Monday, December 2, 2013


The dregs of society ruled the world back in the 20's here in America.  Bootleggers, mob bosses, ruled the underworld and took their cut of all of the crime from prostitution to theft rings and robberies to protection and numbers.  Same thing is happening today, Drug cartels are made up of men that control the drug trade through fear, intimidation and money.  Both groups are people that have an overly developed sense of entitlement and superiority.  That's what it takes to become a drug lord or Mafia boss, superiority over and above those minions that serve them, and especially over those that they cater to.  And the biggest part, is total disrespect for the laws that govern their actions and their ability to make money in the manner in which they perceive to be a necessary part of life, as they are providing a service, and a product, however illegal and damaging that product is to the humans that want it.  And lastly, they have little regard for human life, the utilization of weaponry and explosives isn't just popular movie fodder, but all part of the reality of drug and organized crime life.

And now we have a new, legal group of mafia types that control what we think we need.  Prescription drugs.  The product may be legal, the industry may be legalized, but the methods for marketing and the methods followed for regulatory approval show the true nature of the leaders, the kingpin CEOs of these corporate criminal organizations.  And, just like their underworld counterparts, these leaders have little regard for human lives even though the stated purpose of their entire industry is to help the human condition through the discovery of new medicines and the manufacturing of quality products that are safe, wholesome and effective against a whole host of diseases and symptoms.

What a crock.  The drug industry is overcome with fraud and corruption.  When things get bad, and I mean they have to be REALLY BAD, then and only then does the FDA step in and exercise its power and authority and attempt to regulate the industry.  In the last ten years, fines against the big drug companies have totaled over THIRTY BILLION dollars.  Fines for marketing drugs for purposes not approved for, falsifying data in order to receive approval for questionable drugs, and for giving kickbacks and bribing doctors to write prescriptions for specific drugs.  And even though these giant corporations have been caught doing these illegal activities in the past, they keep doing them at the direction of the leaders of the industry.  The CEOs that are part of the elite Mafia style group that believe themselves to be above the law, and probably are.  We HAVE to remember that since 1992, the FDA has the power to put the leaders of drug companies in JAIL for their actions.  And yet, even though they fine them, billions of dollars, not a single one has found their freedom removed.  And yet thousands of citizens have either died or been seriously injured, many with extremely debilitating side effects.  And the illegal tactics continue.  And no one has been jailed.  Thousands have died.  But then again, on the flip side, billions of dollars in profits have made a lot of people rich.  Some of them have been government regulators.  And all it would seem, have little regard for human life.

The drug industry in America is unique.  Regulated, sort of, and price protected.  But the government that has shown itself to have the best interests of the industry that gives them money over and above the citizens that the are sworn to protect.  It's all pretty shady. The somewhat prestigious industry periodical "the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics" just recently published their latest issue that just happened to include a symposium on the Big Pharma industry giants here in America.  Or perhaps we should refer to ourselves as "AmeREAMica" cause these guys show us just exactly how we, citizens and consumers of the drug industry, are getting REAMED.   This quote is from the abstract of just the introduction to the article,
"Today, the goals of pharmaceutical policy and medical practice are often undermined due to institutional corruption — that is, widespread or systemic practices, usually legal, that undermine an institution's objectives or integrity. In this symposium, 16 articles investigate the corruption of pharmaceutical policy, each taking a different look at the sources of corruption, how it occurs, and what is corrupted. We will see that the pharmaceutical industry's own purposes are often undermined. Furthermore, pharmaceutical industry funding of election campaigns and lobbying skews the legislative process that sets pharmaceutical policy. Moreover, certain practices have corrupted medical research, the production of medical knowledge, the practice of medicine, drug safety, the Food and Drug Administration's oversight of the pharmaceutical market, and the trustworthiness of patient advocacy organizations."   (journal article)

I thought I was the only one that saw how corrupt our government as well as the industry leaders that control the government all are.  Wow, I guess not, I'm just one of a whole lot of people that see the reality of what is going on.  This article details how the corruption of just one industry, the pharmaceutical industry, has leveraged itself into the workings and the actual legislation and workings of our government.  It isn't just me, a lot of people, smart people, people with degrees of higher learning, are all starting to look at the criminal activity of our lawmakers, and those that control them, corporate mafia types.

Don't get in the way of the spray of bullets, those in power will do anything to stay there.  And we all know that to them, our lives are meaningless.

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