Monday, April 22, 2013

Because They CAN! Episode 4, yes, but why?

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We all know about the drive for money that possesses some people, that lust, that absolute NEED to make money, to garner power, to be BETTER than everyone else around them.  And all to the exclusion of propriety, honesty, or lawfulness.  Maybe you knew some people like that in your youth, back in high school or college.  People that cheated on tests, cut in front of you in lines, drove fast just to be in front, and told lies about those around them they felt were "lesser" people.  People like that usually went on in life to be lawyers, probably the most dishonest honest profession out there.  And some, go on to be CEOs of multinational agribusinesses, food manufacturers and drug companies.  But even past their youthful naivete their absolute NEED to be better, make more, and become top dog still drives them.  And is the driving force behind the companies that they control.

I have talked about it before, how food, drug and agribusinesses all use toxic chemicals in their manufacturing processes because they can.  Their reasoning being that since toxic additives are legal to use, make their products more palatable, more addictive, more toxic, have longer shelf lives, and all at less cost with greater potential for profit; they use those additives.  And because MOST of the processed food world uses those additives, the possibility of any one person, group of people, or in fact, any class actions against any particular manufacturer for using toxic additives becomes impossible as there is no possible way to pinpoint their particular actions out of the actions of ALL food manufacturers.  So they do it, because they can.

But the question is, WHY?

I'm pretty certain that the leaders of those businesses are fully aware that the products they are manufacturing are not wholesome, healthy, packed with nutrition and cause long term chronic health problems and degenerative problems.  In fact I'm pretty certain that most heads of big businesses do the same thing the nation's leaders do, and that is to only eat organic.  But the real question is why do they do all this?  The birth rate in the US is the lowest it has ever been.  And the majority of the new births in this country now are in the immigrant population, those that have had the shortest exposure to AmeriKan food products.  More people are spending HUGE amounts of money at fertility clinics in an effort to do what the rest of the world population is able to do because they don't consume the foods laced with chronic degenerative toxins that are added to our foods in AmeriKa.  Long term degenerative diseases are commonplace now, with the numbers of people with THREE or more long term diseases increasing 700% since 1980!  Our birth rate has dropped, infant mortality is higher than many third world countries, our death rate is skyrocketing, and the numbers of people disabled AND in prison, are the highest on the planet.

Is the need to make more money, to be better than everyone else, so ingrained into their personalities that they are unable to see the BIG picture?  Apparently. 


Oh man, I wish I had that answer.  How do you take the blinders off people and allow, (or maybe force) them to see the BIG picture?  That is something that has stymied cognizant thinking people everywhere for decades.  In today's world it is more important than ever as the actions of one corporation are not to blame for our troubles, it is the actions of MOST of the corporations that are to blame.  And the reasoning behind their actions is really quite simple, because they can.

When I was with my second wife, she loved to play board games.  And I do to, they are fun, challenging, absorbing.  However, my ex, wouldn't play the games if she didn't win.  After a couple of years of marriage, she knew which games she had a chance of winning, and so we only played those.  Never the games I always beat her at.  If I came close to winning, then the game would end.  Sometimes violently.  It was a pretty abusive relationship, one that I am very glad I am out of.  But I mention this as an example of the kind of thinking going on with those with better education and opportunity than my ex.  CEOs of major food manufacturing corporations.  The concept is the same, you do the things you can do to achieve the goals you desire, because you can.  Screw the world, you're making money, and making stockholders happy.

It only takes one person to change the world.  To change the paradigm concept within our industrialized world would create a fallout that could quite possibly alter the world in which we live forever in positive ways.  It only takes one person to do it.  It would be simple, and astounding, and earth shattering.  If one CEO of a major food producing corporation were to just come out publicly and announce that he (or she) is going to change the way that they manufacture food, and to eliminate all toxins and only produce healthy and wholesome foods, that stockholders would have to suffer in the short term as costs would go up somewhat but that the benefits for the country IN THE LONG TERM would far outweigh the short term losses.  And to announce that the price of the stock itself DOES NOT IN REALITY MATTER AT ALL, and that these changes would take place no matter what the price of the stock fell to because if the stock price fell from a hundred dollars a share to one dollar, the company would still go on, would still make food, only it would be better, and healthier than ever before.  And the world would be better, and people would flock to the stores to buy the products.  And wall street do nothings would be the ones to lose money.  It only takes one person and the conviction of that one person to do WHAT IS RIGHT to alter the world.

Unfortunately the real world is filled with leaders that took cuts in line in grade school, pushed the littler kids and made them drop their lunches just to laugh, and generally were pains in the butt in school and yet now run the business world with the same ethics that they expressed as children.

Pretty scary!

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