Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making America Addicted

The term addict brings about visions of surly runny nosed threadbare dressed guys and gals in alley ways trading sex or money from petty larceny for drugs.  And then there is the other side of it all as well, well dressed sports figures and starlets snorting a lifetimes earnings up their nasal passages and wondering why the rest of the world doesn't see life as being care free the way they do.  At least until they do their first vacation in Hollywood rehab facilities.  Then of course it is all so sorry, never again.  But the rich and famous rarely make it just once, bad boys and girls do get press coverage for bad things and addiction.

Addiction is pretty common in America today though, you may not realize it, but you, and most of the people you know, are addicts.  WHAT?  How dare I accuse you of being an addict, right?  Well, sorry, but you are.  Think about it, what two things do you eat every single day, and if you don't get them you feel bad, crave them, need them, and feel as though you can't live without them.  Two things, one you eat in virtually every processed food and everything from fast food restaurants and most every condiment everywhere; and you can't go to the store and buy it.  And you do not in anyway, need it.  The other, although available everywhere, is necessary for life, is so ingrained into our society that most people are addicted to the taste and therefore eat as much as 20 times what your body needs every single day.  I'm talking abut High Fructose Corn Syrup and salt.

The most common sweetener used in America today is HFCS.  It is in just about everything.  Everywhere.  From mustard (REALLY, mustard!!!)  to the fish filet and chicken nuggets and taco sauce at the local fast food barn on every corner in every city.  (HFCS)  is a list of what has it at all the fast food places.  Manufacturers and fast food places put it into EVERYTHING because it is so addictive.  Buy more, you've had a little taste, come buy more is the mentality thought process.  And people do.  Yet it is an insidious poison, not a kill you dead today, but the facts are in, it is bad for you.  With the new research on the stuff, the mercury in it, the Hydroxymethylfurfural toxicity that is in ALL HFCS, well, and the stuff about how it masks the body's signal to stop eating, and for me, just the fact that all of the stuff comes from Genetically Modified corn is all a huge sign that we should avoid it like the plague.  Is it enough for the FDA to ban the stuff?  Well, not when the dollar value of HFCS is over a hundred billion dollars every year.  An awfully huge amount of money being made on the stuff.  HUGE amount of money.  So if a few hundred thousand kids become developmentally disabled from the huge amount of mercury present, if a few hundred thousand men and women develop cancer from HMF, and if tens of millions of  people become obese and suffer from diabetes and other weight related diseases from all the HFCS in their diets; well, that is not important enough to force businesses to find a safer sweetener.

                                 Money talks in the food industry.

                                a hundred billion dollars screams

Salt.  we need it, we just don't need a lot of it.  EVERY processed food out there has a LOT of it.  Restaurants add LOTS of it to what they serve.  It is not good for you.  Watch yourself.

My advice, wean yourself away from both of these things, and away from processed food.

Eat well, live long and prosper!


  1. Roy, you know Dr. Mercola? You write whole grains good for you, Mercola say no. Why? Who do beleive.

  2. I know of Dr. Mercola. Sorry, but I feel that he aims his information toward white Americans of northern European descent. His view that grains are bad totally discounts the fact that over 70% of the WORLD population lives on a diet of rice, wheat and other grains. Except that they aren't white. His insistence that wheat is bad is not far off the mark, wheat is very different than what our ancestors ate hundreds of thousands of years ago. And yes, that is different than his claim as well, but anthropologists have evidence of man eating grains that is over 105 thousand years old, and we probably were eating them way before that as well. But wheat has indeed been altered, and has different effects now. But to eleminate all grains, is ridiculous. Especially now with all the research going into butyrates and fiber consumption being so very helpful to lose weight and keeping the gut flora at optimum. So, take MOST of what he writes about at face value, but not all.