Thursday, December 26, 2013

the First Death has been recorded, how long before it affects the world population?

When I was told I had MRSA, I was sent to an infectious disease specialist and was told that there were specific antibiotics that would kill off the specific strain of bacteria living in my sinuses.  They knew this because they cultured the MRSA and then they tested a variety of antibiotics on the cultures.  Then they stuck a PICC line in my arm and hooked antibiotics to it three times a day for a month.  I had diarrhea for a month.  I still have MRSA as well, modern medical techniques didn't seem to work the way they thought they would.  Even  though they told me they would cure me, they gave me a pamphlet that detailed how to live with MRSA.  A "Guide" on how to live with an infectious disease for which there was no cure and how to safely interact with others in your life and not spread the disease to anyone else. 

The medical profession's back up plan and attempt to immunize themselves from lawsuits.

Unless you live in a cave or are a teen or post teen entranced with the antics of Hollywood foolishness, you probably have heard about antibiotic resistant bacteria. There have been a few mentions on the mainstream news media.  A few.  Not nearly enough in my opinion.  Some of the things I have seen are the reminders that if you have the flu, or flu like symptoms, an antibiotic will not have any effect against a virus.  Taking antibiotics needlessly is one of the causes of the epidemic of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the world today.  (And of course you can take Tamiflu, but that's another story all together. (Tamiflu)  I cringe whenever I hear that statement.  It might have some basis in truth, however the reality of the problems is Modern Meat, and how animals are raised in CAFO's (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) wherein the conditions are so horrific and unsanitary that processors must feed huge amounts of antibiotics to the animals in an effort to reduce diseases and deaths in the operations.  Fully 80% of the antibiotics manufactured in this country are feed to cattle and other animals for human consumption.  And then humans eat the carcasses that contain residues of antibiotics.  This is why all the antibiotic resistant bacteria have come into existence.  You are eating low doses of antibiotics daily, and bacteria have developed immunity to those antibiotics.  When introduced into mainstream medical environments, those with a little immunity, grow colonies that have a lot of immunity.  Thus, MRSA and other forms of bacteria that the modern world is having a tough time coping with. 

In November of this year, a man died in New Zealand from an infection of Actinomycetes bacteria growing in his brain that he caught after brain surgery to repair a brain hemorrhage.  Named KPC-Oxa 48, this strain of bacteria is totally unaffected by every known antibiotic that modern science has created.  You probably didn't hear about that on "The View" or "TMZ Live".  You won't either, at least until important people, hollywood do-nothings, become infected and die.  Then, it will be all over the news.  But so far, one guy, in a hospital in New Zealand, a place where most adults could not even tell you which hemisphere it occupies; has died from exposure and infection from a bacteria that potentially could mean the end of mankind.  The unfortunate part of this is that MOST people in the world have this belief that Modern Medicine will save them and the miracles that the medical profession perform daily will continue to allow them to live happy carefree lives, eat at McD's, enjoy Coke, and Kentucky Fried offerings and never have to worry about some guy dying a world away.  It is of course, a fantasy.  Modern Medicine is the number one cause of death in America today.  Those in the medical profession are barely able to keep their selves out of lawsuits for all the harm they do, curing anyone is secondary to covering their asses. (Modern Medicine)

I guess I could now explain that any sort of belief that Big Pharma will swoop in and produce new antibiotics that will save the world.  However I don't think that will happen.  Big Pharma is more concerned with making new drugs to make money.  Pushing new drugs through the approval process with little or falsified testing has gotten a few of them into hot water, but let's remember that it is always "after the fact".  Making a new antibiotic that will cure what will soon become a worldwide epidemic is of little interest to Big Pharma, the governments of the world will require them to produce it and distribute it pretty much free of charge, or at least free of profit anyway.  Not a lot of incentive there.  And besides, it's only one death so far. 

One death.  Who accepts the blame for it?  No one will.  But in reality, it is each and every one of us that caused it.  If we stopped eating the Modern Meats that is produced for us, then Big Agribusiness would stop producing the stuff in the horrific unsanitary manner they do. It all starts with one person saying no.    


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