Sunday, September 23, 2012

Both of them are losers

Yeah, it was sad really to sit and watch the pres and big Mitt talk on 60 minutes.  The both contradict themselves and have little to say that makes any real sense.  Sad indeed.  I'm sorry, but before he was elected, Obama told us, and was recorded on tape as saying that he would make sure that GM foods would be labeled as such after he was elected.  Four years have gone by and yet he still has the top lawyer for Monsanto as head of the federal agency that blanket approves all of the Genetically Modified plant poisons that Monsanto and all the other agribusinesses put before them.  To this day, the FDA does not require long term testing on ANY GMO food.  NONE!!!!!!   Despite research by very reputable universities showing that the genetic material migrates to the host consuming them and that a diet of GMO soy and corn produces sterile offspring by the third generation when fed to mice, hamsters, and rabbits. 

Not a pretty picture. 

California is taking action.  They are voting to require food processors to label GM foods as being genetically modified.  Wow, wouldn't that put the big agribusinesses into shock.  I mean they pay the Feds millions to keep that from happening.  Oops, can't say that without real proof.  Sorry.  Makes you wonder what incentives that they give to all the directors, section chiefs and other top dogs at the FDA that left and now have high paying jobs at Monsanto. 

You know, if we, and by we I mean regular human consumers, win the vote in California and require the labeling, it will undoubtedly spill over to the rest of the country.  Most big businesses will not print different labels for different states.  A good thing.  I just wonder what will happen, I mean, in Europe, and most of the rest of the world, labeling is required.  And yet still consumers are still out there buying their poisons and sales have not dropped of significantly.  Will the same thing happen here?  I don't know.  All I know is that I will finally be able to eat things that I have avoided for the last ten years because I refuse to eat GM foods. 


  1. Unfortunately, that is all we get these days. Stump speeches and 30 second sound bites. The days of a real debate where candidate 1 says “I want to do A, B, C, F and G to get results L” and candidate 2 says “I want to do A, B, part of C, J and K to get results L” are long gone. Everyone speaks in gobbledygook protecting the hidden INTERESTS of those who donate to their campaigns. In the mid-70’s there was a brief CleanSweep movement that started – vote out every incumbent and start fresh. Then we would be able to see who pays off whom to modify the laws. And it would cost the lobbyist industry a whole lot more because they would have to try to pay off everybody until they were sure they had someone back into their pocket.

  2. Roy, I’ve got another question on bread making using soy flour. Did the recipe off of Hodgson Mill box of soy flour which you can find at: . Liked it a lot but it is very dry- not quite but almost like cornbread. I have trouble when things crumble in mouth and sometimes choke. I probably need to see if that mass I had removed on my vocal cords 7 years ago has started to grow back. But anyway can you suggest a way to make the bread a little more moist?

  3. Sure, let me respond first to the stumping. You know we do have those debates, it is just that they say they are going to do A, B, C, etc and magic will happen. But then they don't get around to doing A, B, C, etc after being elected. Getting rid of them all won't help, as big business really does have the funding to influence all of them. Remember DeConcini? Barely worth a half a mil when elected. After two terms in the senate, worth over 20 million. That he reported.
    Anyway, you will never get the crumb and texture of bread that you are used to without gluten. You can attempt to duplicate it by adding two things, Guar gum, and Xantham gum. Add both of those, beat the bread dough three times what you would a flour based dough, and make it very very wet. And it will improve the finished texture.

  4. I've got some Hodgson Mills Gluten. About how much would you add? I was thinking more yeast to make it rise more and be fluffy and airy but that's not the case I guess?

  5. More yeast is not the answer. You need something to hold the gas that is given off by the yeast. Gluten forms a web and that's what holds it all and allows it rise. I have never used gluten, I always go with whole wheat. I would go with package directions. Be careful though, especially if the stuff says contains bromine.