity is GERD.  The Big Pharma companies have created a specific disease from heartburn.  And created a drug to treat it, without actually knowing the specific actions within the human body that cause the desired effects that they now are able to market to consumers as a real disease.  The truth is that most people taking PPI's to control their heartburn are slowly having their digestive system compromised and they are losing the ability to digest the foods that they eat.  They don't tell you that in the commercials though do they?  GERD is serious, it is very rare, most people with heartburn are overweight or consume alcohol in excess and/or smoke.  Or have a very very poor diet.  All of which are easy cures, but no doctor in America will tell a patient this, instead they are all on the AMA path towards what they are told, and never what is right.  And all to the destruction of the livelihood of the citizens.  At this point, we don't have any idea what will happen down the road to the 40 million or so people that take over the counter PPIs or other prescription ones that are stronger, and yet for which the manufacturers still have no idea why they perform what they do.  The only thing they do know, is that long term use affects the ability of the stomach to excrete acids in the manner in which it was designed to do.  You will never see that on TV, it doesn't perpetuate the Disneyland concept of wondrous joy that the rulers of our country, big businesses, want us to perceive. 

So, with all that said, sorry to the three people that wrote such scathing and critical emails to me.  It was almost as if I was married again for a moment.  Sigh, good thing I'm not, the ex, like readers, are yesterday's old news. 

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