Thursday, January 15, 2015

How I eat my steak. Yeah, steak, deal with it.

Admittedly I rarely eat meat. And beef, well, that is just a big big no no in my book. Beef is just the most vile and disgusting product in the supermarket. I have written about it here on numerous occasions and none of that has changed in any way. But, there are some alternatives, mainly grass fed organic beef. And I just happen to know a guy that does it this way. Kenny. His company is called Kenny the Fishhugger. and he fishes for salmon in Alaska in the summer and his family raises steers on pasture in New Mexico and he sells both at the farmers markets. So anyway, last week my son was very ill, and on Sunday while at the market I decided to make something nice for him so I bought a steak. A pretty big one. I tried to get hold of someone to come over and eat my part of it all, but she was not answering my emails today so I broke down and ate a piece of it. It was, well, okay. I mean I have nothing to compare it to. It isn't like I was raised on steak, we never ate it growing up, and I didn't acquire a taste for it. So I think maybe, I've had 7 of them in my life. Matt said it was good, so I know he eats a lot of it, all contrary to the way he was raised, but, he's an adult, he can do so if desired.

Anyway, I fixed my baby potatoes. I took small reds and cut them in half and then cut a deep X in each flat side. Melted butter in olive oil and tossed the spuds in that, turned them onto their cut side and thoroughly peppered them and tossed in rosemary leaves. Covered and cooked on low for an hour and a half. They were delicious. The broccoli was overcooked, a timing error, Matt never told me it took an hour and twenty to cook the steak. He took the steak, dried it, covered it with sea salt and let it sit for an hour, then washed it off, dried it and placed on rack in freezer to dry even more. Then on very hot grill pan he seared it, then place shallots and butter along with rosemary and put it in the oven for thirty minutes at 300 until the steak was medium. We had Winter Lager and it was still all very good. Here's the pics

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