Monday, March 17, 2014

My beliefs. You asked for it, here it is. In all its, well, for lack of a better term, glory.

I have alluded to my system of beliefs on several occasions here in the past, and for those that follow the blogs of my brother, ( Crazy and Crazier ) know that we spar frequently about religion.  And although I am a bit wordy at times, his blogs are over the top and he would never use five words to explain something when two thousand dis separate concepts and quotes will confuse you better.  Anyway, I have gotten a few comments via emails from three people that read my blog.  They asked me to explain my beliefs that I mention here.  My brother on the other hand, doesn't think too highly of any concept that isn't, biblical.  And has expressed his belief to me that because I am an atheist, I therefore do not have any underlying moral principles.  That one was a bit hard to accept since my beliefs are based on the ultimate morality.  And because after you read this in its entirety you will see that I am in fact, god.  And as such, I believe in myself.  I believe in god.  But, I suppose that ignorance can in fact lead to speculation.  And thus, here are some concepts that I believe in.

In the beginning, there was existence.  Universal thought, universal goodness, the light of life, individual, yet a conglomerate of the one, in total being the existence of the universe.  Once, part of the whole wanted to be one within itself.  Part of the whole broke away from the universe and became one with itself, and became the first sin, vanity.  And it was wrong, vanity is not a universal goodness, and so came back to the universe to become once again, whole.  The path to oneness was set, and 7 trials were to be undertaken by those of the vain in order to once again know the joy of universal existence and oneness.  That's the genesis of Edgar Cayce in his readings of the universe.  It doesn't necessarily mean much, it is pretty simplistic, but then think about it, isn't the biblical version basically kind of, well, simplistic as well.

Anyway, this existence is the 3rd step that all of us need to go through to understand the significance of the ultimate morality, and once we have seen the path and we achieve oneness, we can pass to the next step.  This is the really simple part, the ultimate morality is, do good.  Those that lie, cheat, steal, murder, and anything else that does not ultimately lead to good, are doomed to repeat their existence here in the reality of the 3rd step until those lessons are learned.  Now it gets fun.  We, all of us, all life, is made up of the force of the universe, light.  This kind of goes a little toward Carlos Castaneda back in the seventies.  He taught that each of us has an internal dialogue going on that tells us, this conglomeration of living light that what we think we see is a construct developed for us and we see that reality only because our internal dialogue constantly tells us that it is what we have been directed to see.  Whew, and if you stop the internal dialogue, then you see the world for what it is, a world populated with light, living beings made up of light.  We all play roles here on this earth, roles that we ourselves chose before our birth.  We chose the circumstances of our lives in order to acquire new opportunities to grow based on our circumstances.  Sounds pretty unscientific, but in reality all of that stuff about astrology really does have a basis in truth and is dependent on our selection of circumstances and all of that is determined for us as we are shot out from the universal existence back toward our trials here on this earth.  And we pass through specific points of the sky, specific points in the zodiac.  I'm not explaining it very well, Cayce in fact explains it quite well and makes it a lot more believable. 

 So, pretty kooky so far huh?  But then again we must begin to look at some of the stuff that scientifically shows us how feasible all of these ideas actually are.  Let's look at the basic proof, the Kirilian Effect.  It is possible to photograph people in their more basic state, their aura.  Yeah, hippy talk, but the aura exists, we see it as a reality, we know it changes based on health and attitude.  It's a real thing.  As is the Synesthesia effect, wherein certain people are able to perceive the senses as they overlap and their cognizance allows them to have a closer view of reality with the added bonus of increased creativity.  Probably from a closeness to the ultimate goodness of the universe.  Here is where some of the concepts overlap with teachings from our past.  Some of the finest minds of our existence have been close to our basic goodness of the universe and through their synesthesia they have been capable of achieving a oneness that has given them insights into our universe that sets them apart and has given them a place in our history.  The Budha, Confucius, Muhammad, the Bab, and the Christ.  All, synesthetic.  All, prophetic.  So, get ready for the big one, do I think that one or more of them actually spoke to god, or is god?  Well yeah.  In as much as each of us is a part of the ultimate good in the universe, which could possibly be considered, god, then sure, they in fact conversed synestheticly with, themselves, the universe, and ultimately for each of them, god. 

This is a quick overview of my view of the universe.  It might seem a little third grade-ish in the way I presented it, and I agree.  There are better renditions.  The readings from Cayce are a lot to take in, and of course for me they make a spectacular broad basis for a unique view of the universe.  There is a lot more in there for me, but one must realize that it all comes down to the basic concept in this universe.  No matter what you believe in, we all at the basic tenets of all beliefs throughout this earth, believe in the same thing.  The basic morality is to do and be good.  Don't ever tell me that isn't at the heart of all religions, because it is, I know it, I've believed in it most of my life.  And I live it.


  1. To JJ,
    The concept is not expressly contradictory of the scientific explanation of the universe. The Big Bang, and from what we think we know about it is that light was the first thing to come out of the bang, and then the matter of the universe. Cayce says that we are all individual beings of light, and we are all part of the universe, the universal consciousness. There are other things that he explains about how those we interact with we are destined to interact with throughout this existence as we have in past ones and will in future ones. that is until we achieve oneness. The multitude of individual beings of light in the universe act like waves, there are eddies, and currents and whorls. We stay within a specific group so to speak of other individuals and that's why I said I would have interactions again with my ex. If not in this existence, then the next. The thing to always remember is the basis of the belief, always do good. It ain't so hard, and the rewards of that quality enrich the life you lead now, and will do wonders for you after.
    Thanks again JJ for reading my stuff, good to hear from you again. R

  2. To Katy,
    Sorry, the fact is that Wikipedia has very little information about the readings of the universe. I just looked and there was nothing there. Cayce was himself a Christian, and did not in any way endorse or believe in the basics of the readings. And they were numerous, and quite in depth and it seems, a lot harder to find than a quick look on the internet. Don't give up, lots of books on the subject, and very enlightening.

  3. For David D. Yes it's true, some of my beliefs are a bit off the wall, but remember that I in fact believe in the universal consciousness and that entails a lot more than the power of prayer. I believe in Mother Earth, our home, and that the universal consciousness is with us in our daily lives. For those that look, and try to see, I mean really SEE, then the world about us takes on a much greater purpose. But you have to believe. Yes, as I told you the other day, if a black bird crosses your path flying from left to right, then you are traveling in the wrong direction. Whether that travel is right then, or it could also mean some specific action you are taking in your life's wanderings. Also if from right to left, that is the go ahead for smooth sailing. If a black bird walks in front of you and changes direction then that means ominous things are in your path. These aren't silly things, they are in fact a result of our Mother Earth and the Universal Consciousness allowing insight into our wondrous Earth for those that want to look. And yeah, watch the sun set and applaud whenever possible.
    Hey, it's all a part of the weird world of my beliefs.