Wednesday, December 11, 2013

America Has MAGIC BEANS For SALE, (health wealth and long life in a pill)

Lipozene has been clinically proven to melt away belly fat, and with NO dieting or exercise.  If you sprinkle Sensa on your food everyday you will lose weight without exercise or dieting.  Quick Trim, Dr. Oz Diet Pills, Belly Off, Bliss Fat Girl Slim, Nature's Secret, and, well, tons of Magic Beans and Snake Oil for sale on the internet, on TV, in every magazine and in every store.  They all contain their own "Patented" formula of Snake Oil, a revolutionary concoction that is guaranteed to make you lose weight, get sexy, look like the twenty year old models and all with no effort on your part.  Magic Beans indeed by any definition.  And they work too.  Look at how many varieties there are on the market.  Look at how slick the expensive advertising is for the products.  And look at sales of weight loss supplements have soared to over 1.5 BILLION dollars annually. And that doesn't even include sales of weight loss food categories such as Kellog's Special K cereal, ready to eat meals from Jenny Craig and others, and nutrition bars, that are regularly advertised as weight loss Magic Beans.  Depending on who you believe, sources estimate that the entire weight loss food and supplement industry is from 20 to 40 BILLION Dollars annually.  That includes everything from weight loss pills to ready to eat meals to group therapy diet plans to food sprinkles.  It doesn't take into consideration the other 20 or so billion attributable to diet books and weight loss seminars and weekend retreats and celebrity promotions and gym memberships. 

They must work, people keep buying their crap.  And Special K cereal flies off the grocery store shelves. 

Special K is one of the worst offenders of the group, read the ingredients, it's nearly 13% sugar.  And it has no fiber at all.  NONE!!!!!  I think that pretty much all of the medical world agrees now that fiber is an important part of every dietary plan.  And no sugar should be as well.
And all of the vitamins are added in as supplements.  And again, let's remember that the FDA states that the values used for nutritional labeling need to be within 20% of actual values.  (CFR 21.101.9 (c) )  Manufacturers regularly use the upper 20 for good stuff, and the lower 20 for the bad. Given that fact, it's possible that the wonderful Make you Skinny just by eating wonderful breakfast cereal every day Special K could in fact be as high as 18 or 19 percent plain old Genetically Modified Sugar Beet processed white sugar.  Scary, but Cheerios are just as bad for you.  And your kids.  And as more and more research is coming out that shows the link between sugar consumption and heart disease, these products are showing up to not be the Magic Beans that they are claimed to be.  Advertised to be heart healthy, Cheerios are anything but.  Well, I think it would be safe to say that most everything from the BIG AGRI-GIANT Food manufacturers and processors are NOT what they claim them to be. 

Well, with the exception of them being giant money machines to the wall street do-nothings, that's the only claim that appears to have any truth to it.  "Buy our stock, we turn crap into profits and everyone benefits!"  Well, everyone but the consumers benefits.  I guess that's why over the past couple decades or so the leaders of our country as well as those in power at Monsanto, (possibly other companies as well, no one has yet verified it) all eat organic food.  One, they can afford it, and two, they know it's better and non-toxic. 

But back to the magic beans hypothesis.  How do these things work?  What magic component, which specific pathway or control process within the human anatomy that any of these specific weight loss product manufacturers have discovered and are claiming to capitalize on, do their specific products work with?  And how is it that modern medicine, of which the entire industry does an EXCEPTIONAL job of capitalizing on anything they can make money on, has not done so?  Logical inference tells us that no such Magic Bean or Snake Oil exists.  If the AMA and Big Pharma aren't making money on a magic weight loss product, then it doesn't exist.  And Americans WANT those Magic Beans and Snake Oil.  Americans BELIEVE in the magic of modern medicine, modern pharmacology and modern food processing techniques and products.  Americans absolutely BELIEVE in fairy tales and Magic Beans.  Americans WANT to eat canola laced high fat high sugar cookies right along with their HFCS soda (or worse, aspartame soda) their chips and processed meat and white bread and all the other crap that comprises the Standard American Diet; and then they want the modern Magic Beans of Big Business to save them from the excesses of which they have indulged and their savior to be in the form of a pill or tasty sugary breakfast cereal that cures their ills, makes them fit and fabulous, and with no pain or problems.  In short, Americans WANT Magic Beans.  The sad fact of the matter is that Big Pharma, Big Food, and even the AMA promise all Americans what they want.  And make tons of money giving it to them, even though none of it works.  They do a good job of selling us Snake Oil.  And Americans keep going back for more and more of it.  In 2010 it is estimated that Americans spent 310 BILLION dollars on prescription drugs, and another 107 BILLION dollars on over the counter drugs.  And for the same year, food for home consumption was 617 Billion, and processed food through away from home sales was 557 Billion.

What this means is that Americans spend 1.17 Trillion dollars on food, and 418 Billion dollars on cures for the problems that all that processed food causes.  And just to put it all into perspective, of that Trillion dollars in food sales, only about 58 billion is fresh produce. 

If Americans want Magic Beans, they do exist.  Right there in the produce section of your supermarket.  Fresh, raw and fermented are the Magic Beans that Americans need right now.  The more unprocessed your diet, the greater the chances for you to lose weight, avoid long term degenerative diseases and have a long healthy life.  It won't make you look like the 20 year old models on the Snake Oil commercials, but it will help you get there.  

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